Sunday July 3, 2011 Group Stage: Group D Finished rewirpowerSTADION

Australia (W) 3 - 2 Equatorial Guinea (W)

  • Khamis 8’
  • Van Egmond 48’
  • De Vanna 51’
  • Anonma 21’, 83’

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  • Live Commentary

    • Australia (W)
    • Equatorial Guinea (W)
    • 90 There's the final whistle and Australia have survived a late scare to win a match which they dominated for the most part. Plenty of incident and intrigue, but the important thing is Australia move on to three points in Group D and Equatorial Guinea stay on zero.
    • 90+2' Sinforosa gets in a shot from the edge of the box as Equatorial Guinea become desperate but it's well wide
    • 90+1' Two minutes of injury time to be played. Six substitutions, each supposed to add on thirty seconds, is my maths really bad?
    • 90' Anonma still providing a threat as she beats two players and gets to the byeline, but she over-runs it and it's a goal-kick
    • 89' Anonma tries an ambitious shot on the turn from the left flank but that was never going to come off
    • 88' The game continues to be verging on dirty as Dulcia makes a clearance and Allen clatters in to her very late
    • 87' The resulting delivery causes problems for Allen as she stumbles trying to clear but she wins a free-kick herself and averts the danger
    • 86' Khamis tracks back and concedes a free-kick for pushing Vania to the ground
    • 85' Garriock plays a ball in from deep but the referee spots a foul in the area and it's an Equatorial Guinea free-kick
    • 83' GOAL FOR EQUATORIAL GUINEA!!! Somehow Uzunlar manages to cost her team another goal in almost identical circumstances. She tries to beat Anonma on the edge of her own box and fails, Anonma was in on goal and made no mistake to give Equatorial Guinea hope.
    • 82' Another change for Equatorial Guinea as Bruna is replaced by Laetitia
    • 81' Sinforosa attempts a long-range drive but it's very tame and simple for Williams
    • 80' Anonma gets on the ball in midfield but she is reluctant to pass and is closed out easily by the Australian defence
    • 79' Sinforosa rightfully booked blatantly tripping De Vanna, pathetic attempt at a tackle
    • 78' The captain McCallum is replaced by Clare Polkinghorne
    • 77' The free-kick is played down the flank to McCallum whose cross clips the top of the crossbar and ends up behind
    • 76' Garriock hacked down again, this time by Sinforosa, free-kick on the left wing
    • 75' Garriock links up with De Vanna who cuts the ball across goal, it's asking to be finished but no one was there.
    • 74' Khamis gets on the end of a long ball down the left and pulls it back to Garriock but this time her delievery is poor and it goes for a goal-kick
    • 73' Shocking corner as a short routine results very quickly in a throw-in for Equatorial Guinea
    • 72' McCallum with another great effort that looked to be heading into the top corner but the wall deflects it wide for a corner
    • 71' Sinforosa goes through the back of De Vanna on the edge of the area and the Australian is booked for dissent over the lack of a booking for Sinforosa
    • 70' Anonma finally comes into the game as she gets two strikes from range in, the second prodcuing a very good save from Williams, but the officials missed it and it's a goal-kick
    • 69' Allen comes on for Kerr for the Australians
    • 68' Australia equally are not posing much threat in attack as they are happy just to maintain possession
    • 67' Where Equatorial Guinea looked dangerous on the counter-attack in the first-half, they now look completely toothless, Amonma has gone missing in this half and contributing nothing
    • 66' Garriock prodcues yet another great cross but it's well defended in the middle and headed clear
    • 65' Equatorial Guinea make another change with Jumaria coming off for Sinforosa
    • 64' There's little that Equatorial Guinea can do now as Australia are keeping the ball at will
    • 62' Van Egmond puts in a dangerous ball that De Vanna nearly gets on the end of but the referee has spotted an infringement and it's a free-kick to Equatorial Guinea
    • 61' Anonma caught in possession inside her own box, and Dulcia is forced to clear for a corner
    • 60' Diala returns to the pitch after treatment
    • 59' Garriock gets some sort of revenge with a heavy shoulder charge, Diala is down again clutching her face
    • 58' Diala with a very clumsy challenge on Garriock who goes down clutching her ankle but she will be fine
    • 57' First substitution for Equatorial Guinea as Chinasa is replaced by Adriana
    • 56' Australia happy to play the ball around now with tehir two goal lead, Equatorial Guinea can't really get near them
    • 55' The corner is played short to Garriock who put a dangerous cross in but no one can get on the end of it and it's cleared
    • 54' De Vanna is putting everything into this as she runs hard at Bruna and wins another corner
    • 53' In the build up to that move Diala went down clutching her face after a collision with Carroll, and she is receiving treatment
    • 52' GOAL FOR AUSTRALIA!!! It's Lisa De Vanna who got on the end of a brilliant long ball from McCallum and calmly slots it past the onrushing Miriam
    • 51' Corner played short to Kellond-Knight and her cross-come-shot had to be cut out on the line
    • 50' De Vanna very pumped up since coming on and wins a corner for her side
    • 49' Equatorial Guinea respond well and get down the other end to win a corner, but it's a poor delivery and cleared
    • 48' GOAL FOR AUSTRALIA!!! Khamis gets to the byeline and gets a good cross in from the left towards De Vanna, she misses a volley but there was Van Egmond behind her to rifle it home
    • 47' It's a harsh welcome to the game for De Vanna as Ana Cristina goes in hard and late on the left flank and earns herself a yellow card
    • 46' De Vanna replaces Shipard at half-time
    • 46' The second half is underway
    • 45 There's the half-time whistle and Australia go in very frustrated at and level. An incredible refereeing performance is probably the main reason they are not ahead at the break, and by that I mean incredibly bad.
    • 45+3 It's played short to Shipard but her cross goes straight out of play
    • 45+2 McCallum swings in the free-kick and it's headed behind by Carolina for a corner
    • 45+1 Shipard caught late by Diala and is down hurt
    • 45' McCallum and Garriock now very vocal in their complaints over the over-physicality of their opponents
    • 44' Colthorpe comes out of two strong 50-50s the better, there's some very heavy challenges going in, mainly from Equatorial Guinea
    • 43' McCallum hits the free-kick superbly and her curling effort is only denied by the crossbar and the rebound is cleared
    • 42' Khamis was very nearly through on goal as she got away from Dulcia but is dragged back and the defender is extremely lucky to avoid a booking
    • 40' Anonman receives the first yellow card for protesting too vigorously about a free-kick given against her team, the second time in a couple of minutes she has shown decent
    • 39' McCallum with the ball in and Colthorpe very nearly gets on the end of it but Miriam dives on the loose ball
    • 38' Free kick won by Kellond-Knight as Anonman shoves her in the back and then claims her innocence
    • 37' Colthorpe puts in a dangerous cross which Miriam just about claims under pressure from kerr and Khamis
    • 35' The Aussie's have lsot their momentum a bit though as their possession is more around the half-way line than in the final third
    • 34' Australia's possession is up at 64% which demonstrates their dominance, but they can't make it pay at the moment.
    • 33' Uzunlar back tracking and under pressure from Diala but does much better this time and clears
    • 32' Shipard looked for all the world to be fouled by Dulcia in the left corner but she gets nothing and the ball runs out for a goal-kick
    • 31' All the threat is coming down the left for Australia and Garriock is showing her quality on a regular basis
    • 30' Great cross from Garriock that is met by Khamis but her header flashes just over the bar, if she had left it to Kerr behind her she surely would have scored as she had a much easier header to make
    • 29' Free-kick on the left wing for Australia as Garriock is felled by Vania
    • 28' Shipard slides in Khamis who had evaded her marker moving into the box, but she can't quite control it and Miriam is out quickly to quell the danger
    • 27' Van Egmund gets an effort in on goal from inside the penalty box but it's straight at Miriam who gathers easily
    • 26' Garriock with some enterprising play going forward, chipping it over one defender and trying it again but it fails the second time
    • 25' Australia trying not to panic and continue as they were, they are still in control of possession for the majority
    • 24' The cross is deep, Carroll puts the ball back into the six-yard box but Colthorpe's header is wide
    • 23' Australia straight down the other end and win a corner
    • 21' GOAL FOR EQUATORIAL GUINEA!!! Out of nowhere Equatorial Guinea equalise. Shocking defending from Uzunlar who takes an age to play the ball back to her keeper and Anonman steals in to rob her of possession. She calmly rounds the goalkeeper and slots it home to equalise.
    • 20' Garriock prodcues a brilliant cross from deep on the left, it's met by Kerr but she can't get much power behind it
    • 19' Diala broke free but Carroll had the pace to get back and shepherd her out of danger, the ball eventually found its way back to Anonman though but her shot was wide
    • 18' Australia trying to put the injustice behind them and get on with the game
    • 17' Garriock puts in a cross that Khamis gets on the end of and flicks the ball onto the post, it rebounds to the defender Bruna who picks up the ball holds it for a second or so and then drops it to her keeper. One of the most bizarre things we will see all tournament as no penalty is given.
    • 16' McCallum with the effort from the dead ball but it's straight into the wall
    • 15' Dulcia goes in rashly on Kerr and it's a free-kick to Australia twenty-five yards out
    • 14' Australia continue to dominate possession early on and Equatorial Guinea are really struggling to get a foothold here
    • 13' Garriock with an ambitious lofted through ball trying to find Van Egmund but it runs through to the keeper
    • 12' Diala flagged offside as she fails to track back in time
    • 11' It's a good corner that's well punched clear by Williams
    • 10' Anonman casually wins a corner off Carroll, Equatorial Guinea's first
    • 9' It's an early blow for the underdogs, Australia keep up the pressure, lets see if Equatorial Guinea will fold under it
    • 8' GOAL FOR AUSTRALIA!!! Poor goal-kick from Equatorial Guinea is picked up by Van Egmond who chips a lovely through ball into the box which Garriock gets on the end of, her shot is saved but there was Khamis to fire home the rebound.
    • 7' Garriock looks to get a cross in from the left but she is under heavy pressure and slices it out of play
    • 6' The Australians pressing high up the pitch and it's putting a lot of pressure on the passing of Equatorial Guinea
    • 2' Cagey start from both teams, which isn't surprising in such a crucial game where neither team can afford to lose
    • 1' The game gets underway in Bochum
    • 12.55 The officiating is a pan-European affair this afternoon with the referee, Gyoengyi Gaal coming from Hungary and her two assistants hailing from Italy and England.
    • 12.50 The best strike rate in either squad is held by Equatorial Guinea's Adriana who has scored seven goals in just five appearances for her country. She starts on the bench this afternoon, but expect to see her if her team are chasing the game late on.
    • 12.45 In comparison, Equatorial Guinea's most experienced player is captain Anonman who has just thirty caps to her name, but has contributed 16 goals in that short space of time.
    • 12.40 Australia's Heather Garriock is by far the most experienced player on the pitch this afternoon as the Malmo midfielder picks up her 123rd cap in Bochum. She is also one of only two players in the Australia squad to play their club football abroad, along with Lissa De Vanna who turns out for magicJack in the US.
    • 12.35 Both teams kicked off their campaigns with 1-0 defets, Australia at the hands of Brazil, Equatorial Guinea against Norway.
    • 12.30 Good afternoon and welcome to our coverage of this Group D game between Australia and Equatorial Guinea at the Women's World Cup held in Bochum.
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  • Australia (W)

    Manager: Tom Sermanni

  • Equatorial Guinea (W)

    Manager: Marcelo Frigerio

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