• Reuters

    Germany shifts to slightly more critical stance on ally Israel

    Germany expects Israel to adapt its military strategy to better prevent suffering among Palestinian civilians, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said on Monday, marking a slight shift in Berlin towards a more critical stance of its ally. Germany has staunchly defended Israel's right to defend itself since the Hamas attacks on Oct. 7, underscoring its duty to stand by the country's side in atonement for its perpetration of the Holocaust in which six million Jews died. The government has faced accusations - including from prominent Jewish residents in Germany - of allowing guilt to blinker its response to Israel's retaliation, which has caused a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

  • AFP

    'Barbenheimer' tops Golden Globes nominations

    "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" -- the unlikely pair of films that dominated the box office and spawned countless internet memes this summer -- topped the newly revamped Golden Globes film nominations Monday.The two films -- collectively dubbed "Barbenheimer" after their theatrical releases happened to fall on the same date -- dominated the box office, and now have a strong start to Hollywood's film awards season, which ends with the Oscars in March.

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    Barbie and Oppenheimer score major nominations at the Golden Globe Awards

    The 81st Golden Globe Awards are set to take place on January 7.