Saturday May 18, 2013 Day 38 Stadio Artemio Franchi-Montepaschi Arena

Siena v AC Milan

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  1. Serie A - Dramatic comeback earns AC Milan Champions League spot

    Serie A - Dramatic comeback earns AC Milan Champions League spot

    AC Milan scored two late goals to beat Siena 2-1 and earn their place in next season's Champions League. More

  • Live Commentary

    • 90+4' AC Milan have done it. Stunning comeback. Let's not forget Fiorentina who crushed Pescara and played their part in a crazy night for Italian football. Milan will be in Europe's elite football competition next season.
    • 90+2' The ball is deep in the Milan half, but it's looking very unlikely for Siena.
    • 90+1' Four minutes added time signalled. Tempers flaring slightly. Milan now seconds away from third spot.
    • 90' Felipe goes into the book. Or is it me? No, the referee accidentally got out the red card there. He quickly explains his error.
    • 89' Final change for Siena. Erjon Bogdani replaces Matteo Rubin.
    • 88' Fiorentina - 5-1 ahead at Pescara - are crushed. Milan will be playing Champions League football unless Siena force a late unlikely draw.
    • 87' Ball whipped into the Siena box. They're queuing up to score, Pazzini, Robinho and Mexes all onside. Mexes it is. Shoots. Saved by the keeper. Rebound falls back to him and he tucks it home. Stunning comeback!
    • 86' Can they do it? What a turnaround it would be. One more required.
    • 85' And he doesn't this time. He waits for the keeper to commit and strokes it the other side, to the middle left of goal. He is so good at spot kicks.
    • 84' Balotelli vs. Pegolo. Milan's fading Champions League hopes hang on this penalty. He never misses. That's all I'll say.
    • 83' It's a hopeful lump towards Balotelli by De Sciglio. But the striker is tugged to the floor. Penalty!
    • 81' Francesco Bolzoni ghosts into the Milan penalty area. Surely they can't add a second. Desperate defending prevents it.
    • 80' He's getting closer. This effort forces Pegolo into a really smart stop to his right. Probably too far from goal though.
    • 79' Balotelli clattered from behind by new boy Massimo Paci. Free-kick for the striker, yet again.
    • 78' Final throw of the Milan dice. Ignzaio Abate is taken off, on comes the brilliantly named Kevin Constant.
    • 77' Balotelli vs. Pegolo for a bouncing ball in the area. The keeper comes out on top and then spills it. Can the striker tuck home? No, Pegolo claws the ball back.
    • 76' The world's greatest named player, Innocent Emeghara, leaves the pitch to be replaced by Massimo Paci.
    • 75' Slight delay for cramp. Looks like the referee is fiddling with his watch so the time should be added on.
    • 74' De Sciglio plays a quick 1-2 with El Shaarawy down the left and has the chance to get a good ball in. It flies behind for a corner.
    • 73' Siena enjoying a rare spell of keep ball though. Not want Milan want. This will be music to the ears of the Viola.
    • 72' 10 vs. 10 will suit Milan a lot more. Expect chances galore in the final 20 minutes.
    • 71' Now Milan want a penalty, and perhaps with good reason. Balotelli gets to the ball first in the area and appears to go down under a Siena challenge. Referee takes centre stage again, but waves away Milan's appeals.
    • 70' Fortunately for Milan the referee evens it up 30 seconds later. It's not a good challenge from Christian Terlizzi who lauches high off the ground with a kamikaze-style kick. It's a second yellow. 10 vs. 10. Very interesting.
    • 69' Oh dear. Not sure about this one. Ambrosini flies into a challenge, his studs are raised but his eyes are only for the ball. It's a second yellow. Milan will have to do this with 10 men.
    • 68' Ambrosino tracks back well to prevent a Siena attack. Let's just remember that Siena are second bottom in Serie A, this is quite a performance so far.
    • 67' Big chance for Milan to level. Mexes crosses towards the lively El Shaarawy but the substitute fails to head on target. Get your head over the ball son.
    • 66' El Shaarawy picks the ball up thirty yards from goal and fancies a pop. Curls straight to the keeper though.
    • 65' Ambrosini picks up a booking.
    • 64' El Shaarway tries to get involved down the left flank but the Siena defence combine to see off the threat.
    • 63' Fifth goal in Pescara. That should do it. Adem Ljajic gets his hat-trick. 5-0. Milan will definitely need two goals tonight.
    • 62' So about 30 minutes for Milan to save their season and join Juventus and Napoli in the Champions League next season.
    • 61' And a swap for the hosts as Rosina, fresh (or probably not fresh) from his sprint race with Zapata, gives way to Salvador Agra.
    • 60' Second change for Milan as Antonio Nocerino comes off for Stephen El Shaarawy.
    • 59' Foot race between Cristian Zapata and Rosina. The Milan player wins the race and gains a throw. Good speed all round.
    • 58' And it's all over now at Pescara. 4-0. Stevan Jovetic scores. Fiorentina have fulfilled their end of the bargain.
    • 57' Montolivo delivers a free-kick into the box but it's behind everyone and Siena can clear. Lacked the required curl.
    • 56' Chaos all over the park with challenges flying in all over the place. Ambrosini is the latest to brought down.
    • 55' Very unorthodox goalkeeping from Pegolo who makes a real meal of a clearance with his fists.
    • 54' So now we're back in track with this head to head record business. Fiorentina lead their duel after winning 3-1 at the San Siro in November before gaining a 2-2 draw at home, meaning Milan have to win as it stands.
    • 52' Pescara have started the second half against Fiorentina very brightly but it's surely too late for a comeback.
    • 51' Siena trying to force Milan back down the right, but they are not overly keen on committing players forward.
    • 50' Robinho drops deep to get involved, as does Balotelli. Just wonder if they will start going long sooner rather than later. Siena are defending everything on the floor rather well.
    • 49' How are Milan's nerves? They've settled fine in this half, but given that Fiorentina have all but won their match, it makes AC's task a lot trickier.
    • 48' One change at the break for Milan as Giampaolo Pazzini replaces M'Baye Niang.
    • 47' AC Milan settling nicely into a rhythm. They need to score, and fast.
    • 46' A slight apology at the start of this second half. Contrary to belief, Serie A is decided on head to head record before goal difference. Therefore Fiorentina's three goals don't carry the same weight. We're back underway.
    • 45+2' Much better from the striker who gets it up and over the wall but it's well read by Pegolo who theatrically lauches himself right to save. Half-time whistle follows.
    • 45+1' Terlizzi's stupidity almost costs his side. The resulting free-kick causes chaos in the Siena ranks, but somehow they get it clear. Not for long though, Balotelli is lining up another free-kick.
    • 45' Christian Terlizzi grabs a chunk of Balotelli's shirt and wrestles the AC Milan forward away from the ball. Clear booking. Pointless foul.
    • 44' Montolivo puts his studs on the ball, rolls it six inches forward and lashes a frustrated shot high into the stands.
    • 43' Innocent Emeghara is in acres of space out on the right wing. He's clear, another goal looms large. Ah, there was a reason he was that far from company. The flag halts his progress.
    • 42' Still 3-0 in the Fiorentina match. Not good news for AC Milan fans at all.
    • 41' Sharp exchanges on the edge of the Siena box between Ambrosini and Montolivo comes to nothing. They can't break through.
    • 40' Balotelli plays a clever ball down the right flank but it's cut out for a corner. They really need a goal.
    • 39' Emeghara swivels in the area and almost launches a backhell into the back of the net. Wasn't to be for Innocent, though.
    • 38' Alessandro Rosina attaches his chin to his sternum, aka gets his head down, and sprints down the left with the ball. His cross evades Emeghara.
    • 37' Milan need a message passed to them. They are playing like a side who think Pescara are 10-0 ahead against Fiorentina. All a bit flat.
    • 36' Innocent Emeghara drives into the box from the left. A dangling Milan leg might send him to the floor. Of course he doesn't go to ground though, living up to his fantastic first name. Honest bloke.
    • 35' None of them. But I bet it struck a fan plum in the face. Miles over.
    • 34' Number 45, Balotelli, is standing over a free-kick. Which Siena player is going to hit this time...
    • 33' Milan win a free-kick on the halfway line. Perhaps a chance to change tactics and pump it into the box? Nope, Abate knocks it short.
    • 32' Balotelli comes deep to get the ball but his through ball is easily intercepted. Real test of character this for Milan.
    • 31' Milan still pressing and creating half chances but aside from that Balotelli header, they've struggled to get in behind a very deep and dogged Siena defence.
    • 30' So Milan now need to win as Fiorentina have scored more goals than them this season, rendering a draw now futile.
    • 29' And it's just got crazier! Fiorentina have grabbed a third against Pescara. Matias Fernandez was afforded too much space outside the area and he struck superbly from distance.
    • 28' It's all happening. Balotelli gets on the end of a deep Abate cross and smashes his header against the bar from close range. Crazy times in Serie A.
    • 27' To make matters worse for Milan, Fiorentina have scored a second against Pescara and it's that man again Adem Ljajic.
    • 26' Great delivery, Claudio Terzi sticks out his forehead. It's in the net! Siena have the lead. Fiorentina are Champions League bound (if results remain as they are).
    • 25' Siena gain 20 yards on their initial set piece when Ambrosini commits a needless foul. Free-kick 35 yards out on the left.
    • 24' Back at Artemio Franchi Siena can take a breather as the referee awards from a free-kick inside their own half.
    • 22' The Siena fans get really excited whenever their team venture into the opposition half. It hasn't happened often enough.
    • 21' Two firm headers from Philippe Mexes avert the threat. Milan break, it's worked to Robinho who cuts inside. Vicious curling shot brings out a great diving save from Pegolo.
    • 20' It doesn't appear that goal has filtered through to the Milan players yet, but it will. Siena win a corner.
    • 19' Fiorentina have taken the lead! As it stands Milan are still in the third Champions League spot because of a marginally better goal difference. Adem Ljajic with the goal.
    • 18' Robinho encroaches on the Siena box, but he is greeted by a wall of black and white shirts. No way through.
    • 17' Chance for Milan as a ball is fizzed across the box but Balotelli can't connect at the back post.
    • 16' Boomed straight into the wall. He's connected with two big shots so far. Sadly (or perhaps not) they've flown into the midriffs of Siena's defenders.
    • 15' That could change though as Milan win a free-kick on the edge of the area. It's going to be Balotelli to strike it...
    • 14' As you were on the pitch, Milan doing all the pressing and probing but can't break down a resolute Siena side.
    • 13' Fair few fans have made the journey to this match which is great to see.
    • 12' So still 0-0 between Pescara and Fiorentina. Rather exciting match brewing between Inter Milan and Udinese - the hosts are trailing 2-1 after just 12 minutes.
    • 11' It's all so easy for Milan at the moment. Siena are content to let them have it right until the edge of their box. Dangerous game.
    • 10' Ouch. Balotelli launches a shot at goal, but it cannons into a Siena player who collapses in a heap.
    • 9' Robinho gets away with a little nudge on the edge of the box. Milan continuing to force Siena back.
    • 8' M'Baye Niang drifts offside when well placed in the area. Had the flag stayed down, he might have got a decisive shot away.
    • 7' Mexes and Zapata are playing high up the pitch allowing Milan to pressurise Siena into mistakes.
    • 6' As expected, Fiorentina are applying early pressure in their match at Pescara. They've just nodded wide from a free-kick.
    • 5' Milan have settled very well tonight. Ignzaio Abate gets down the right and pulls the ball back towards Antonio Nocerino. He blazes well over the bar. A real waste.
    • 4' Robinho stands over a free-kick. Whipped in towards Massimo Ambrosini. Flicks up over the bar.
    • 3' Balotelli holds off a couple of Siena challenges and manoeuvres himself into a shooting position. Great strike. Milan have a corner.
    • 2' So it's Milan in red and black versus Siena in black and white. Robinho has an early sighter but it's straight down the throat of Gianluca Pegolo.
    • 1' We're underway at Siena's Artemio Franchi. Fiorentina have also commenced their match at basement club Pescara. We'll keep you updated with developments in that match.
    • 19:40 TEAMS: Siena - Pegolo, Terzi, Terlizzi, Felipe, Vitiello, Calello, Bolzoni, Della Rocca, Rubin, Rosina, Emeghara. AC Milan - Abbiati, Abate, Zapata, Mexes, De Sciglio, Nocerino, Ambrosini, Montolivo, Niang, Balotelli, Robinho.
    • 19:35 I’ve been number crunching on my calculator and these are tonight’s permutations: If AC Milan win, they are guaranteed Champions League football. If they lose, a Fiorentina win would see Viola progress to Europe’s elite footballing event.
    • 19:30 Welcome to the second instalment from final season day in Italy. After Sampdoria shocked Juventus yesterday, albeit with a slight helping hand from the man in the middle, will we see another shock? Our match tonight is Siena against Milan. The former are already consigned to Serie B, the latter need three points to be absolutely certain of Champions League football with Fiorentina lurking two points back. We kick-off in 15.

Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Siena

    Manager: Giuseppe Iachini

  • AC Milan

    Manager: Massimiliano Allegri

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