Wednesday July 6, 2011 Group Stage: Group D Finished BayArena

Australia (W) 2 - 1 Norway (W)

  • Simon 57’, 87’
  • Thorsnes 56’

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  1. Women's World Cup - Aussies eliminate Norway

    Women's World Cup - Aussies eliminate Norway

    Australia downed Norway 2-1 in Leverkusen to qualify from Group D of the Women's World Cup and eliminate their opponents. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Australia (W)
    • Norway (W)
    • 90' Who they will face will be determined in the next game between USA and Sweden, so stay here for coverage of that
    • 90' There's the whistle and it's joy for the Australians and dispair for the Norwegians who crash out at the group stage for the first time ever. Australia go on to face either USA or Sweden in the quarter-final.
    • 90+3 Australia just looking to play the game out now, taking the ball into the corner, and there's no way back for Norway now
    • 90+2 Norway showing their frustration as Gardsjord takes out Simon on the left flank
    • 90+1 Pedersen's header is right into the path of Herlovsen who outmuscles Uzunlar and then tries to chip the onrushing Barbieri, but her shot is just wide, unlucky
    • 90' Australia winding down the clock now as Foord goes off for Perry
    • 89' Norway need a miracle now but it won't stop them trying as they throw another long-ball in to the box, but it's no trouble at all for Barbieri
    • 88' GOAL FOR AUSTRALIA!!! It's all over now, McCallum's corner wasn't properly cleared and Carroll put in the second cross which was a fabulous one on to the head of Simon who just flicked her header into the net from six yards
    • 87' A long-ball from Garriock causes unnecessary confusion in the Norwegian defence and Australia win a corner
    • 86' Shocking defending from the Australians, again Uzunlar I'm afraid, as the ball gets right across from a low cross to Herlovsen in the middle, but she controls with her arm and is penalised
    • 85' Ronning hits the crossbar from the resulting free-kick. She aimed at the keeper's side of the goal and Barbieri was nowhere near it, but luckily for her it rebounded to safety, unlucky for Ronning.
    • 84' A long-ball up to Pedersen causes problems and Uzunlar is over-physical and gives away a free-kick on the edge of her own box.
    • 83' Thorsnes with a good chance to run at Foord on the left but she miscontrols and loses it.
    • 82' Norway throwing caution to the wind as Herlovsen comes on for Ims
    • 81' Kerr goes off to be replaced by Alleway for Australia
    • 79' Great flick-on by Kerr plays in Simon who tries to square it to De Vanna but it was crucially just behind her and the chance lost its momentum and then the ball was cleared
    • 78' Norway finally starting to exert the pressure they need to, but they can't really test the goalkeeper and Australia are just doing enough to keep them at bay
    • 77' Good chance for Pedersen who got on the end of a Thorsnes flick-on and should have slid in the unmarked Ims, but decided to shoot herself and it went wide
    • 76' Stensland arrows it in and Ronning rises highest but her header is over the bar
    • 75' Norway coming back into it as another ball into the area isn't convincingly dealt with and Uzunlar puts it out for a corner
    • 74' Pedersen with the first flash of quality from Norway for a while as she tries to turn two defenders just outside the area and it took a great challenge from Uzunlar to keep her from being in on goal
    • 73' Kellon-Knight fires in a shot from range on the left but it's high, wide and not too handsome
    • 72' Mienna with some more suspect defending, she cut out a pass towards Kerr in the inside right channel but then decided to fire the ball across her own six-yard box. It proved effective but you won't see that kind of defending in many coaching manuals
    • 71' The Australians look more likely to get the next goal of the two teams, but it is Norway who must push for it at this stage
    • 70' Great chance for Australia as De Vanna dispossess the dithering Mienna on the edge of the Norwegian area and then slides in Simon who had time and space in the box but side-footed her effort well wide, a very poor shot
    • 69' Garriock then has a heavy touch and lunges after the ball but only catches Stensland, receiving a yellow card in the process
    • 68' Garriock again looks dangerous down the left as she finds space and then drills in a great low cross into the six-yard box, Kerr very nearly gets there but Skarbo does well.
    • 67' The delivery is poor and Australia crowd out the attack comfortably
    • 66' Kellond-Knight penalised for backing into Mykjaland, seemed harsh, the free-kick is on the edge of the centre circle in the Aussie half
    • 65' The resulting corner is well cleared by the Norwegians
    • 64' The ball breaks to Garriock on the left side of the Norwegian box and she fires in a volley which is blocked, then tries another one which is deflected behind for a corner
    • 63' Garriock chips the ball over the defence for De Vanna, but she is caught offside
    • 62' Great claim from Skarbo from the resulting corner
    • 61' Great ball from McCallum picks out Simon who lays it back to Garriock, her shot is blocked and it's a corner
    • 60' In the other Group D contest it's Equatorial Guinea 0 - 2 Brazil
    • 59' An incredible two minutes has us back where we were before it happened, both teams know they can score now though and Norway will have to do it again to progress
    • 58' GOAL FOR AUSTRALIA!!! Incredible scenes as the Matildas equalise immediately! De Vanna showed great persistance down the left wing as she won the ball off Ronning and then picked out Simon near the penalty spot who opened up her body and calmly slotted the ball past Skarbo with the inside of her boot
    • 57' GOAL FOR NORWAY!!! A shocking defensive mix-up from the Australians has gifted Norway the opening goal. A long ball was dropping on the edge of the box and Foord, Uzunlar and Barbieri all left it for each other and Thorsnes stole in and had the simple task of putting the ball into an open goal.
    • 56' Polkinghorne had oceans of space as she strode into the Norwegian half, Kerr was breaking well to her right but Polkinghorne opted to go alone and produced a poor shot that was well wide
    • 55' Pedersen gets on the end of a long-throw and flashes the ball across the six-yard box, Barbieri pushes it away and is lucky there was no striker following in
    • 54' Hegland showing that she's going to take on Kellond-Knight on the right flank, but the left-back deals with her well and wins the ball cleanly
    • 53' Thorsnes and Ims link-up as they look for the final through ball but Ims' attempt at one is poor and gives Australia another goal-kick
    • 52' Simon gives away a free-kick as she tries to complete the clearance but the resulting delivery is a little long and results in a goal-kick
    • 51' Stensland puts in the corner, the initial cross is dealt with well but the second causes some problems, but is eventually got rid of
    • 50' Uzunlar makes a mess of a Gardsjord cross and heads it behind for a corner when she had plenty of time
    • 49' Uzunlar goes in hard through the back of Pedersen as she tries to win a header, the striker looks hurt but she's up and will be OK
    • 48' Early test for Skarbo as De Vanna puts in a low cross, but she holds it very well
    • 47' The start of the second-half very much like the start of the first as both teams give the ball away with worrying regularity
    • 46' Two changes for Norway, one forced, one optinoal as Hjelmeth goes off for Skarbo and Haavi is replaced by Hegland
    • 46' Australia get the second half started
    • 45' There's the whistle for half-time and it is Norway that have probably had the better of it but if the score stays the same then it is them who will be heading out of the competition.
    • 45+3 Neither team can find the final ball that will cut through the opposition's defence
    • 45+2 Pedersen asks and she receives a free-kick after an off the ball collision with Carroll, the Australian gets a yellow card for her trouble as well
    • 45+1 Da Vanna all energy as ever as she runs at the Norwegian defence, she is looking for a free-kick after a challenge from Stensland but the referee wasn't interested
    • 45' Four minutes of injury time will be played due to the Hjelmseth injury
    • 44' Gardsjord gives the ball away to Simon who slides it to Garriock and the winger tries to pick out the run of Kerr through the middle but overhits it and it's the keeper's ball
    • 43' It's not just at that end as from the goal-kick Simon gets on the ball and tries a shot from a long way out, straight at Hjelmseth though.
    • 42' The Norwegians have clearly been told to shoot on sight. Pedersen now has a go but her effort from twenty yards is well over the bar
    • 41' End to end stuff at the minute as the ball breaks to Ims on the edge of the Australian box and she is the latest to try a shot, but it flies wide
    • 40' A long ball up to Simon was brilliantly brought down by the forward as she nodded it into the path of De Vanna, the playmaker struck it well on the volley but far too close to the keeper who saved
    • 39' Thorsnes tries another shot from range, shows good technique hitting it on the volley but it lacks the power to really trouble Barbieri
    • 37' Simon had a good chance to break but came up against the hugely experienced Stensland who slowed her down and then took the ball away with consumate ease
    • 36' Thorsnes is always trying to come inside onto her right from the left flank and she does it again on the edge of the area and produces a shot that is well smothered at the near post by Barbieri
    • 35' Garriock herself swings it in, it's into a good area but Hjelmseth is out well to claim it
    • 34' Garriock cleverly wins a free-kcik against Gardsjord on the left
    • 33' Thorsnes tries a snapshot from the edge of the box which was well hit and took a good save for Barbieri to keep out.
    • 32' Thorsnes makes a great break down the left and puts in a brilliant cross that would have landed on the head of Haavi if it wasn't for the intervention from Kellond-Knight
    • 31' It looks like she is going to defy the odds, at least till half-time, I would expect some shots and crosses from Australia in the coming minutes though to test her ankle out
    • 30' Some very worried faces amongst the Norwegian staff and support as their goalkeeper looks less and less likely to be able to continue
    • 29' The score remains 0-0 between Equatorial Guinea and Brazil in Frankfurt
    • 28' It looks a serious injury to her left ankle and she is still down and being treated
    • 27' The goalkeeper seems to have hurt herself in a collision with Kerr though and is down and looking in some serious discomfort
    • 26' Da Vanna tries a very high cross towards Kerr, but it was easy for Hjelmseth to deal with
    • 25' Garriock fins Da Vanna well on the left and she wins a throw-in deep into the Norwegian half
    • 24' Barbieri looking to calm her team down by slowing the tempo at the back, it might just help
    • 23' The Australian coach looking very frustrated as his side have lost their way a little, not looking as composed on the ball
    • 22' Norway having good possession but the movement ahead of the midfield is poor and Stensland resorts to a chip over the defence, it runs out for a goal-kick
    • 21' She trots off for some treatment but she'll be back on momentarily
    • 20' Ronning gets on the wrong end of a Simon elbow, it wasn't intentional but it did look painful, she is down and hurt
    • 19' Barbieri looked to have claimed the ball in but she lost control of it and an almighty tustle ensued, the referee put an end to it soon after though and gave Australia a free-kick
    • 18' Norway are now in the ascendency and are getting on the ball much more, they win a free-kick again, just inside their opponent's half
    • 17' Kerr breaks straight down the other end and tries a shot from range but it is comfortably over the bar.
    • 16' Pedersen nearly got on the end of a Thorsnes cut-back but was dispossessed, she stood her ground though and another chance came her way from a second cross and she volleyed narrowly over, clipping the bar on it's way.
    • 15' The resulting deliver pinballed around in the box and could have fallen to anyone, Australia were lucky to be able to clear it
    • 14' Norway win a free-kick and this time it's obvious as Kellon-Knight bundles over Haavi on the right wing
    • 13' Australia win a free-kick on the half-way line and no one but the referee knows why, baffling.
    • 12' Garriock gets a good cross in as Australia keep the early pressure up, Simon and then Kerr nearly get on the end of it but Norway defend it well
    • 11' McCallum swings the corner in and Hjelmseth doesn't punch cleanly but Mykjaland eventually makes the clearance
    • 10' Australia win the first corner of the contest as Simon challenges cleverly with Mjelde, forcing her to knock it behind
    • 9' It's Simon who gets on the end of Garriock's cross but her header is easily dealt with by Hjelmseth
    • 8' Stensland goes in very hard on Simon and concedes a free-kick on the left
    • 7' It's all very congested in the middle of midfield as no one wants to give anyone any time on the ball early on
    • 6' The experienced Barbieri is back in goal for Australia and captaining the side and is already shouting out instructions from deep, it could prove a calming influence on the defence
    • 5' Uzunlar with some horrible memories of her performance against Equatorial Guinea as she slips on the ball, luckily no one is around to dispossess her
    • 4' It's the Australians who are the first to get the ball in a really dangerous area as well as crosses come in from both flanks and then Foord breaks in to the box, but all three chances are dealt with by the Norwegians
    • 3' It's a frantic start with both teams running around at full pelt, the Australians are the first to put a sustained chain of passes together
    • 2' The nerves showing early on as both teams guilty of conceding possession very easily, even the experienced Garriock falling foul of the pressure
    • 1' Norway get the game underway in Leverkusen.
    • 16.55 The officials for this evening's game are from South America, Estela Alvarez of Argentina taking charge.
    • 16.50 The two teams have met just four times previously and Norway has the distinct advantage having won three of them and drawing the other.
    • 16.48 It’s real cut-throat stuff from Australian coach Tom Sermanni who drops two of the goal-scorers from the last match; Emily van Egmond and Leena Khamis. Few would believe Australia had won their previous game as Sermanni changes nearly half the team.
    • 16.45 Norway: Hjelmseth, Mjelde, Stensland, Ronning, Pedersen, Ims, Gardsjord, Thorsnes, Mykjaland, Mienna, Haavi. The Scandanavians ring the changes just as much as Berge, Lund, Herlovsen, Kaurin and Giske drop out to be replaced by Ims, Gardsjord, Thorsnes, Mykjaland and Pedersen.
    • 16.40 Team News: Australia: Barbieri, Carroll, Polkinghorne, Garriock, Kellond-Knight, Foord, Uzunlar, De Vanna, McCallum, Simon, Kerr. Five changes for the Matildas as Barbieri. Polkingthorpe, Foord, De Vanna, and Simon come in for Williams, Van Egmond, Shipard, Colthorpe and Khamis.
    • 16.35 Both teams are on three points in Group D and so the winner will progress with Brazil in to the quarter-finals. Australia hold the advantage of superior goal difference so a draw will be enough for them to qualify. Check out the table here: Women's World Cup - Group D
    • 16.30 Good afternoon and welcome to our coverage of the crucial game between Australia and Norway in Group D of the Women's World Cup held in Leverkusen
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  • Australia (W)

    Manager: Tom Sermanni

  • Norway (W)

    Manager: Eli Landsem

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