Saturday November 24, 2012 Day 15 Finished Celtic Park

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    • Inverness Caledonian Thistle

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      5.4 -
      5.5 -
      5.5 -
      5.8 -
      Substitution Out69′ 4.2 -
      5.3 -
      4.7 -
      Yellow Card 4.5 -
      Yellow Card 4.5 -
      Substitution Out76′ 4.6 -
      Substitution Out65′ 4.6 -
      Substitution In69′ 1 -
      Substitution In65′ 2.3 -
      Substitution In76′ 2.8 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      7.5 -
      7.4 -
      7.4 -
      7.4 -
      7.5 -
      Yellow Card 7.4 -
      7.4 -
      7.4 -
      7.3 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out90′ 7.4 -
      Goal Substitution Out84′ 7.6 -
      Substitution In84′ 9.7 -
      Substitution In90′ 9.6 -

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  1. B Alexander Super Caley also bet Gers so wel done to­ them on both accounts, keeping Scottish football alive­ the SPL is still interesting without te Gers lol

    From ju scotland, on Sun 25 Nov 9:50
  2. Mr. Lennon has lived a charmed life with Rangers having­ major problems it helped him tremendously, what did he­ do for the last 4-years ? not much ....he has no where­ to hide this year and no Rangers to take 6-points of­ them so he has no excuse. Celtic could do better­ with a different tactical manager.

    From Scotty., on Sun 25 Nov 5:36
  3. Celtic have now lost 17-points out of only 14-games ! (­ 25 points out of a possible 42) and its only halfway­ through the season.....not great eh !

    From Scotty., on Sun 25 Nov 5:31
  4. well done el tel

    From william, on Sat 24 Nov 22:00
  5. Top of the league and in the Champions league, that­ will do for me:)

    From Brian, on Sat 24 Nov 21:19
  6. Not again Celtic,you truly are a bunch of­ puddin's,you do know that you have to play football­ when you lot go to a match,you can't just expect to­ turn up and be declared the winners you know-I­ don't believe this Celtic can be victorious against­ the great Barcelona but they get stuffed by Inverness­ Caley Thistle at their own stadium at Parkhead.Celtic­ aren't going to progress further in Europe they are­ useless,they can't play when they really have to,it­ looks to me that they aren't interested in winning­ the SPL,what a bunch of losersthey truly played Glesga­ Green football the day.Before anyone condemns me and­ accuses me of supporting another team,I am a Celtic­ supporter born and bred but there are only so many­ times we can sing 'We don't care if we win,lose­ or draw' and mean it you know,Celtic have really­ let their supporters down-AGAIN.

    From CAROLINE, on Sat 24 Nov 18:18
  7. Fantastic result. There`s hope still in the `Highlands`

    From IAIN MACRAE, on Sat 24 Nov 18:02
  8. Where are all the financial experts tonight???? oh i­ forgot , they are all on the Rangers pages as usual,­ cos they are totally obsessed with Rangers....

    From John, on Sat 24 Nov 17:42
  9. get in, you jags - hanging on for a top half finish

    From Eric, on Sat 24 Nov 17:42
  10. Yahoo!!...well done ICT,this was an unexpected but due­ score.The Stickies THINK they are invincible?,obviously­ NOT!!!!................C'mon Terry Butcher &­ ICT,win the SPL and show them all,,,,,,

    From , on Sat 24 Nov 17:38
  11. As the Boos ring out at the end of the game, they are­ on the phone in saying that Lennon should go, Lennon­ has a disagreement with fans behind the dugout during­ the game, ffs its only a defeat, welcome back to­ earth....

    From John, on Sat 24 Nov 17:33
  12. We are gonna win the league......Septic­ ....septic....nelly forever....

    From B ALEXANDER, on Sat 24 Nov 17:25
  13. Bring on Haw haw...oatass....lowla.....dandruff....and­ all the other...Sep Tics.....the sound of­ silence...wail

    From B ALEXANDER, on Sat 24 Nov 17:23
  14. Septic have been Butchered

    From B ALEXANDER, on Sat 24 Nov 17:21
  15. Its squeaky bum time at porkhead...

    From B ALEXANDER, on Sat 24 Nov 17:20
  16. Where have all the septics gone....wail wail....its all­ gone silent .....wail

    From B ALEXANDER, on Sat 24 Nov 17:19
  17. super caley are fantastic......Might i septic are­ atrocious....

    From B ALEXANDER, on Sat 24 Nov 17:17
  18. cmon u septic...septic .....septic...sssssugar...

    From B ALEXANDER, on Sat 24 Nov 17:15
  19. how the might i septic fall.....nelly...nelly....wail­ wail

    From B ALEXANDER, on Sat 24 Nov 17:13
  20. Lennon has a real problem now with this team. Each time­ after a Champions League game he says that he is­ demanding something extra from his team. Each time they­ let him down. This team is simply not up to battling on­ two fronts at the same time!

    From Edi, on Sat 24 Nov 17:12
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