Saturday October 27, 2012 Day 9 Stadio Dall'Ara

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  1. Serie A - Inter second after Bologna win

    Serie A - Inter second after Bologna win

    Internazionale moved up to second place in Serie A as they mastered rainy conditions to win 3-1 in Bologna - their seventh victory on the trot. More

  • Live Commentary

    • 90+5' And, right on time, he blows the whistle. Eventful stuff in the rain, and a good win for Inter: 3-1 it finishes
    • 90+4 The referee is looking at his watch, and the end of this match is seconds away
    • 90+3 Another late charge forward from Bologna, but Handanovic is there for Inter
    • 90+2' Bologna are firing in the crosses and, from one, Zanetti is forced to hack clear from almost under his own crossbar
    • 90+1' Inter are quite content to sit back now
    • 90' There will be five minutes of stoppage time
    • 89' Samuel hacks the ball away from a last low cross, and then Bologna's Morleo is booked for a foul on Cassano
    • 88' A couple of minutes of normal time to go. Bologna on the attack again, but it's too little, too late
    • 87' Then Cambiasso shoots over. Substitution made: Pereira comes on for Gargano
    • 86' Morleo gets up the left for Bologna, but is thwarted. Looks as though Inter are preparing for their last change of the day
    • 85' Diamanti tries to thread a ball into the Inter area, but Handanovic is out to claim
    • 84' It's swung in and headed clear. We're moving in to the last five minutes
    • 83' Bologna come forward again and win a corner down the left
    • 82' Another cross swung in for Bologna, and Zanetti is the man in the right place to head clear
    • 81' Mudingayi fouled midway inside his own half. Free-kick to the visitors
    • 80' Into the last ten minutes, and Bologna almost concede a fourth in a scramble inside their penalty area before the ball is finally blocked and cleared
    • 79' Guarente off, Kone on for Bologna
    • 78' Still the rain teems down and Inter, as the pitch gets slipperier, choose the wrong time to start playing a couple of over-casual passes in their own half. They get away with it, though
    • 77' Palacio off, Alvarez on as Inter make another switch
    • 76' Diamanti takes it, but Handanovic is right behind his curling effort
    • 76' A yellow card for Juan - not his first hefty challenge of the day - and a free-kick for Bologna, central and some 25 yards from goal
    • 75' It turns out to be a double change: Paponi comes on for Gabbiadini
    • 74' And they make that change: . Pazienza is off, and Khrin comes on
    • 73' It looks as though Bologna are considering a change as we head towards the final 15 minutes of this match
    • 72' Palacio is as neat as ever when in possession, but Gargano can't do anything with his pass down the right on this occasion
    • 71' Another cruncher of a challenge, this one by Cherubin
    • 70' Bologna, though, have enough up front to ensure that this is still not done and dusted for Inter
    • 69' A few frustrated challenges are going in from home players now
    • 68' The break wasn't all it could have been either, fizzling out
    • 67' Another Bologna free-kick, but the delivery isn't what it could have been and Inter can break...
    • 66' Handonvic , who has already done plenty to frustrate Diamanti, looks wary as the forward makes a darting run into the area - the cross he was anticipating, though, is blocked and never arrives
    • 65' Yellow for Inter's Gargano, who crunches into a challenge on Antonsson
    • 64' Milito is off, Cassano on, as Inter make their first change of the afternoon
    • 63' Just before the goal, there was a touchline scuffle - and the outcome is that Inter's Baresi and Bologna's club doctor have been banished to the stands
    • 63' It creates a chance for Cambiasso, who takes it with a beautiful dinked finish over the goalkeeper. That's a high-quality goal
    • 62' Possession is then surrendered breifly, but won back and again the passing is quick and slick
    • 61' Neat interplay by Inter around the Bologna penalty area - first-time passing
    • 60' Half an hour to go: this is lively fare in the rain. The large, uncovered curved banks of seating are a sea of umbrellas
    • 59' Palacio has taken a knock, but he should be fine to come back on
    • 58' A rapid response: exactly what Bologna needed
    • 57' And they're back in it - the delivery was great, Handonovic couldn't get there and Cherubin glances a header home
    • 56' That gives an instant injection of belief to the home side, and they keep the pressure up, winning a free-kick
    • 55' Better from Bologna, who force a fine save from Handanovic from Gilardno's volley
    • 54' Gilardino tries to turn his man on the edge of the area, but the ball runs away from him and the half-chance is gone
    • 53' The hosts win a corner as they attempt to find a way back. It's well defended by Palacio - the man who provided the cross for the second goal
    • 52' Shortly before the goal, Diamanti was a little too vociferous in expressing his opinion to the referee, and gained a yellow card for his troubles
    • 51' But it doesn't take much longer for Milito to find his range, sidefooting home a low cross untroubled by any marking to speak of. Inter lead 2-0, and it's looking comfortable now
    • 50' Cambiasso and Milito combine well again, but the latter fires over the top
    • 49' A cross into the box is gathered by Handanovic who, it has to be said, was under very little pressure
    • 48' Moments before that, Diamanti and Gilardino had combined to good effect again: the latter shooting wide after the former had flicked the ball into his path
    • 47' As is the stretcher, but it thankfully isn't needed as the defender gets groggily back to his feet
    • 46' In the process, there's an injury to Ranocchia, who gets an arm to the head from Gilardino. Concerned medical staff are on...
    • 46' We're off: Bologna on the attack early on and Diamanti heads on
    • 45' And that's half-time - the referee, possibly keen to get out of the rain, plays no additional time at all. Inter 1-0 up at the break
    • 44' Inter haven't created masses either, but Ranocchia should have had two goals rather than one - the one he scored was probably harder than the one he missed
    • 43' For all their endeavour, Bologna haven't made Handanovic work too hard for his money
    • 42' Palacio strides impressively away from a couple of challenges, but some solid Bologna defending ends the threat of that counter-attack
    • 41' An early ball forward, with Pazienza the Bologna target this time. Again, Handanovic is in the right place to claim
    • 40' Both sides have done their best to be constructive, but the conditions haven't always made that easy
    • 40' Five minutes to the break in what has been a rain-lashed and, as a consequence, rather disjointed sort of affair
    • 39' Inter are getting some strong, but fair and excellent, challenges in in their defensive third. There's no messing around
    • 38' And he's quickly frustrated again as a long ball, intended for him, skids off the surface and goes safely through to Handanovic
    • 37' Diamanti betrays a little frustration at that...
    • 36' Crossfield passing from Inter, but Bologna win it back and cross - but the cross runs all the way through and goes out of play on the left
    • 35' Then the same player gets involved in a touchline tangle but comes away with the ball
    • 34' Juan gets himself a bit of space and looks to play a pass through the middle - it doesn't come off, though
    • 33' Gabbiadini tries his luck, chasing a long ball - but to no avail
    • 32' Another Inter free-kick, in another promising position on the right. It's floated in, but Bologna manage to scramble that one clear
    • 29' Goalscorer Ranocchia bends a pass up the right-hand touchline, but the ball skids away off the rainy surface and goes out for a throw
    • 28' What can Bologna find in response in the rain? They're stringing some neat midfield passing together, but when the final ball comes in Handanovic is there to claim
    • 27' Boosted by that, they win another corner - but this one doesn't turn out to be as productive
    • 26' He does, and it's a good one - and Ranocchia, who missed that great chance earlier, gets this one right with a header across the keeper and into the corner. It's 1-0 to Inter
    • 25' Looks as though Cambiasso might opt to cross this one
    • 24' The kick is centralish, and about 25 yards out...
    • 23' Neat hold-up play by Diamanti, but Inter clear their lines. Palacio in midfield is keeping his passing short, and Inter get a free-kick when Pazienza pulls back Cambiasso after a promising move. He's booked
    • 22' Best chance of the game. It's really, really raining now
    • 21' Inter should have taken the lead. The cross is ideal, the marking on Ranocchia terrible - but he can only steer his header wide
    • 20' Corner to Inter, which Zanetti will take. The referee has seen some pushing and shoving that he's not too keen on, and has words before the kick can be taken
    • 19' There's so much water on the pitchside track that you can see the coaches' reflections. Bologna try a long ball from left to right, but it's overhit and out of play
    • 18' They're going for their shots, Bologna - another long-ranger, this one from Guarente, clears the bar, but not by miles
    • 17' Diamanti has a decebnt crossing position - he fires the ball in powerfully and Handanovic gathers at the second attempt with Gabbiadini lurking
    • 16' Again, it's not quite going to plan for Inter. Palacio and Milito can't quite get their link-up right. The rain is getting harder, and Antonsson slides into a challenge and then finds himself on the pitchside track
    • 15' Yellow card for Mudingayi, who is putting himself about a bit, but the Bologna free-kick comes to nothing
    • 14' Gilardino, whose crafty backheel set up Diamanti's shooting chance, tries to get on the ball again but is crowded out. He's the man in the mood for Bologna
    • 13' ... and then losing it again. It's been that sort of start
    • 12' Zanetti makes another purposeful run, but his team-mates waste his efforts with some sloppy passing before quickly winning the ball back...
    • 11' Then Diamanti has another go at goal as the home side pick up the threads again: it's well struck, but swerves wide
    • 10' Antonsson thought he was fouled as he made his way down the wing, but the referee doesn't want to know about that one
    • 9' Slightly bitty fare so far, for which you can at least partly blame the conditions: it's rainy and the pitch is slippery
    • 8' Taider has taken a knock for Bologna, who then concede a free-kick halfway inside their own half. In it comes and, when it's cleared to the edge of the area, Juan tries an ambitious overhead which drops into the arms of Agliardi
    • 7' Palacio then tries to float a ball through the middle, but Milito can't get to that one
    • 6' Zanetti gets forward down the right for Inter, but that move comes to nothing and it's a Bologna throw deep in their own half
    • 5' Again it's swung in, and again it doesn't pose too many problems for the Inter back line
    • 4' Inter are fourth, Bologan 16th, but the hosts are making a purposeful start and have another free-kick in midfield
    • 3' A hooked cross comes into the area for Bologna, but it's too long to cause any problems for Inter
    • 3' He needn't have worried too much, though, as Diamanti bends his effort past the wall but also past the target
    • 2' Milan concede a dangerous early free-kick - edge of the area Mudingayi with the foul. He's looking rather anxious in the Inter wall...
    • 2' It's a special day for Milan striker Diego Milito, who is notching up his 100th appearance for Inter this afternoon
    • 1' Welcome to the Stadio Renato Dall'Ara, where Bologna are taking on Inter Milan

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  • Bologna

    Manager: Stefano Pioli

  • Internazionale

    Manager: Andrea Stramaccioni

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