Wednesday August 21, 2013 Final Finished Estadio Vicente Calderón

Atlético Madrid 1 - 1 FC Barcelona

  • Villa 12’
  • Neymar 66’

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  1. Liga - Neymar rescues Barca with debut competitive strike

    Liga - Neymar rescues Barca with debut competitive strike

    Neymar headed his first competitive goal for Barcelona and rescue a 1-1 draw at Atletico Madrid in the first leg of the Spanish SuperCopa. More

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    • Atlético Madrid
    • FC Barcelona

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  • Atlético Madrid

    Manager: Diego Simeone

  • FC Barcelona

    Manager: Gerardo Martino

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      Yellow Card 6 -
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      Substitution Out73′ 6.6 -
      Substitution Out75′ 6.2 -
      Goal 8.9 -
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      Substitution In78′ 6.8 -
      Substitution In73′ 5.9 -
      Substitution In75′ 6.4 -
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      4.6 -
      4.5 -
      5.5 -
      Yellow Card 5 -
      Yellow Card 4.6 -
      Substitution Out88′ 4.8 -
      5.1 -
      6.2 -
      Substitution Out58′ 4.4 -
      Substitution Out45′ 5.1 -
      Substitution In45′ 5.2 -
      Substitution In58′ Goal Yellow Card 6.7 -
      Substitution In88′ 5.8 -

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  1. Villa proving he's still class.

    From , on Thu 22 Aug 20:50
  2. And Fabregas was fantastic not forget it! Barca needs a­ great cb still. My choice would be Hummels but Vergini­ would be great too I think! And next summer the most­ important would be getting Courtois in the team! Hes­ def what Barca needs in the goal! Barca needs him! He­ must come!

    From Hun, on Thu 22 Aug 1:05
  3. Ney starting gaining confidence.good job.

    From henriques, on Thu 22 Aug 0:45
  4. Lot of envy haters keep hating lol. Barca got the best­ players in the World! Hope all of you enjoyed Neymars­ goal! Hope he keeps it up and play great in Europe just­ as Messi so the Ballon d or will be decided between­ them! Really hope so! Just as usual with Messi, Iniesta­ and Xavi earlier, now Messi and Neymar will be there­ from Barca! And CR7gona be forgotten! That would be the­ best, the only thing important is Barca keep playing­ magical and winning! Than it really could turn out to­ be like that! Barca is majestic! Keep it up this way­ Barca and keep improove more and more!

    From Hun, on Thu 22 Aug 0:42
  5. piqu needs to play some second division football, we­ really do need 2 new CBs,xavi is getting old and slow­ so fabregas needs to step up and take over, pedro needs­ to leave and i do prefer sanchez better than that­ uselss idiot, at least alexis can take on 1 or 2­ defenders, messi and neymar need to build some musssle­ and play more often together and song should play and­ not sergio, and valdez must be replaced and if its all­ true there is no better candidate than Iker who already­ knows how to play with them

    From Amir, on Thu 22 Aug 0:35
  6. What a battle was this! Congrats for both teams, Barca­ didnt gave up and fight till the end and Atleti is just­ a terrific team! Hope they keep playing like this­ against Real in the season! Barca and Atleti are the­ two best team in Spain this supercup final just­ reassured it both deserved finalists. The second leg­ will be a bloody killer! Cannot wait!

    From Hun, on Thu 22 Aug 0:31
  7. David Villa at Atlético Madrid seems quite logical now.

    From Avanze, on Thu 22 Aug 0:26
  8. Sanchez isnt good enough play for Barca

    From Monkey, on Thu 22 Aug 0:19
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Messi again can't do it against good competition. ­ Aw.

    From witness, on Thu 22 Aug 0:11
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    After seeing Neymar then I have one question. You got­ to be kidding me. One of the most average players to­ play the game. Bale rips him apart.

    From Simon, on Wed 21 Aug 23:55
  11. neymar was the difference maker.. xavi and iniesta­ played horrible today.. sergio picked himself up.. and­ pique also sucked

    From Byron, on Wed 21 Aug 23:55
  12. chill

    From Byron, on Wed 21 Aug 23:52
  13. Barca always find a way to make their away jerseys look­ worse every year....

    From iwannacracker, on Wed 21 Aug 23:47
  14. David Villa is really underated now he is a still one­ of the best finishers in the world

    From Jack, on Wed 21 Aug 23:22
  15. Irony!

    From Half A Brain, on Wed 21 Aug 23:16
  16. Alexis is not a top player! Villa should stay in fcb

    From Jon, on Wed 21 Aug 23:15
  17. Sanchez is the worst player to play for Barcelona this­ decade. Awful player who should be ashamed with himself­ for his workrate.

    From Peter, on Wed 21 Aug 23:08
  18. Barca idiots the sold best player viva villa

    From nezir, on Wed 21 Aug 23:05
  19. sanchez never has been,and never will be good enough to­ play for Barcelona,i don't care if he scores,he­ isn't good enough for a top team

    From , on Wed 21 Aug 23:04
  20. messi injured?

    From , on Wed 21 Aug 23:03
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