Wednesday June 29, 2011 Group Stage: Group D Finished Borussia-Park

Brazil (W) 1 - 0 Australia (W)

  • Rosana 54’

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  1. Women's World Cup - Brazil battle to beat Australia

    Women's World Cup - Brazil battle to beat Australia

    A lacklustre Brazil side edged plucky Australia 1-0 in Dortmund in the final match of the opening round of the Women’s World Cup. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Brazil (W)
    • Australia (W)
    • 90+3' McCallum's cross is met by Carroll but the Aussie fails to hit the target. The referee blows the full-time whistle.
    • 90+3' Australia have one last chance as Brazil concede a corner.
    • 90+2' Brazil win a corner and keep it in the corner in an attempt to waste a bit of time.
    • 90+1' Brazil are content with keeping possession and pass the ball comfortbaly around the Australians.
    • 90' The fourth official adds on 3 minutes.
    • 89' It looks bleak for the Aussies now. They are just pumping the ball into the box but are not competing with the Brazilians in the air.
    • 88' Even better chance. Daiane completely misses a ball over the top and De Vanna is clean through. Andreia rushes off her line but the Aussie blasts over.
    • 87' Chance. Cristiane somehow manages to find a cross and the Brazilians nearly score. Marta rushes towards the back post but can't quite get there.
    • 86' Kerr is lucky to escape a yellow card as she wipes Daiane out.
    • 85' Tameka Butt is repaced by Clare Polkinghorne.
    • 84' Formiga is taken off on a stretcher and is replaced by Francielle.
    • 83' Formiga is down and is receiving treatment.
    • 82' De Vanna runs through on goal but doesn't fancy her chances of beating Andreia and attempt to cross for Butt. The cross is too far behind the Aussie and the Brazilians are let off the hook.
    • 81' Marta and Cristiane exchange passes on the edge of the opposition area. Cristiane attempts to play her team-mate in but the ball is weak.
    • 80' Carroll pumps the ball long to Kerr who fails to control and loses possession for her team.
    • 79' Marta does fantastically well to keep a cross in play after being forced wide. Unfotunately for her, nobody is in the box and the Aussies clear.
    • 78' Samantha Kerr replaces Kyah Simon.
    • 77' Simon disposses Formiga and shoots towards goal but her shot isn't powerful enough and is gathered by Andreia.
    • 76' Strange decision from Jenny Palmqvist again. Rosana bursts into the Australian half and is hacked to the floor. Again the referee allows play to continue.
    • 75' De Vanna creates a little bit of space for herself on the edge of the opposition area. The Aussie shoots towards goal but it sails over.
    • 74' Marta looks like she's fouled on the edge of the Australia penalty area but the referee waves play on.
    • 73' The Aussies are really giving it everything at the minute. They're pushing players forward in the hope of finding an equaliser.
    • 72' De Vanna sprints down the right before cutting back. She aims to tee up McCallum but it is cut out by Formiga.
    • 71' Cristiane takes a shot from distance. She'll wish she hadn't. It nearly goes out for a throw-in.
    • 70' McCallum whips in a fantstic ball from the right flank, De Vanna nearly gets her head to it but it is cleared by Daiane.
    • 69' Australia pump the ball long aiming for one of the two strikers. Brazil deal with it well.
    • 68' A bit of a dull patch for the first time in the game. Both teams lose possession in the middle of the pitch.
    • 67' Marta does very well as she is kicked by two Aussies in quick succession. The Brazilian produces a great step-over to draw the foul.
    • 66' Marta has a snap-shot from the edge of the area that is blocked by Carroll.
    • 66' The Aussies are on the ascendency despite being a goal behind. They keep up the pressure.
    • 65' Andreia fails to deal with a cross for the first time in the match. The Brazilian keeper opts to punch the ball but fails to clear it out of her box. Daiane clears.
    • 64' De Vanna's teasing cross is attacked by Simon but it's cut out by Aline.
    • 63' Marina whips in a cross towards the solitary Brazilian attacker in the box. It is easily cleared by Uzunlar.
    • 62' Fabiana does well down the right side but loses possession when her own step-overs confuse the Brazilian.
    • 61' Andreia delas with the resulting set-piece very well. The keeper ckimbs highest to claim the ball. Good goalkeeping.
    • 60' Van Egmond is replaced by Sally Shipard as Australia win a free kick on the left flank.
    • 59' Uzunlar pumps the ball towards the Brazilian box but it's cleared with ease. The Aussie's are starting to look a little one dimensional.
    • 58' Brazil look very relaxed on the ball. And why wouldn't they be? They're leading thanks to a very good goal.
    • 57' Butt is penalised harshly for a foul on Erika. It turns out that Butt won the ball before being kicked by the Brazilian. The Aussie's not too happy and rightfully so.
    • 56' Australia's corner is too deep. Carroll chases it down but fails to keep it in.
    • 55' Australia are rewarded a free kick in the opposition half. McCallum's cross is cleared.
    • 54' What a goal. Cristiane and Rosana combine on the edge of the Australian penalty box before Rosana flicks the ball over Carroll's leg to volley into the net.
    • 53' Aline commits another foul and stays out of the book. The Brazilian nearly puts into her own net following the free kick as header is mis-timed and goes narrowly wide of the post.
    • 52' Marta lays the ball off to Formiga on the edge of the area. The Brazilian's shot is straight at Barbieri who gathers with ease.
    • 51' Brazil win a free kick in the Australia half but the resulting set-piece is poor and is cleared.
    • 50' Azunlar controls a high ball under pressure and spreads the ball out wide to give her team a chance to attack.
    • 49' Australia are pushing up in an attempt to rush the Brazilians. It works as Kellon-Knight dispossess her opponent and sends De Vanna through. The ball is too heavy and runs out.
    • 48' Formiga whips a ball deep towards the far post. Marta times her run excellently but the header is well wide.
    • 47' Australia start the second half with seemingly the same game plan as they held during the first.
    • 46' Jenny Palmqvist gets the second half under way.
    • 45' Referee Jenny Palmqvist puts an end to the first half.
    • 44' Kellond-Knight sends in an inviting cross that just evades Garriock at the far post. So close.
    • 43' Poor. Maurine receives a pass from Marta who continues her run. Maurine ignores the five-time World Player of the year and opts to shoot from 40 yards. Ridiculous.
    • 42' Neither side can keep on to the ball for the time being. It is being held up in the middle of the pitch.
    • 41' The Brazilians hold on to the ball for some time, completing over 20 passes. A slack pass from Ester hands possession to Australia.
    • 40' First shot for the Aussies in some time. They're getting in to good positions but the final ball is still letting them down. Butt has an effort from 25 yards that flies wide.
    • 39' Maurine crosses from the left, aiming for Cristiane but Barbieri comes a long way off her line and collects the ball well.
    • 38' Brazil are all over the place at the back. Two quick mistakes allow the Aussies a chance on the edge of the area but a big tackle from Aline clears.
    • 37' Marta takes on two players on the right side before crossing for Cristiane whose shot on the penalty spot sails high. Good chance.
    • 36' After the majority of the possesion in the opening half-hour Australia struggle to get a touch.
    • 35' Rosana takes advantage of a mistake from Van Edgmond but choses the wrong pass on the edge of the area and the ball is cut out.
    • 34' fabiana races down the right wing and crosses for Marta whose low shot flies just wide.
    • 33' The Brazilians pass the ball across their back three, looking for a gap. It doesn't open up.
    • 32' The Australians are playing very well. They've seen a lot of the ball and have subsequantly had 56% of the possession.
    • 31' De Vanna gets the better of Aline again and the Brazilian cynically pulls back the Aussie to concede the foul.
    • 30' Marina chases a ball down and crosses well towards Cristiane. The Brazilian is just about to pull the trigger but the referee blows the whistle as it is adjudged the ball went out for a goal-kick.
    • 29' Aline makes a mess with her touch and allows De Vanna to close in on the goal. The Australian attempts to curl it around the goalkeeper but gets it all wrong.
    • 29' Nice football again from the Aussies but Simon is on a different wavelength to Butt and her pass rolls out for a goal kick.
    • 28' Cristiane sees her name in lights as she has a speculative effort from 35 yards out. It sails wide. Poor.
    • 27' Brazil's attack looks promising again but Rosana is a long way offside. Her team-mates don't look too impressed with her.
    • 26' WOW. How have they not scored, Brazi? Maurine takes advantage of some hesitant defending and is allowed to cross. Cristiane latches onto the ball but her shot is woeful. The Brazilian manages to loop the ball way over the bar from four yards.
    • 25' Andrea makes another stop as Simon runs through again. The Australian doesn't have enough time to get the shot away and the keeper collects.
    • 24' Good chance. Good save. Simon is sent through into the penalty area and controls well before shooting with her left foot. The ball is definitely on target but Andreia is equal to it.
    • 23' Cristiane races through down the left wing but is stopped in her tracks as the lino's flag is up.
    • 22' The South American's are inviting their Australasian counterparts to attack them as they are sitting very deep.
    • 21' The Australian's are standing firm. The Brazilian's, with there undoubted skill, are struggling with their final ball.
    • 20' Captain Aline does very well down the right wing, tricking her way past two player but her final ball is poor and it rolls through to Barbieri.
    • 19' Carroll ambitiously shoots from 40 yards on the half-volley. Not the best decision she's ever made, I'm sure.
    • 18' McCallum's free-kick is very dangerous. It is whipped in with some real pace and is only just cleared by Marta.
    • 17' The Aussies enjoy a spell of possession and it comes to an end when Erika pulls on the back of Simon's shirt to give away a free-kick on the edge of the area.
    • 16' The Australian's just aren't clicking at the minute. There are some very intelligent runs being made but it keeps breaking down in the final third.
    • 15' Formiga picks the ball up about 30 yards out and elects to shoot. It has some pace on it but not enough to trouble Barbieri.
    • 14' Marta is sent running with a long cross-field ball. Unfortunately for the Brazilian the ball has too many legs and rolls into Barbieri's hands.
    • 13' De Vanna wriggles her way towards the opposition box taking on four players ion the process. Aline comes across to cut the ball out.
    • 12' Very nearly for the Australians. Simon pulls out wide and is released down the left wing. She cuts in side and squares the ball but it's too close to Andreia and the keeper gathers.
    • 11' The Brazilian's seemed to have settled down and are now playing the ball around with real confidence. The spell of possession comes to an end when Maurine asks to much of Mata.
    • 10' Maurine adveance down the left flank and crosses for Rosana. The Brazilian does fantastically well to head just over as the ball was some distance behingd her.
    • 9' Australia keep the pressure on the South American's but struggle to break the defence down.
    • 8' McCallum's set-piece is poor and the free-kick flies over the bar.
    • '7 Formiga loses possession mid-way in her own half, allowing De Vanna to advance towards the Brazilian penalty area. Daiane body checks the Australian and gives away a free kick.
    • 6' The game is being played at a frenetic pace. Both sets of players struggle to hold on to the ball.
    • 5' Uzunlar slips on the edge of her box, allowing Rosana in but the Australian recovers well to take the ball off the Brazilian.
    • '4 Marta tricks her way past Foord and bursts into the box but her cross is wayward and it runs out for a throw-in.
    • 3' Daiane and Barbieri are involved in a mix-up and nearly let Marta in but the defender clears.
    • 2' Australia draw a foul instantly. Daiane pumps it into the box but it flies straight into the goalkeepers arms.
    • 1' The game is underway.
    • The Brazilian's will play a 3-4-3 formation as they look to attack their opposition. The two wingers Marta and Cristiane will support striker Rosana when going forward. The South Americans will cut back in when defending as Maurine and Fabiana will drop back, creating a 5-4-1 formation.
    • Australia: Barbieri. Carroll. Garriock. Kellond-Knight. Foord. Uzunlar. De Vanna. Van Egmond. Butt. McCallum. Simon. SUBS – Allen. Polkinghorne. Alleyway. Perry. Shipard. Colthorpe. Williams. Khamis. Kerr. Dumont.
    • The team line-ups are in: Brazil: Andreia. Maurine. Daiane. Aline. Rosana. Ester. Formiga. Marta. Cristiane. Erika. Fabiana. SUBS – Renata. Beatriz. Barbara. Francielle. Elaine. Daniele. Thais. Grazielle. Roseane. Thais.
    • Australian veteran Heather Garriock will be taking part in her third FIFA Women’s World Cup. The midfielder boasts and impressive football resume, with 120 international caps to her name.
    • Brazil coach Kleiton Lima has warned his side to take nothing for granted in their opening match, stating that Australia are their biggest rival as it is their first challenge of the competition.
    • The two sides have met eight times in the past, with Brazil winning five of them. However, it is the Matildas who triumphed in their last contest, winning 1-0 over As Canarinhas at the 2008 Peace Cup.
    • All eyes will be firmly on five-time FIFA World Player of the Year Marta, who will be looking to repeat her heroics of four years ago.
    • 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup runners-up Brazil face an Australian side who are the third youngest in the competition.
    • Good afternoon and welcome to the live commentary of Brazil v Australia. This contest will conclude the opening round of matches in the Women’s World Cup.
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  • Brazil (W)

    Manager: Kleyton Lima

  • Australia (W)

    Manager: Tom Sermanni

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