Sunday November 11, 2012 Day 13 Finished Celtic Park

Celtic 1 - 1 St. Johnstone

  • Watt 51’
  • Hasselbaink 77’

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  1. Scottish Football - Off-colour Celtic held by Saints

    Scottish Football - Off-colour Celtic held by Saints

    Celtic appeared to be suffering a case of the Barcelona blues as they were held to a 1-1 draw at home by St Johnstone in the SPL. More

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      Substitution In5′ 6.3 -
      Substitution In71′ 6.8 -

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  1. Why have Celtic stopped showing attendances ...Is there­ a problem

    From Claude Ball Esq, on Mon 12 Nov 21:00
  2. Terry K did you use the one brain cell you had to post­ here, the zombies are well in debt to the tax man, with­ the issues at your new club, posting on a celtic site­ must be last of your worries, for your small brain­ there was 45 thou paying SPL rates not a tenner for 3rd­ div rot hail hail

    From SCOTT, on Mon 12 Nov 19:36
  3. have septic hid there attendance out of embarrasment ­ or hiding a big crowd from the tax man again , us­ rangers dont need to hide anything

    From terry k, on Mon 12 Nov 18:33
  4. Celtic are not just Scotland,s shame,they are­ Britains,as every club apart from the Manky Mob­ respected the sacrafice our brave armed forces make­ every day for us.

    From THOMAS, on Mon 12 Nov 7:01
  5. Hardly vintage Celtic ....... out of 12 SPL games they­ have lost 14-points already and we are not half-way­ through the season. Very inconsistant, if it wasnt­ for their good run in Europe would Celtic fans be happy­ with Mr. Lennon ?? Hibs who were second bottom and­ third bottom of the SPL for the last two years are now­ top above Celtic !!!!!! With Aberdeen close­ behind......they dont seem to be " running­ away" with the league just yet !

    From Scotty., on Mon 12 Nov 5:31
  6. Your right Michael.Most of the Comments are from sad­ Rangers so called fans.just like so called­ voice-of-reason and jim. they are very bitter and knot­ real fans of any team,they come on and call Celtic­ fans and there team all sorts of names.but you know­ thats fine with me am bigger and better then all of­ guys give it your best shot.I know Celtic are a­ good team and they will try hard all the time,we will­ get beat with other teams thats foootball­ it dosent matter how mutch the other team has of the­ game at the time just like Barca last week they had­ most of the ball but Celtic put two goals past them,­ they only got 1 back in 1 minute of extra time they­ know they had a hard game and they had to fight hard to­ make it 2-1.even they said that after the match.

    From Thomas, on Mon 12 Nov 0:18
  7. .hfhfkjkl

    From MARTIN, on Sun 11 Nov 18:57
  8. Well done.... Celtics 10-man defence manage to hold off­ Worl renound St. Johnstone for a 1-1 draw at­ Parkhead....... this must be our THIRD BEST PERFORMANCE­ EVER !

    From Scotty., on Sun 11 Nov 18:21

    From oooft, on Sun 11 Nov 18:02
  10. Back to earth with a bang!

    From Kenny, on Sun 11 Nov 17:59
  11. Absolutely disgraceful only a Fortnight ago they­ thrashed the same team 5-0 in the cup.Joseph Ferguson.

    From Joseph, on Sun 11 Nov 17:27
  12. celtic the usual spl #$%$

    From charley, on Sun 11 Nov 17:13
  13. PMSL at Selena - your ability to predict is right up­ there with Father Dougall at fatcunt Kenneth.

    From the_voice_of_reason, on Sun 11 Nov 17:10
  14. No bus, no glory !!

    From Fat Tony, on Sun 11 Nov 17:10
  15. Chelsea are a goal up at half time against the­ merseyside branch of bin raiders are us. Could end up­ being a good weekend all round.

    From the_voice_of_reason, on Sun 11 Nov 17:05
  16. PMSL

    From Alba, on Sun 11 Nov 17:04
  17. Didn't take them long to crash down to earth after­ their Barcalona fluke result.

    From KEN, on Sun 11 Nov 17:03
  18. oh dear struggling in the Semi pros.

    From delazzuro, on Sun 11 Nov 17:03
  19. This just goes to prove what a fluke the barca result­ was the poppy dodgers cant even beat st johnston in­ their own midden girfut good enough for them, gawn­ yersel saints.

    From Theresonlyoneticinglesga PARTICK, on Sun 11 Nov 17:01
  20. He who lives by the bus !!

    From Fat Tony, on Sun 11 Nov 17:01
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