Friday December 21, 2012 Day 18 Stadio Is Arenas

Cagliari v Juventus

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  1. Serie A - Late Matri brace bags Juventus win over Cagliari

    Serie A - Late Matri brace bags Juventus win over Cagliari

    Alessandro Matri's two goals in the last 15 minutes earned Juventus a dramatic 3-1 win against his former team Cagliari. More

  • Live Commentary

    • 90+5 GOAL. Vucinic taps in from a yard out after Giovinco crosses for his strike partner.
    • 90+4 Juventus slow the game right down and are now just playing possession football. Cagliari are chasing shadows.
    • 90+3 Vucinic tried to do too much on his own as he took the ball forward but the defender got back at him before he could pull the trigger.
    • 90+2 GOAL. Matri scores again as the ball bobbles its way to him on the penalty spot but he calmly passes the ball into the back of the net.
    • 90+1 Juventus pour forward again and as the ball is crossed Giovinco tries to flick the ball on but it goes out of play for a goal-kick.
    • 90' Matri fluffs his lines as he takes the ball down on his chest in the penalty area but he hits an air-shot with his left foot.
    • 89' Agazzi with the save of the season as Asamoah heads from 5 yards out but the hand of the goalkeeper pushes the ball onto the post. He then has the presence of mind to poke his leg out to clear the ball further.
    • 87' Cagliari earn a free-kick in the Juve half as Pinilla is fouled.
    • 86' Vucinic uses the run of Asamoah outside him to create some space n the edge of the area but his curling shot goes straight into the arms of Agazzi.
    • 85' Cagliari attack through Ribeiro but Asamoah gets back to cover as the winger thought he had found some space in the middle of the park.
    • 84' Asamoah gives away the ball on the edge of the penalty area after a sloppy pass towards Pirlo.
    • 83' Agazzi is screamed and shouted at as he takes his time over a goal-kick.
    • 82' Marchisio works some space on the edge of the area before shooting but yet another block from the Cagliari defence denies him.
    • 80' The ball is given back to Buffon after a Juve player goes down. The ball is worked left but the cross from Asamoh goes out for a goal kick.
    • 79' Juve applying more and more pressure but cannot find the way through.
    • 78' Agazzi saves from a Matri shot but the follow up is offside.
    • 76' Padoin dribbles in from the left and strikes firmly at goal but Naingollan blocks the ball and goes down winded.
    • 75' GOAL. Former Cagliari player Matri taps in from close distance after Agazzi is unable to hold a shot from Marchisio and pushes the ball into the path of Matri who is the first to react and put the ball in the bakc of the net.
    • 74' Corner to Juve after some good interplay between Pirlo and Marchisio on the edge of the area. The corner is cleared again.
    • 73' Cagliari enjoy some time in the Juve half but the eleven men quickly get the ball back and go forward again.
    • 72' Vidal steps up but his penalty goes flying over the crossbar. He turns around in disbelief and hides his face in his shirt.
    • 71' Penalty to Juve after Giovinco goes down in the edge of the penalty area. Del Fabro makes contact but Giovinco throws himself to the floor and the penalty is given.
    • 70' Juve continue to siege the Cagliari penalty area. Barzagli bounds forward but his shot is blocked by more heroic defending.
    • 69' Another cross comes in which Vidal keeps in at the far post. It finds Padoin whose volley goes narrowly wide.
    • 67' Juventus have a spring in their step and pour forward through Padoin on the right who wins a corner off Perico.
    • 65' Captain Astori is sent off after a trip from behind on Giovinco causes the referee to give the centre defender his second yellow card.
    • 64' Disallowed goal after Pirlo's corner was met by Bonucci who hit the bar before Agazzi made a great save from the rebound before Asamoah nodded the ball in. The referee however blew up for offside.
    • 62' Defender Martin Caceres comes off for midfielder Simone Padoin.
    • 61' Quagliarella, Juventus' topscorer, comes off for former Cagliari player Andrea Matri.
    • 60' Ekdal takes the ball past Vidal and into the penalty area but his cross flies across the face of goal but is cleared by Barzagli.
    • 59' The ball is flicked on to Sau whose first touch creates a lot of space and as he whips the ball towards goal, Buffon is almost caught off guard but gets across to save and hold the ball at the second attempt.
    • 58' Juventus continue to apply pressure to Cagliari as the home team are unable to get out of their half for long.
    • 57' Dessena receives a yellow card after Giovinco moves the ball past the midfielder and his leg catches the striker.
    • 55' Pirlo plays an excellent pass to Marchisio who flicks the ball backwards towards Lichtsteiner but the Swiss was caught on his heels and the ball was cleared off him for a goal-kick.
    • 54' Lichtsteiner is given a yellow card for a needless trip on Sau on the half way line.
    • 53' Young full-back who is on a yellow is taken off for Gabriele Perico.
    • 52' Juve have upped the tempo and work the ball to Quagliarella in the area who turns and finds half a yard for a strike but somehow Astori gets his foot in the way to block the shot.
    • 51' Lots of pushing and shoving as Juve appeal to the referee to give Ekdal a yellow card for a shirt pull on Vidal. Nothing comes of it but a Juve free-kick which is cleared.
    • 50' Naingollan robs Vidal of the ball in the midfield but Pinilla decides to pick up the loose ball and shoot from distance. His effort goes way over the bar.
    • 49' Pinilla wins a throw for Cagliari in the Juve half after Lichsteiner gave the ball away on the right wing.
    • 48' Pirlo crosses the ball and it is cleared to Marchisio on the edge of the area whose left-footed half volley is hit well but saved and held by Agazzi in goal.
    • 47' Chance early as Giovinco draws men into him in the centre of the pitch before laying the ball to Lichsteiner but his cross is blocked by Astori at the bear post.
    • 46' We're underway in the second half. If Cagliari hold on to the lead it will end a winless streak of seven games. Juve will want to turn this result around to finish 2012 on a high with six wins in a row.
    • 45' The referee blows for half-time - Cagliari deserve their lead after some excellent defending but Juve have created a few half-chances.
    • 45' Naingollan passes to Pinilla on the right wing but his cross can only find Buffon.
    • 44' Pirlo miscontrols the ball on the edge of the area but is not closed down. He strikes the ball well with his left foot but it is straight at Agazzi who gathers easily.
    • 43' Barzagli storms forward and plays the ball to Lichsteiner who crosses to Giovinco low at the near post but the striker cannot get enough contact on the ball to divert it goalwards and the ball is cleared.
    • 41' Dessena plays an excellent pass inside from the right to the edge of the area but Sau could not control the ball and it is cleared to Pirlo who starts Juve off on another attack.
    • 40' Pirlo storms into space in the Cagliari half but is dispossessed by Naingollan who gives his side possession which they control well through midfield but Juve get back into position.
    • 39' Penalty appeal from Juventus as Quagliarella accuses Astori of grabbing him as they tustle for a long ball. The referee says no.
    • 38' Pirlo swings the ball in from the free-kick but it is confidently punched away by Agazzi. Giovinco tries to cross again but it is again cleared.
    • 37' Cagliari captain Astori receives a yellow card after Giovinco nicks the ball away from the defender but he cannot move out of the way fast enough and is guilty of catching the striker from behind. One foul too many.
    • 36' Juventus give the ball away in midfield but as Ekdal breaks into the opposition half, he tries to play a reverse pass to Sau on the left wing but it is over-hit and goes out for a throw-in.
    • 34' Marchisio works a short corner with Giovinco but as Cagliari keep clearing it ends back with Marchisio on the edge of the area but his left footed shot is again blocked.
    • 33' Giovinco dances into the penalty area with three defenders for company but manages to win the corner off Astori.
    • 32' Quagliarella gets his foot on a long straight ball coming over his shoulder and strikes on the half-volley but his effort goes over the crossbar.
    • 31' Juventus have a throw in the corner on the left hand-side. Giovinco flicks the ball over his head and gets the ball to Asamoah who would have been in a ddangerous position but for a good defensive header from Pinilla.
    • 30' Pirlo delivers the free-kick low. Quagliarella flicks the ball up for Giovinco who strikes the ball on the volley but it is wild and flies well over the bar.
    • 29' Teenager Murru is booked after Lichsteiner turns him on the right wing but the full-back's challenge is late.
    • 28' Cagliari work the ball down the right through Pisano and Dessena but as Sau gets involved and passes to the centre of the pitch, the move breaks down and Juve get a free-kick on the right.
    • 27' Pinilla dribbles with the ball through the middle of the park and waltzes through Pirlo before being fouled by Vidal as he looks to get past the Chilean midfielder. The referee brandishes another yellow card.
    • 26' Giovinco protests to the referee as Astori holds the striker and stops him from turning. The referee blows for a foul.
    • 25' Juventus and Lichsteiner feel aggrieved not to have had a free-kick on the edge of the area after the wing-back was seemingly shoved to the floor. The referee waved play on and Cagliari broke through Sau but it came to nothing as Juve clear their lines.
    • 24' Pirlo fires the free-kick into the wall. The ball ends up with Barzagli who plays a long pass to Lichsteiner on the right-wing but his attempt to pull the ball back goes awry and out for a goal-kick.
    • 23' Asamoah collects the ball on the left wing but a she dribbles inside he is almost tackled. As Juve get the ball forward, Giovinco is fouled in a dangerus area. Pirlo again stands over the free-kick.
    • 22' Cagliari pass the ball at the back between Ariaudo and Astori but a long ball comes to nothing for the home side and as Juventus clear, the ball ends up with Agazzi in the Cagliari goal.
    • 21' Ariaudo is given a yellow card after a chellenge from behind in the centre of the pitch. Pirlo stands over the free-kick but it comes to nothing as Asamoah is unable to take on the full-back.
    • 20' Juventus finally find a way through as Giovinco plays the ball to Lichsteiner on the right who cuts the ball back from the byline but Agazzi sticks out a hand and gathers the ball.
    • 19' Juventus continue to pass the ball in midfield but Cagliari are disciplined and hard-working and Juve go back to their defence with the ball.
    • 17' The game cools down again as both teams try and play for position on the field. Lots of 50-50 challenges end with a foul on Pirlo.
    • 16' Juventus immediately respond through Asamoah who runs past three defenders and crosses low from the byline but the ball across goal cannot find a teammate ad goes out for a throw.
    • 15' GOAL. Pinilla steps up and blasts the ball into the top corner from the penalty spot. That is the first goal Juventus have conceded in five games.
    • 14' Ekdal breaks with the ball and passes to Sau on the left side of the penalty area. He cuts inside the defender and is tripped by Vidal. The referee blows for a penalty.
    • 13' Juventus work the ball from defence into midfield but as Marchisio gets the ball on the left wing, he attempts a first-time pass to Quagliarella in the middle of the pitch but the ball bends easily into the arms of Agazzi who gets Cagliari in their way.
    • 12' Marchisio waltzes into the Cagliari penalty area but attempts to pass to Fabio Quagliarella when shooting may have been the better option. The ball is cleared.
    • 11' Asamoah attempts a cross into the area from the left wing but it is cleared by Ariaudo. Juventus get the ball back through Pirlo.
    • 10' Cagliari enjoy their first bit of controlled possession but Astori tries a difficult pass down the line which goes out for a goal-kick.
    • 9' Daniele Dessena makes a dash forward down the right but it is snuffed out easily by Bonucci.
    • 8' Cagliari control possession and work the ball up into Juve's half but the ball goes out of play to the visitors.
    • 7' Pirlo takes a free-kick short to the left wing where Asamoah is waiting. He crosses but it is blocked for a corner which Pirlo takes to the edge of the area. Marchisio volleys but it is blocked on its way to goal.
    • 6' Giovinco and Marchisio link up down the left wing but Cagliari defend well and cause Giovinco to pass the ball out of play.
    • 5' Juventus finally enjoy some possession through Pirlo and Arturo Vidal but as they run out of options, Cagliari give away a foul in the centre of the pitch.
    • 4' Andrea Pirlo gives away a needless free-kick in he centre of the pitch for jumping unfairly. Cagliari pour the ball forward but Juve's stubborn defence clears again.
    • 3' Cagliari get the ball forward quickly but Juventus have so far dealt comfortably with the long balls.
    • 2' Juventus give the ball away sloppily in their own half and concede a corner. As the ball comes in, Cagliari get their head to the ball but topscorer Sau can not get the final touch at the far-post to head in.
    • 1' Referee Antonio Damato gets us under way at the Stadio Ennio Tardini. The 'home' side have kicked off and are shooting from left-to-right.
    • 19:42 Nicklas Bendtner and Simone Pepe are sidelined for Juventus while Giorgio Chiellini could be out for the Bianconeri for as much as three months. Juve are boosted in defence by the return of Leonardo Bonucci from suspension.
    • 19:40 Cagliari are without captain Daniele Conti after he reached the yellow card limit and is serving a one match suspension. Sebastian Eriksson misses out through injury.
    • 19:37 The match is being played at a neutral ground, Stadio Ennio Tardini, nearly 500 miles from Cagliari's temporary home ground at the Stadio Is Arenas because of safety issues with the ground.
    • 19:35 TEAMS: Cagliari: Agazzi; Pisano, Astori, Ariaudo, Murru; Dessena, Nainggolan, Ekdal; Thiago Ribeiro; Pinilla, Sau. /// Juventus: Buffon, Barzagli, Bonucci, Caceres, Lichtsteiner, Vidal, Pirlo, Marchisio, Asamoah, Quagliarella, Giovinco.
    • 19:30 Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Cagliari and Juventus from Stadio Ennio Tardini.

Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Cagliari

    Manager: Ivo Pulga

  • Juventus

    Manager: Antonio Conte

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