Saturday April 27, 2013 Day 35 Finished DW Stadium

Wigan Athletic 2 - 2 Tottenham Hotspur

  • Boyce 11’
  • McManaman 49’
  • Bale 9’
  • Boyce 89’ (o.g.)

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  1. Premier League - Matchpack: Wigan Athletic v Tottenham Hotspur

    Premier League - Matchpack: Wigan Athletic v Tottenham Hotspur

    Team news, facts, quotes and odds ahead of the Premier League match between Wigan and Tottenham at the DW Stadium. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Wigan Athletic
    • Tottenham Hotspur
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    • 90+5' There's the final whistle, and a thrilling draw ends two each! A draw doesn't much help either team and Wigan might feel hard done-by after a superb performance.
    • 90+5' BALE! It's a weak free-kick but Joel can only beat it away! Huddlestone follows up and Joel saves again! And Wigan eventually get it away! Crazy finish here...
    • 90+4' Scharner fells Defoe just outside the box and this will be a last chance for Spurs. Bale stands over the free-kick. Hearts in mouths...
    • 90+3' And here come Tottenham on the break with Dempsey who chips to the far post... it floats agonisingly between Bale and the post, and Wigan survive.
    • 90+2' Chance for Wigan as Stam gets it on the right side of the box - he has a real chance but a heavy touch ruins it!
    • 90+1' Four minutes of added time to play... is there another goal here?
    • 90' Huddlestone drilled the free-kick in and Holtby helped it goalwards but it might go down as an own-goal. That's harsh on Wigan who have been superb.
    • 89' GOAL! Tottenham are level as Holtby bundles in from a low free-kick! They don't deserve it, but it's up for grabs now!
    • 89' Beausejour bundles Walker over and it's a free-kick for Spurs on the right, close to the byline.
    • 88' Assou-Ekotto stumbles and appears to put his arm on the ball. Play on, says Martin Atkinson!
    • 87' Walker finds Lennon... where's Bale? He's been anonymous since half-time.
    • 86' Dawson smashes into Kone, who stays down and Wigan put it out. It looks sore but not a major injury for the Ivorian.
    • 85' Tottenham waste possession. This might be the kiss of death but you just can't see them scoring.
    • 84' Di Santo shoots wide, shouts at the ref for awarding a goal kick rather than a corner, and is booked for arguing.
    • 84' Wigan play the free-kick short in an attempt to run the clock down a little...
    • 83' Yellow card Dawson for an agricultural challenge on Kone. He's having a torrid afternoon.
    • 82' Lloris keeps Spurs in the game! Kone leaves Dawson for dead then drills a left-foot shot by the keeper gets his angles right and makes a good save!
    • 81' Wigan free-kick swung into the box and Lloris punches authoritatively clear.
    • 80' Oh, Joel! He receives another underhit backpass and comes within an ace of slamming it into an onrushing striker!
    • 79' Gomez, who should have been sent off, leaves the fray to be replaced by Roger Espinoza.
    • 78' Long ball down the right for Lennon to chase... but even the fleet-footed winger cannot keep it in play.
    • 77' Interesting move from Martinez to bring on Di Santo but it seems to be working - the big man providing a target up front as Kone buzzes around behind him.
    • 76' Awful crossfield pass by Dawson who sprays the ball out of play - really disappointing delivery from him.
    • 74' Di Santo finds Kone in space in the box, and he volleys goalwards - doesn't quite catch it and Lloris makes a simple catch.
    • 73' Tottenham change: Lennon replaces Scott Parker, whose lack of passing precision has hurt Spurs this afternoon.
    • 72' Brilliant defending from McCarthy to hold off Demspey and snuff out another Tottenham attack.
    • 71' Wigan break down the left with Kone who has two players to aim at... but it's an atrocious pass from him to give the ball away.
    • 70' Aaron Lennon is getting ready to come on for Spurs. Not before time.
    • 69' Assou-Ekotto and Holtby spend an age looking for a crossing opportunity on the left. Eventually the former swings it in but it goes straight through to Joel.
    • 68' A real lack of imagination from Spurs here today. They love to attack quickly, and just have no answer to Wigan's parked bus.
    • 66' That was an absolutely dreadful challenge by Gomez. A straight red on its own for sure - the ref has missed a big one there.
    • 65' Jordi Gomez! He leaps for a head-high ball with a flying kung-fu challenge and very nearly kicks Holtby in the face! He's already on a yellow but Martin Atkinson lets it go!
    • 64' Wigan change: Franco Di Santo is on for Callum McManaman. Tottenham change: Benoit Assou-Ekotto on for Kyle Naughton. A pair of slightly odd substitutions.
    • 63' No joy this time - Kyle Walker strays offside down the right.
    • 62' Tottenham are camped inside the Wigan half, but there's just no room for them to do anything. Can they unpick the hosts?
    • 61' Holtby twists and tees up Dempsey who drills his shot into McCarthy.
    • 60' Huddlestone takes a pacy corner from the Tottenham left... Kone heads clear but it's quickly back with Spurs.
    • 59' Franco Di Santo is getting ready to come on - presumably for Kone...
    • 58' Beausejour whips in a pacy cross from the left that smacks Lloris in the chest, but the keeper dives on the rebound.
    • 57' Wigan look really comfortable at the moment - and remember a win today would lift them above Aston Villa and out of the bottom three.
    • 56' Gareth Bale is struggling to find space - he's basically got a free role but Wigan have been very disciplined.
    • 55' Vertonghen strays offside as another long spell of Tottenham possession comes to nought.
    • 53' Wigan are happy to sit back and let Tottenham dominate possession. But no penetration for the visitors.
    • 52' AVB has already used one substitution. He's got Aaron Lennon and Gylfi Sigurdsson on the bench...
    • 51' Well now, what have Tottenham got in response? This could deal a massive blow to Spurs's Champions League hopes.
    • 50' That's McManaman's first Premier League goal and it really is an excellent one - a rasping effort that left Lloris clutching at thin air!
    • 49' GOAL! Callum McManaman thumps Wigan into the lead with a left-foot drive from the edge of the box!
    • 48' Stam swings in a pacy cross from the right... and it nearly drops into the net - alert from Lloris to claw it away!
    • 47' Wigan sitting deep and playing on the break... Kone supplies Maloney who carries the ball forward...
    • 46' Second half under way, and rather impressively Kone manages to get himself flagged offside within about three seconds.
    • 45+4' That's half-time - it's one each after a strange opening 45 minutes.
    • 45+3' Joel could easily catch Huddlestone's corner but opts for an awkward punch instead. Wigan survive.
    • 45+3' Naughton plays it through to Dempsey on the left side of the box and McManaman deflects the cross out for a corner.
    • 45+1' Rank awful tackle from behind from Gomez on Huddlestone, and a richly deserved yellow card.
    • 45' Joel saves Wigan! He makes a brilliant intervention to nick the ball off the feet of Defoe after the striker weaves past two defenders and tries to round the goalkeeper.
    • 44' Bale leaps at the far post to meet a Naughton cross but heads over from the edge of the six-yard box. Couldn't get over the top of the ball.
    • 42' Another injury, and another first-half change as Lewis Holtby replaces Mousa Dembele for Tottenham.
    • 41' OK - Wigan look now to have gone 4-4-2 with Stam a regulation right-back. Very fluid...
    • 40' Maloney delivers a corner from the right and Kone's header is blocked. Wigan going close.
    • 38' Dembele hauls Beausejour over and that will be a free-kick for Wigan on the left, about 40 yards from goal.
    • 37' Wigan are still playing three at the back. Stam has come in as the right-sided centre-back, with Scharner and Boyce shifting across.
    • 36' Joel makes a fine diving save to deny Defoe but there is an offside flag up against the striker.
    • 35' Stam comes on, a bibbed Caldwell sits disconsolately down and we'll see how Wigan organise themselves.
    • 34' Interestingly it looks like Ronnie Stam, not Gary Caldwell, will be the man to replace Figueroa.
    • 33' Applause for Figueroa as he is carried off. And you can't help but fear that will rule him out of the FA Cup final.
    • 32' Figueroa's going to have to go off with this groin problem. He's being put on a stretcher...
    • 31' Parker misses another chance as the rain starts to fall at the DW Stadium - and Figueroa goes down to the turf again...
    • 30' Huddlestone delivers a corner from the Spurs right and Joel fists it unconvincingly to the edge of the box. Back into the box for Huddlestone who cannot keep the ball in play.
    • 29' Vertonghen finds Defoe with an excellent lofted ball over the top and Figueroa makes a vital challenge to put the ball out for a corner. The Wigan defender is feeling his groin after that, though...
    • 28' Lloris gets a slightly awkward backpass but hoists it high away towards halfway.
    • 26' Offside flag up against Shaun Maloney from a strangely smiling linesman.
    • 25' Referee Martin Atkinson falls over - always good for an ironic cheer, that.
    • 24' Kone goes close! He collects a Gomez lay-off and hits a curling shot that nearly loops over Lloris and in. It lacks dip and goes just over.
    • 23' Bale finds Dempsey who cracks a shot just wide of the far post - but there's an offside flag up anyway.
    • 22' Blimey - Dawson launches himself over the top of Kone as he challenges for a header. Kone didn't jump, which made it look worse, but that was pretty full-on from Dawson.
    • 21' Decent build-up from Spurs as they knock the ball nimbly around, and the move culminates with a slashing shot high over the bar from Scott Parker.
    • 20' What an odd game. We have had 60 seconds of crazy action and 19 minutes of rather sterile football.
    • 19' Defoe cuts inside from the left onto his right foot, as he loves to do, but Scharner dispossesses him with a good challenge.
    • 18' Beausejour pushes Bale as they challenge in the air and that's always going to go the Tottenham man's way.
    • 16' Naughton flies in late on McManaman who looks like he can ride the challenge but then opts to go down and wins a free-kick.
    • 15' Naughton sprints down the left in pursuit of a through ball but can only help it out for a goal kick.
    • 14' Figueroa thinks about another backpass to Joel but this time plays it square. The keeper wanted none of that.
    • 13' Dembele slips as he plays the ball and skews it out for a Wigan goal-kick.
    • 12' AVB will be furious about that. Tottenham did not mark well at the corner and, having been gifted the lead, they have it all to do again.
    • 11' What an extraordinary couple of minutes! Wigan architects of their own downfall with a comedically awful piece of defending - Figueroa faffed, then Joel cleared straight into Bale. But just seconds later they are back on terms!
    • 10' GOAL!! Wigan are level through Emmerson Boyce! It takes just 60 seconds as the defender heads in from a corner.
    • 9' GOAL!!! BALE FOR TOTTENHAM! Incredible gaffe by Wigan! Figueroa passes back to Joel who clears straight into the onrushing Bale and the ball flies into the roof of the net!
    • 8' All Tottenham early on, and Wigan are right under pressure.
    • 6' Walker crosses low from the right, but it is cut out by a couple of flying Wigan defenders.
    • 5' Off the post! Huddlestone drives the free-kick in from a tight angle, it nearly catches Joel out and comes back off the right-hand upright!
    • 5' Walker runs at Beausejour who shoves him over for a Tottenham free-kick on the right.
    • 4' A slow start. All Tottenham in terms of possession, but it's fairly sedate.
    • 3' It's a lovely afternoon for football in Lancashire - two thirds of the pitch are bathed in sunlight. The near side shadowed.
    • 2' Early Tottenham free-kick played to the edge of the box by Huddlestone - Bale heads it on, and it bounces out for a goal kick.
    • 1' And we're off! It's game on at the DW. Wigan playing from right to left as we see it. They are in blue and white stripes, Tottenham in their grey and black halves.
    • 14:55 Adebayor was awful against Basel on Thursday and finds himself out of the squad today. No hint of an injury...
    • 14:50 Wigan find themselves three points from safety, though they have a game in hand on Aston Villa. A win today would taken them above Villa on goal difference and out of the bottom three. Meanwhle Spurs will leapfrog Chelsea and Arsenal to go third with a win. Premier League table
    • 14:45 A dreadful Joe Hart error marred Manchester City's 2-1 win over West Ham in the early kick-off. Manchester City v West Ham United
    • 14:40 Wigan have won just three and lost seven of their 15 previous Premier League meetings with Spurs, including suffering their record defeat (1-9). Jermain Defoe has scored 10 goals in 12 Premier League appearances against the Latics.
    • 14:35 AVB on Tottenham's bid for fourth: "The determination is visible and they have made it public as well. I think all of them really want to get in to the Champions League next season and most of them are playing with that ambition and playing with the experience of last year, for sure."
    • 14:30 Roberto Martinez on the distraction of the FA Cup final: "The players have been very focused on the league. Their performances have been phenomenal. Arguably, the games at Manchester City and West Ham were our two most dominant performances away from home. You shouldn't just judge football on results. If they want to play in the FA Cup final, that comes through very good performances in the league."
    • 14:25 It looks like three at the back for Wigan again, with Jean Beausejour coming in at left wing-back. Aaron Lennon is only on the bench for Tottenham after coming back from injury and there is no place in the squad for Emmanuel Adebayor.
    • 14:20 TEAMS: WIGAN: Robles, Kone, McCarthy, Maloney, Gomez, McManaman, McArthur, Boyce, Beausejour, Figueroa, Scharner... Subs: Al Habsi, Caldwell, Watson, Di Santo, Henriquez, Espinoza, Stam. // TOTTENHAM: Lloris, Dempsey, Vertonghen, Huddlestone, Parker, Bale, Naughton, Defoe, Dembele, Dawson, Walker... Subs: Friedel, Lennon, Sigurdsson, Holtby, Assou-Ekotto, Caulker, Carroll.
    • 14:15 Welcome to LIVE coverage of the Premier League game between Wigan Athletic and Tottenham from the DW Stadium!
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