Tuesday February 19, 2013 Day 24 Finished McDiarmid Park

St. Johnstone 1 - 1 Celtic

  • Hasselbaink 80’
  • Ambrose 37’

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    • Celtic

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      8.4 -
      8.6 -
      8.2 -
      8.4 -
      8 -
      Yellow Card 8 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out45′ 7.8 -
      8.5 -
      8.4 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out78′ 8.6 -
      Substitution Out65′ 8.4 -
      Substitution In65′ Goal 8.3 -
      Substitution In45′ 6.7 -
      Substitution In78′ 6.5 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      5.2 -
      Substitution Out72′ 4.1 -
      Yellow Card 4.2 -
      4 -
      3.9 -
      4.1 -
      Goal 4.6 -
      4 -
      Substitution Out85′ 3.9 -
      Substitution Out66′ 3.9 -
      5.2 -
      Substitution In85′ 2.4 -
      Substitution In72′ 2.2 -
      Substitution In66′ 2.3 -

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  1. I thought that "genius" commons will score­ but ambrose that was useful scored.

    From Footballxyz, on Thu 21 Feb 14:25
  2. half a brain ,you could,nt have picked a more­ appropriate nickname.

    From janet, on Wed 20 Feb 9:33
  3. Another reason to put the spl down. What a load of­ rubbish.

    From CSS, on Wed 20 Feb 5:02
  4. dont want to romp home to much or else no one will turn­ up for the matches next season celtic have to try and­ make the league look a little competive ,have to make­ myself a cup of cocoa and finishes off my french­ fancies ,early rise tomorrow just got farmfoods leaflet­ and theres lots of bargains so night night.

    From Roman Nose, on Tue 19 Feb 22:12
  5. Another serving of mediocrity which only further­ diminishes the product on offer to media companies who­ will pay less for the rights in the seasons to come.­ Someone has to provide the vision (far beyond the­ current restructuring) to save the game in Scotland.­ Alas, the bias and hatred that exists towards one club­ will drive the game to the abyss and there will be no­ recovery. Be careful what you wish for!

    From Graeme, on Tue 19 Feb 22:11
  6. Sorry to burst your bubble "half a brain" but­ before you can have ANOTHER 5-0, you first have to­ actually win 5-0

    From Graeme, on Tue 19 Feb 21:46
  7. Another point towards the title. Can't grumble I­ suppose.

    From Father _Dougal, on Tue 19 Feb 21:43
  8. Blimey it had to happen.

    From Father _Dougal, on Tue 19 Feb 21:27
  9. I'd like to see Rogne get a goal.

    From Father _Dougal, on Tue 19 Feb 21:23
  10. can yahoo not stop the stupid comments from the likes­ of "boab"...if you want to comment then do so­ but please only about the football and not the stupid­ childish comments that are being made.......YAHOO­ PLEASE MONITOR THIS A BIT CLOSER

    From HUGH, on Tue 19 Feb 21:19
  11. I think its great that boab stops by. Each game needs­ at least one envious hun, makes winning better.

    From AL AN, on Tue 19 Feb 21:16
  12. boab is a #$%$

    From Gary, on Tue 19 Feb 21:15
  13. boab, what is your problem? what is it that drives you­ to spout such bile and poison?

    From Frankiethebear, on Tue 19 Feb 21:04
  14. Arsenal are being humped at home by Bayern. No­ wrestling just football.

    From Father _Dougal, on Tue 19 Feb 20:58
  15. I havent checked up on scottish football in over 6­ months , Why aren't Glasgow Rangers FC in the­ league table over there ... Must be a typing error on­ Yahoo,s part!!

    From Chestandnutsroastingbyanopenfire, on Tue 19 Feb 20:52
  16. Enjoy it in this lower grade championship. Juve will­ finish you with another 5-0 on te return leg..

    From Half A Brain, on Tue 19 Feb 20:38
  17. . IN . LENNON . WE . TRUST

    From John, on Tue 19 Feb 20:32
  18. sad peado loving boab sick as a parrot.....M Murray­ Knew ,,,,hahaha

    From fact, on Tue 19 Feb 20:29
  19. All going nicely so far this eveing.

    From Father _Dougal, on Tue 19 Feb 20:26
  20. Hail hail the mighty celtic,,,lennons green machine­ goes marching on..hoops all over the globe. cairo­ egypt, x x x

    From THE MIGHTY CELTIC, on Tue 19 Feb 15:28
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