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  1. Italian Serie A - Juventus sink rivals Napoli in Serie A thriller

    Italian Serie A - Juventus sink rivals Napoli in Serie A thriller

    Substitutes Martin Caceres and Paul Pogba scored late on as Juventus notched up a 2-0 win over Serie A rivals Napoli. More

  • Live Commentary

    • 90+4 FULL TIME!! Juventus 2-0 Napoli It's over!!! Juventus continue their unbeaten record this season with a great late victory. What a game that turned out to be.
    • 90+3 All looks wrapped up here. Napoli still going forward but this one looks over.
    • 90+2 Cacares on the other hand looks pretty happy with himself. What a super-sub he has been tonight.
    • 90+1 Giovinco looks exhausted. Not surprising considering his performance tonight. Really has clocked up some mileage.
    • 89' Ref indicates 4 minutes of extra time.
    • 87' CHANCE FOR NAPOLI Insigne is through but he looks to pass to his left and hits it too hard and the keeper gathers it. Missed opportunity there. Could have been 2-1.
    • 86' If you though the stadium was rocking earlier, it's really going off now.
    • 84' SUB FOR NAPOLI Behrami is off for Dzemaili
    • 83' Napoli are still going for it though. Corner. Insigne is over it.
    • 82' Juve are looking for a third here. Napoli are in shock.
    • 81' SUB FOR NAPOLI Gamberini is off for Insigne
    • 80' Suddenly it's 2-0 and Juventus look in control. How a game can change.
    • 78' GOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLL JUVENTUS!!!! 2-0 It's the other sub, Pogba!!! He has only been on for five minutes, if that! A stunning left-footed volley from outside the area goes into the bottom right-hand corner. The keeper stood no chance. What a strike that was. Two substitutes, two goals. Great management.
    • 77' GOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! JUVENTUS!!! 1-0 It's Cacares!!! He has only been on the pitch for a couple of minutes!! A corner from Pirlo into the six yard box is met by the head of Cacares who rises above the defence to smash the header into the goal. Shirt off, into the stands. I don't blame him.
    • 76' Napoli still looking to move the ball around. They have not made their subs yet so what do they have in mind?
    • 75' SUB JUVENTUS Asamoah is off for Cacares. Asamoah has been decent this evening and has created a fair few chances down the left-hand side. Can Cacares help break the deadlock for Juventus?
    • 74' CHANCE NAPOLI!!! Cavani drills the ball on the volley from outside the Juve area. It goes over but what a connection. Ambitious would be the word but textbook technique.
    • 73' Surely this match can't be a draw? Into the last stages now.
    • 72' SUB FOR JUVENTUS Vidal is off for Pogba.
    • 70' YELLOW CARD JUVENTUS Barzagli gets a yellow after a clumsy challenge on the left-hand side of the pitch.
    • 69' Giovinco is down and it's a free-kick to Juventus. Pirlo steps up again in the middle of the Napoli half.
    • 68' Napoli under pressure again but the defence that has let in only three goals this year is managing to hold up against the wave of Juventus attacks.
    • 66' Asamoah makes a great run to the Napoli box but is clattered by Maggio who gets the ball. Asamoah is down following the challenge and is receiving treatment.
    • 65' The more clear-cut chances are falling to Juventus this half but the execution has just not been good enough.
    • 63' CHANCE JUVENTUS!!!! It's the new man, Matri. A long ball falls at his feet in the Napoli area but he can't control it. He just needs to get anything on it to put it in, but it's just out of reach.
    • 61' YELLOW CARD JUVENTUS Chiellini and Campagnaro have a little tussle in the box and things get a little heated. Handbags at the ready. Both get yellows for their troubles.
    • 60' Hamsik drives into Juve area and is taken down but no foul. Juve now on the break with Asamoah but Cannavaro clears the danger. Knew he would be involved again....
    • 59' Napoli also looking to make a change soon as players warm up on the sideline. Still pretty even here.
    • 57' SUB FOR JUVENTUS: Quagliarella limps off as Matri replaces him. He has had a quiet game and did not look 100 per cent fit.
    • 56' The ball is crossed into the Juve box and falls to Cavani. He can't get anything on it and it's cleared. Napoli still looking to go forward.
    • 55' The Bianconeri are in full voice now. That chance has woken them up from their first-half slumber.
    • 54' CHANCE JUVENTUS!!!! HOW DID HE MISS??? Giovinco gets the ball in the Napoli area, controls it and then fires a shot just wide of the far post. Only a few yards out. Huge chance. Huge.
    • 53' CHANCE NAPOLI!!! Pandev gets through the Juve defence and is ready to unleash a shot before Marchisio manages to jab the ball away from his feet. Would have been a clear-cut chance.
    • 52' Napoli waste a free-kick and Juve attack. Giovinco is tackled on the edge of the area but no foul. Looked like a pretty strong challenge and he is still down. Ball is out of play. Behrami with the challenge. He didn't hold back.
    • 51' Cannavaro has been very quiet this evening. Think this is the first time he gets a mention on the live text. Surely not the last this evening.
    • 50' Juve nearly get in trouble at their end. Indecision leads to a non-clearance and a scuffed shot from Hamsik.
    • 49' CHANCE JUVE!! The free kick is deflected and goes to de Sanctis' left-hand side. Not the best strike but needed to be stopped.
    • 48' Giovinco gets the ball on the edge of the area and tries to curl a shot. Asamoah picks the ball up and it's now a free-kick to Juve in dangerous territory. Guess who is standing over it? Correct. Pirlo at 28 metres out.
    • 47' Juventus are straight back into it. Pirlo whips a ball in from the right. It goes across the six yard box and Asamoah can't quite get enough on it at the far post. Goes wide for a goal kick.
    • 46' The second half is underway. No changes at the break.
    • 45+2 HALF TIME 0-0 A huge clearance from the Juventus area nearly falls to Giovinco but the whistle blows for half time. A tense half. What do you think? Let me know on Twitter. James_Bass86.
    • 44' Two minutes of injury time will be added.
    • 43' CHANCE JUVENTUS!!! Marchisio strikes it from the edge of the area. Tipped over the bar for a corner. Thunderbolt of a strike.
    • 42' According to Sky Calcio's numbers, Napoli have had nearly 13 minutes possession this half.
    • 40' Nothing comes of it. Cavani again involved in a collision with Giovinco. This time he is on the receiving end.
    • 39' At this rate Juventus will not be missing Buffon too much. Storari has not had to do too much this evening. Down the Napoli end it's a corner for Juve. Pirlo over it.
    • 38' The midfield is getting a little scrappy and looks pretty congested. Undoubtedly some key battles to be fought there though.
    • 36' Asamoah again drives down the left and forces a throw in for Juve deep into the Napoli half. Linking up well with Vidal and Pirlo.
    • 35' Cavani dropping back to pick the ball up in midfield. He wants to be involved all the time, but gives away another foul. He has to be careful as he is already on a yellow.
    • 34' Chiellini looks to be limping slightly following an earlier challenge. He is trying to run it off but could be coming off soon if it doesn't improve.
    • 33' Napoli are throwing forward numbers at the corners and nearly get caught on the break. A through ball to Vidal is cut out.
    • 32' Napoli now controlling the pace of this game. Cavani gets a corner after chasing down a through ball. Corner Napoli.
    • 31' Marchisio, who scored in the 85th minute against Siena a couple of weeks back, is looking fit considering he was nursing a shoulder injury not long ago. No visible problems when on the ball.
    • 30' Giovinco runs at the Napoli defence. He is not afraid to drop back to the midfield, pick the ball up, and then just drive it forward. He is hungry for a goal tonight.
    • 29' Pirlo is ordering his troops around the midfield. He looks up for this one. Still looking strong and still looking very dangerous.
    • 28' YELLOW CARD JUVENTUS: Vidal comes in with a late challenge on Maggio and gets a booking.
    • 27' Napoli are now the ones looking good here. Another attack comes to an end but you sense the momentum is shifting slightly. They believe they can win this one. No doubt about it.
    • 26' Well that was the best chance of the match so far. Great effort from Cavani. Down the other end though Asamoah drives down the left and hits one low to the keeper's right-hand side. Good strike.
    • 25' CHANCE NAPOLI!!!!! Cavani drills the free-kick into the bar, top left-hand side. Keeper was nowhere to be seen.
    • 24' Free-kick Napoli. Inler is fouled by Vidal on the edge of the area. Cavani is over it on the left hand side.
    • 23' Got an opinion on today's game? Get involved on Twitter. @James_Bass86 .
    • 22' Corner is cleared again. Still the attacks come from Juventus.
    • 21' Napoli coach Walter Mazzarri is shouting from the sidelines. His team are under pressure again from Asamoah. Corner Juventus.
    • 20' A common theme is developing here. Pirlo to Giovinco. Another corner is earned by the latter but comes to nothing. Napoli don't seem to be able to stop Pirlo's delicate through-balls.
    • 19' CHANCE JUVENTUS! Pirlo's cross is fired across the six yard box but nobody latches onto it. Napoli clear the danger. Just.
    • 18' Corner to Juventus. Pirlo is over it.
    • 17' Giovinco is down but quickly up again. Seems to be the way today. Bonucci also gets tangled up in a clash but he seems ok. Hobbling slightly but ok.
    • 16' Both teams look fairly even but you feel Juventus have the fire power to counter-attack at will.
    • 14' Having said that Napoli attack down the other end and come close themselves. Zuniga is unable to latch on to a cross but the ball is not cleared convincingly.
    • 13' Napoli under the cosh here. Juventus certainly enjoying the home advantage. Stadium still booming.
    • 11' CHANCE JUVE!! A through ball from Pirlo to Giovinco is spilled by the keeper, but luckily his defenders are there to clear it away. Very close there. Very close indeed.
    • 10' Cavani was expected to be a bit fatigued tonight following his trip back to Uruguay to play Bolivia this week. Doesn't seem to have affected him. Chiellini is ok, ice on the neck and he is back on.
    • 9' YELLOW CARD NAPOLI: Cavani jumps for the ball with Chiellini but is booked for usign his elbow. Chiellini could be going off as ref signals to the sidelines.
    • 8' Giovinco for Juve is looking lively also. He is switching from left to right and stretching the defence well.
    • 7' Pandev fouls Chiellini in the middle of the pitch. Free-kick to Juve.
    • 5' Juventus obviously see the left-hand side as a potential area of weakness today. Another attack is foiled. While down the other end Cavani is causing trouble for the Juve defence - a through ball to him from Behrami is just cut out.
    • 4' Marchisio tries to dink a ball over the top to Giovinco but Napoli's defence holds strong. The momentum is with Juventus but it's still early doors.
    • 3' Cavani will be a target man for Juventus. He has been lethal this season and expect him to be active tonight.
    • 2' Asamoah looking to cause Napoli trouble on the left-hand side. Pirlo already involved in the action.
    • 17:01 CHANCE JUVENTUS!! Giovinco shoots in the Napoli area and it's saved by de Sanctis. Great shot but strong start from Juve.
    • 17:00 KICK OFF: Juventus start us off.
    • 16:59 Antonio Damato will be the referee today. Handshakes are done. Pirlo sporting some supreme facial hair today. No doubt will be instrumental in today's game. Napoli will be watching him.
    • 16:58 Juve will be playing a 3-5-2 today. Can they get through that solid Napoli defence? Let me know on Twitter.
    • 16:57 Teams now coming out of the tunnel. Stadium absolutely bouncing. The Bianconeri are pumped for this one.
    • 16:56 Fancy getting involved today? Follow me on Twitter at @James_Bass86.
    • 16:55 Five minutes until kick-off in Turin. Here are a few more stats to get down you before what should be one of the clashes of the season. Juventus have scored 17 goals this season, while Napoli have conceded just three. It will be the league's best attack against the league's tightest defence. Juve beat Siena 2-1 in their last game while Napoli managed to grab a 2-1 victory over Udinese.
    • 16:50 It's likely that today's encounter is going to be a fiery one following the season-opening Supercup match in Beijing back in August. Juventus won 4-2 in contraversial circumstances. Napoli had Goran Pandev and Juan Camilo Zuniga sent off while coach Walter Mazzarri was dismissed for dissent. Napoli will be looking to get one over on their rivals this afternoon.
    • 16:45 Both sides go into today's clash level on points at the top of Serie A with 19. Neither side has lost this season. Since May 2011 the two sides have drawn twice, Juventus have taken two wins, and Napoli one win - back in the Italian Cup Final where they won 2-0.
    • 16:40 The major team news for Juventus is that Buffon will not be starting today following a thigh injury in Italy's win against Denmark earlier in the week. Marco Storari will replace him today. Mirko Vucinic will also not start after suffering from flu this week, but will be replaced by Fabio Quagliarella up front.
    • 16:35 TEAMS: Juventus: Storari; Barzagli; Bonucci; Chiellini; Lichsteiner; Vidal; Pirlo; Marchisio; Asamoah; Quagliarella; Giovinco. Subs: Rubinho; Branescu; Lucio; Cacares; Isla; Marrone; Pogba; Padoin; Giaccherini; Bendtner; Matri./// Napoli: Campagnaro; Cannavaro; Gamberini; Maggio; Behrami; Inler; Hamsik; Zuniga; Pandev; Cavani.
    • 16:30 Hello and welcome to today's LIVE coverage of the Serie A top-of-the-table clash between Juventus and Napoli at the Juventus Stadium in Turin.

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  1. thank you Fergie!!! PAUL POGBA looks like the real deal­ and he's just a baby!! grazie mille!

    From Joe, on Sat 20 Oct 23:31
  2. unbelivable Substitutes !!! forza JUVE

    From Farhood, on Sat 20 Oct 19:46
  3. Juve still match fixin i see @ comment 6 can even tell­ u the outcome be4 the game dey must stop takin bets on­ Juve games eh ? Jus jokin i joke a lot ya see . Froze­ Juve my new Italian team bring bk memories of wen i­ went Italy 2 Turin Nd then Milan .

    From Clyde The gr8, on Sat 20 Oct 18:58
  4. Juve storia di un grande amore Bianco che abraccia il­ nero!!!

    From Il Conte Di Monte Cristo, on Sat 20 Oct 18:43
  5. Gooooooooooaaaaaalllllll

    From Gary, on Sat 20 Oct 18:40
  6. jeez i hope napoli believe they can win against the­ Juve B team.

    From , on Sat 20 Oct 17:31
  7. 3-1 forza Juve !

    From Russel, on Sat 20 Oct 16:55
  8. forza juve!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From warrockr, on Sat 20 Oct 16:42
  9. Grande Juve!

    From Miguel, on Sat 20 Oct 9:06
  10. FORZAAAAAAAAAAAAAA JUVEEEEEEEEEEEE­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­ !!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT THE KEY OF SERIE A BUT WE SHOULD­ WIN THE MATCH !!!!! GOODLUCK FOR THE BEST TEAM ! GOD­ BLESS U­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Salah, on Fri 19 Oct 16:32
  11. No one can stop my team to win this game whether you­ like it or not, we are going to win by 2 goals to nil.­ all the best and lets join hands all together so that­ we can succed in everything.

    From Jonathan, on Thu 18 Oct 16:07

    From Salah, on Fri 12 Oct 18:06
  13. good luck for my favourite team juventussss

    From Salah, on Fri 12 Oct 17:56
  14. this game will show that juve gave napoli the win last­ season in the cup final juve 2-1 napoli

    From Elias, on Fri 12 Oct 15:31
  15. FORZA JUVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Surely JUVE will win­ this match and scudetto at the end of the season.

    From Nurlan, on Fri 12 Oct 11:56
  16. Whil this an exciting march, ihave no daut jeve will­ carry the day

    From Tijjanindaiba, on Wed 10 Oct 17:06
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