Saturday August 31, 2013 Kick off: 12:45 Day 5 Tannadice Park

Countdown: -820 Days

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  1. Balde is impressive.

    From Red Sox Fan, on Sat 31 Aug 17:20
  2. No post european hiccups today bhoys.........hard­ fought victory....hail hail!

    From Martin, on Sat 31 Aug 14:53
  3. Knowing me a Happy Tim, Knowing you a Hurty­ Hun...............A-HA

    From Mikie, on Sat 31 Aug 14:41
  4. This is an opportunity for the Celtics to practice­ their defensive strategy to be heavily used in their­ upcoming CL group matches:parking the bus !!

    From Fat Tony, on Sat 31 Aug 14:17
  5. is that the same pain your youth team FELT kenny toss

    From Alivenotlyswife, on Sat 31 Aug 13:51
  6. We feel your pain !

    From Kenny Ross, on Sat 31 Aug 10:12
  7. Come on you Bhoys in green! Great nights coming to­ Paradise against the best of Europe.........the dosh is­ great and the competition is too.

    From james, on Fri 30 Aug 11:45
  8. And your mob hired one of the dumplings Boab - a Dublin­ born RC no less. PML

    From J, on Sun 25 Aug 22:50
  9. and here we have it the real 18carat,dyed in the wool­ clash of dumplings,the worlds one and only dumpling­ fest,pmsl

    From Boab, on Sun 25 Aug 9:12
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