Saturday May 5, 2012 Day 37 Finished Ibrox Stadium

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      4.5 -
      3 -
      Substitution Out30′ 3.2 -
      4 -
      3.6 -
      Substitution Out66′ 3.6 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out66′ 4.2 -
      3 -
      3.4 -
      6.1 -
      3 -
      Substitution In30′ 1 -
      Substitution In66′ 1 -
      Substitution In66′ 1 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      7.5 -
      8.5 -
      Yellow Card 8 -
      8.5 -
      8.5 -
      7.5 -
      9 -
      8.5 -
      8.5 -
      Substitution Out84′ 9.5 -
      8.5 -
      Substitution In84′ - -

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  1. to aw u manky mob if we die use go down wae us no­ rangers no spl no sky sports hahahahahahahahahahaha­ W.A.T.P

    From ROBERT, on Thu 14 Jun 20:11
  2. I aint paying my tax bill for the dont have­ to nowadays..thanks rangers..

    From Godnmilla, on Sun 6 May 19:55
  3. i feel sorry to see the back of rangers, i won't be­ happy till i can't see them at all.

    From kenneth, on Sun 6 May 0:38
  4. Just another hurtin hun haha haha hahahahahaha .......­ rancid really are a poor team ... on & off the­ pitch!

    From Hoopy, on Sat 5 May 16:47
  5. Another Celtic-heavy comments board. How bitter you all­ are. Don't ye's ever honestly think about what­ a waste of time it is to go on another teams board and­ prattle away a lot of whiny, twisted wee comments? How­ about taking yer weans to the park, or cutting the­ grass, or going for a walk (See: longish one; short­ pier)

    From Dellbucko, on Sat 5 May 16:44
  6. Point 36 He probably did and did nothing about it thats­ why you are now facing extinction via tax evasion JOCK­ WALLACE KNEW Fact! Hope you enjoyed the last ever­ game at Ibrox for Rangers they are FINISHED!

    From D, on Sat 5 May 16:08
  7. Windy, from the LA Dodgers to The Tax Dodgers.

    From THOMAS, on Sat 5 May 15:22

    From Scott RAMMELL, on Sat 5 May 15:10
  9. The Big House Is Now Closed,Thats The Bottom Line.

    From K D, on Sat 5 May 14:54
  10. just watched rangers match it was like watching a­ sunday league team rubbish

    From IAN, on Sat 5 May 14:40
  11. Boresville.

    From OTRAS, on Sat 5 May 14:32
  12. rangers are loOsers

    From Gabriel Theodorou, on Sat 5 May 14:22
  13. dressed as seats again i see ,,,,hehehe ,,,,hail hail

    From Michael, on Sat 5 May 14:12
  14. i can see the well nicking the points here

    From Eddie Hitler, on Sat 5 May 13:49
  15. Perhaps once Windy (Towtruck) Miller has been extensive­ lessons on : What ''soccer ,passports are- and­ that Scotchland is not actualy in Asia -(where he­ thought it was)....then someone will be able to teach­ him that : Administators - their primary job is-­ '' to assure the creditors (eg Craigie­ Whyte.the HMRC,Ticketus etc) get as much of the money­ they are owed as possible.! Also the SPL/SFA ,UEFA -­ They all have rules and regulatios and when they are­ broken investgations take place and can result in­ punishments towards a ''soccer'' club -­ (yes ''Soccer'' you remember Bill ­ don't you ??? - we taught you about that one the­ last few days --it's that game where the ball is­ round and only the goalkeeper is supposed to use his­ hands ! ....urgggghh..!! GUYS!!.. I think this could­ take a while before he gets it!! (quite a long­ while!)

    From Hawkmoon, on Sat 5 May 13:34
  16. FFS Dandare, if Fat Swally goes to the States, he will­ be the First man to demolish "The Death­ Burger", and then he will order his Main Course.­ Probably he wont come back.

    From THOMAS, on Sat 5 May 13:24
  17. Hawk, he has seen and been at lots of Football matches,­ just never been to a game of "Soccer".

    From THOMAS, on Sat 5 May 13:20
  18. I see a large number of raingurz "12th man"­ hasn't bothered turnin up the day lol u mob are a­ joke.

    From K D, on Sat 5 May 13:18
  19. would that be similar to the 11,000 fans disguised as­ empty seats on thursday to see the"­ champions".....

    From ALAN, on Sat 5 May 13:05
  20. Is Windy (Towtruck) Miller still trying to find out­ what a passport is? And where Scotchland is ? And what­ ''soccer'' is ? (as he's been­ reported to never have seen a game of footie in his­ life...on or off TV !!)

    From Hawkmoon, on Sat 5 May 13:02
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