• Storyful

    Bye Bye Birdie... Hungry Python Visits Brisbane Birdcage for Snack

    A Queensland snake catcher was called to remove a carpet python from a birdcage after it devoured one of its inhabitants, video shared on July 4 shows.Footage posted to Facebook by Joshua Castle, a north Brisbane-based catcher, shows him taking the well-fed snake out of the cage before it could get its jaws around any more birds.He then released the python, which he described as unusually placid, back into the wild.Castle wrote in the post that the slithery intruder, which can be seen with a full belly in the video, “ate one bird and decided to digest the food item in the cage”. Credit: Joshua Castle via Storyful

  • The Independent

    'Enough is enough', says Sajid Javid as he calls on ministers to oust Boris Johnson

    Sajid Javid called on ministers to oust PM Boris Johnson at a fiery PMQs on Wednesday (6 July)

  • KameraOne

    Two tourists have scary encounter with grizzly bear

    Two tourists from Thailand were sightseeing at Canada's Lake Louise, when they were suddenly "greeted" by a grizzly bear. Luckily the curious beast was only passing through.