Sunday July 10, 2011 Quarter-final Finished Glücksgas-Stadion

Brazil (W) 2 - 2
(3 - 5)

  • Marta 68’ (pen.), 92’
  • Rodrigues 2’ (o.g.)
  • Wambach 120’

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  • Live Commentary

    • Brazil (W)
    • USA (W)
    • - USA 5-3 - Kreieger tucks it away and USA go through to the semi-finals.
    • - USA 4-3 - Francielle calmly places the ball into the bottom right corner. Andreia must now save.
    • - USA 4-2 - Rapinoe laces the ball into the bottom left corner.
    • - USA 3-2 - SAVE. Solo saves Daiane's penalty.
    • - USA 3-2 - Wambach scores. What a cool penalty. She takes one step and curves it into the top corner.
    • - USA 2-2 - Marta scores from the spot again. She sends Solo the wrong way.
    • - USA 2-1 - Lloyd converts the penalty very well. Andreia goes the right way but gets nowhere near it.
    • - USA 1-1 - Cristiane sends Solo the wrong way and scores.
    • - USA 1-0 -Boxx misses the penalty. Andreia comes off her line to save. It's to be retaken. Boxx goes the same way and scores.
    • 123' The whistle is blown. We'll have penalties.
    • 121' GOAL!! Justice. Rapinoe's deep cross is met by Wambach who rises highest to head home.
    • 120' That was the chance. Lloyd receives the ball on the edge of the box but can't keep her shot down.
    • 119' Marta pulls the ball back to Francielle. The Brazilian's shot is blocked and Solo gathers.
    • 118' Lloyd drills a free kick towards goal. It flashes wide. Erika is booked.
    • 117' Rapinoe wins another corner. It isn't cleared but as has been the way today, it falls to a yellow shirt and is cleared. They've not had the rub of the green today, USA.
    • 116' The Brazilians won't have made a lot of friends today. They've been in the referees face and have done everything they can to make sure the USA players go into the book.
    • 115' Erika clears Rapinoe's dangerous corner under pressure. The Brazilian stays down.
    • 114' It was in fact Maurine that was shown the yellow card. It was Daiane that was wasting time. Boxx is also booked for dissent.
    • 113' Reneta C. replaces the injured Formiga.
    • 112' Daiane is booked for time wasting and she'll now miss the semis, should they make it.
    • 111' It's all USA at the minute. They're knocking on the door but Brazil are standing strong. Formiga is down.
    • 110' Rapinoe gets passed her defender and cuts into the box. The penalty area full of USA players but the cross is poor and Brazil clear.
    • 109' Boxx overlaps down the left. She has the chance to cross but plays it straight to Andreia.
    • 108' O'Reilly is replaced by Heath.
    • 107' Cristiane looks to have fouled Le Peilbet but the referee waves play on. WOW.
    • 106' The second half of extra time is under way.
    • 105' The first half of extra-time comes to an end.
    • 105' The USA are starting to tire for the first time in the game. They are looking a little stretched. It's a big ask if they're to get back in this.
    • 104' Marta goes for goal from the corner again. It's poor and drifts wide for a goal kick.
    • 103' Fabiane drives towards the USA penalty area. She shifts it right to Cristiane who lashes a shot towards goal from an impossible angle. High, wide, shocking.
    • 102' It's not very composed from the Brazilians at the miute. I think they're trying to get to half-time. Every time the get they ball they just launch it up field.
    • 101' Formiga spots Marta unmarked on the far side of the box. The Brazilian plays a lovely ball over the top but the flag goes up. Correct decision.
    • 100' The Australian referee is again getting involved. She's not very popular in this stadium. I wonder why?
    • 99' They're really going for it USA, which they must. They keep plugging away and are getting closer but you just can't help feel that it's not going to come.
    • 98' CHANCE!! Wambach receives the ball in the area and turns to shoot on goal. Andreia gets down well to palm it for a corner.
    • 97' Rapinoe's corner is hit goalwards by Lloyd. Daiane heads it clear. USA are still on the attack.
    • 96' Brazil seem to be sitting back now. The American's are dangerous on the attack despite having 10 men.
    • 95' Erika pushes Le Peilbet deep inside the Brazil half. Rapinoe will cross. It's sent high and Andreia fails to get anywhere near it. The ball flies out for a goal kick.
    • 94' Fabiana croses towards Marta. The Brazilian looks like she's going to get there but Solo dives at her feet and gathers the ball.
    • 93' GOAL!! Heartbreak for the USA. 2 minutes into extra-time and Marta scores. Ester crosses from the left towards the five-time player of the year. Marta flicks the ball towards goal and it loops over Solo and in off the post.
    • 92' Lloyd is adjudged to be offside. The referee blows her whistly but the American is clearly onside. The USA aren't happy because they'd have had a corner.
    • 91' Extra-time is under way.
    • 90+3' The referee brings the second half to an end. We'll have extra time.
    • 90' The referee has had an absolute nightmare today. Rapinoe is fouled by Marta but attempts to continue. She goes into a challenge with Formiga and receives a yellow card for it. The USA still get the free kick. Explain that one...
    • 89' O'Reilly drops a shoulder and skips past Erika. The Brazilian catches back up to her and brings the American down. Rapinoe's resultant free kick is dangerous. Ester's diving header clears.
    • 88' Daiane lofts in a free-kick. Francielle challenges Rampone for the ball but it is the American that rises highest and clears.
    • 87' Rapinoe's set piece is latched on to by Wambach. Brazil block before Aline clears to allow Marta to break. She's booed again and then cheered as she loses possession.
    • 86' Lloyd is fouled by the subsitute Francielle. Rapinoe will deliver.
    • 85' Rosana is replaced by Francielle.
    • 84' The World Player of the Year Marta is being booed every time she receives the ball. She gives away a throw-in and throws the ball away.
    • 83' Brazil get chance to break and flood forwards. Ester surges down the right and squares for Erika. Krieger is back to clear the ball for a corner.
    • 82' They don't score from that set piece but are awarded with another one after Wambach's shot is blocked.
    • 81' USA win a corner. They shouldn't have though as it comes off an American last. Wouldn't it be justice if they scored now?
    • 80' Marta takes on three players. She's finally dispossessed by Rapinoe. The Brazilian goes down and stays down for a while. The crowd don't have much sympathy for her.
    • 78' Rosana crosses towards marta. Solo comes 10 yards off her line to claim. You've got to feel for the keeper. She's played excellently all day and saved a penalty but finds her team level.
    • 77' The USA are on the attack and Brazil are on the back foot. You'd think it was the South Americans with 10 players at the minute. Daiane is fouled.
    • 76' Rapinoe's corner isn't dealt with by the Brazilians. Again it bounces around the the area before Daiane finally clears.
    • 75' Morgan does well down the right. She goes past two players before crossing. Aline blocks it and it goes out for a corner.
    • 74' Both teams are playing it long at the minute. It's still not calmed down after the penalty. Lloyd shoots from distance. It goes wide.
    • 73' Brazil stroke the ball around the USA penalty area. They're looking for a chance to shoot but it doesn't come. USA clear.
    • 72' Alex Morgan replaces Rodriguez.
    • 71' Sounds of discontent from the stands now as the USA fans are jeering the ref.
    • 70' Despite having 10 players, the USA are controlling the play as they have done for much of the game. Boxx has slotted into defence to play along side Rampone.
    • 68' Hope Solo is absolutely livid. Rightfully so. It appears that the referee thought Solo stepped off her line so allowed Brazil to re-take. It didn't look like it was a penalty and it didn't look like Solo came off her line. USA have it all to do now with 10 players.
    • 67' The ref orders the penalty to be re-taken. I really do not know why!! This time Marta takes it and scores. HARSH!!
    • 66' SAVED PENALTY!! Solo saves Cristiane's penalty.
    • 65' RED CARD. Marta flicks the ball over Buehler before going down. It appears that the American gets the ball though. The ref sends her off and awards a penalty.
    • 64' Marta back heels the ball to Cristiane. She too produces a fine bit of skill to allow her some space. The shot is awful though and flies over.
    • 63' Lloyd wins a free kick in a dangerous position. Rapinoe crosses for lloyd who headers towards goal. It beats the goalkeeper but not the bar. Very, very close.
    • 62' There is a break in play as the ref gives Wambach and Aline a talking to. Not sure what has gone on.
    • 61' Brazil have come alive. Finally. Fabiana bursts down the right and crosses but again, the very impressive Solo is off her line and she cuts it out.
    • 60' Cristiane stretches the USA defence. The winger cuts in from the left and has a curling effort is on target but Solo makes a diving save.
    • 59' The corner is fired towards the far post. Aline gets there again but uses her hands to direct the ball towards goal. The ref spots it and gives a free kick.
    • 58' Marta allows the ball to run through her legs which allows her to beat her defender. She lays the ball across to Rosana who bursts into the box. Rampone puts it out for a corner.
    • 57' The USA are playing very well as a team. They attack together and they defend solidly together. Brazil however, are not playing too cleverly. Certain players are going for tricks when they have passes on. The Brazilians are getting frustrated with each other.
    • 56' Rapinoe is now playing on the left and A-Rod will come into the centre. The winger is in the thick of the action straight away but is dispossessed by Ester.
    • 55' Cheney is replaced by Megan Rapinoe.
    • 54' Rodriguez has a chance to go one-on-one with Daiane but her control lets her down and she forgets the ball.
    • 53' Marta plays in Cristiane down the right flank. The latter tries a trick to beat Rampone but the defender just ushers it out. Smart defending.
    • 52' Got to be a booking. Should be a sending off. Brazil break but Lloyd comes across and uses her arm to keep the ball away from Formiga. She's lucky not to be given a second yellow.
    • 51' O'Reilly has a chance to break down the right flank but has a lack of concentration and allows the ball to roll out for a throw-in.
    • 50' The ball bounces around the USA box following the free kick. Marta attempts to flick it on but Wambach clears up field. Good covering from the striker.
    • 49' Formiga is clattered by Wambach. The American attempts to get in front of the the Brazilian but flatters her.
    • 48' The South Americans look very comfortable on the ball and haven't conceded possession so far.
    • 47' The Brazilians didn't seem fazed at all by the own goal in the first half. They'll just need to be a little more creative in the seond 45 if they are to get back in the game.
    • 46' Brazil get the second half going.
    • 47' The referee brings the first half to an end.
    • 45' Aline flies into a challenge with Wambach and receives a yellow. Marta comes across and shouts at the referee and Wambach. She too receives a booking. Needless.
    • 44' It's still not working for Brazil in the final third despite their undoubted ability. The USA have defended sternly when they've needed to though.
    • 43' Boxx finds herself free on the edge of the 18 yard box and attempts a shot on goal. The ball sits up nicely but the shot is weak and Andreia gathers.
    • 42' It's a little bit hectic and a bit sloppy now. Brazil are trying to snatch a goal before half-time and the U.S are determined to take the lead into the break.
    • 41' Rodriguez is caught in possession on the half-way line. Marta breaks before playing it to Cristiane. Lepeilbet comes across and makes a very good challenge to win the ball back.
    • 40' The Americans are passing it nicely between their midfielders and defenders. Rampone sees Buehler out on the left and plays it towards her. The ball bounces before it reaches the player a goes out for a throw-in.
    • 39' The USA have a chance to break through Boxx. The player has options to her left and right but takes too long to release the ball and is dispossessed.
    • 38' Marta's not having the best of games again. She is barged off the ball and has a bit of a go at Lepeilbet.
    • 37' Fabiana capitalises on a mix up at the back and flick the ball up before attempting to cross. It's mis-hit though and flies towards goal, hitting the bar and flying to safety. It caught Solo out but I think she had it covered.
    • 36' Rodrigiez attempts a cross-field pass for Wambach. The ball wrong-foots Aline but Daiane comes across to cut it out.
    • 35' Cristiana has a positive run through the USA half. She shows a burst of pace to beat two players before shooting. It's hit well but fails to trouble Solo.
    • 34' The ball is played into the USA penalty area. Krieger allows the ball to bounce and it looks like it's going to fall for Rosana. Solo again charges off her line and takes everything with her. Very good goalkeeping yet again.
    • 33' "USA. USA. USA" can be heard echoing throughout the stadium. The American fans are obvioulsy the happier of the two and are voicing their content.
    • 32' From what started out at such a high-tempo game now seems to have settled down into a stalemate. I'm sure there is much more action to come though...
    • 31' Rampone sends a free-kick into the Brazil penalty area. It is punched away by Andreia.
    • 30' Maurine's free-kick is hooked goalwards by Rosana. It's poor though and flies wide.
    • 29' A big challenge from Lloyd is deemed to be a fould and a yellow card. She did catch Cristiane pretty hard on the knee. Ouch.
    • 28' Marta turns two defenders inside-out on the edge of the penalty area and appears to be blocked off. The referee waves play on despite Marta having a hand in her face.
    • 27' Marta tricks her way past three players on the edge of the penalty area. She lays the ball off to Formiga but her shot flies over the bar.
    • 26' Krieger finds a huge amount of space in teh Brazil box. O'Reilly takes too long to play the pass and Krieger is offside. Shame.
    • 25' The free kick is sent into the penalty area. It is headed out wide to Boxx who crosses back in. The cross is hit too hard and evades everybody in the box.
    • 24' The two-time Champions are now calming down play after that scare a minute ago. Marta clashes with Boxx and gives away a foul.
    • 23' The USA flood forward as they attack. Brazil win back possession and attack through Marta. The Brazilian races out of her own half and through the oppositions into the box. Marta bares down on goal but blasts her shot high and wide. Good chance, that.
    • 22' Marta's corner is hit deep. It beats the diving Solo and finds the head of Aline at the far post. The captain rises well but can only head into the side netting.
    • 21' A mix up in the American's box. Lepeilbet and Rampone both leave the ball and allow Erika to have a shot but the former gets in a block.
    • 20' Marta whips in a free kick to the far post. Aline heads it back across goal but there is nobody there to get on the end of it. Dangerous from Marta.
    • 19' Maurine's set-piece is launched into the USA box. Solo is again out quickly and punches the ball up-field for a throw in.
    • 18' The Brazilians have not been able to get into this game at all yet. The Americans have had the majority of possession and of course, lead through that early Daiane own goal.
    • 17' Lepeilbet cuts in from the left and surges towards goal. She has an effort with her right foot from distance which flies past the upright. andreia would have had it covered had it been on target.
    • 16' Krieger holds Marta off deep in the USA half. The Brazilian realises she can't get there and throws herself to the floor. The ref tells her to get up. Rightly so.
    • 15' Brazil have a free-kick in the USA half. Maurine's free kick runs into the box and into Solo's hands. Poor.
    • 14' A very smart passing move allows USA to get out of their own half and travel into their opposition's. Cheney and Buehler are on a different wavelength and the move breaks down.
    • 13' Cheney's corner is aimed for Lloyd at the far post. The American heads it back across goal but Andreia is out to punch clear.
    • 12' The two-time World Cup winners have a free kick in the Brazil half. Wambach attacks the ball with real conviction and heads it towards goal. Andreia punches it for a corner.
    • 11' Marta plays a cross-field pass over the top of the USA defence, that too is over hit and Fabiana fails to keep it in touch.
    • 10' Krieger does very well down the left. She tricks her way past Formiga before attempting to play in Cheney. Diane comes across to cut it out.
    • 9' The Mexican wave is making it around the arena in Dresden. As it does Aline attempts an audacious long ball to Fabiana but the pass is over hit and it runs through to solo.
    • 8' Brazil retain possession in their own half. They're knocking it around their back-four well, looking for a space to open up.
    • 7' Rampone mis-judges the flight of the ball, allowing it to bounce over her. Marta chases the ball down but Solo is off her line quickly to clear. Good goalkeeping.
    • 6' Wambach is pulled back half-way into the Brazilian's half. Cheney takes it quickly and lofts it into the Brazil box. Aline clears with a volley.
    • 5' Boxx loses control of the ball and lunges towards the onrushing Roasana in an attempt to retain possession. The Brazilian gets there in front of Boox and wins a free kick.
    • 4' Brazil don't seemed fazed by the early set back. Erika surges down the right before crossing. Krieger fails to clear but Solo manages to gather.
    • 3' GOAL!! What a start for the USA. Wambach runs away claiming the goal but it looks like it's come off Daiane. Boxx centers from the left and the Brazilian defender slices past her keeper into her own net.
    • 2' Rodriguez does very well down the right flank before drawing the foul.
    • 1' USA get the game under way.
    • - The players have taken to the field after observing the national anthems. We are moments away from kick-off.
    • - USA: H. Mitts. L. Lindsey. N. Barnhart. K. O'Hara. T. Heath. B. Sauerbrunn. M. Rapinoe. S. Cox. A. Morgan. J. Loyden. SUBS – Miits. Sauerbrunn. O’Hara. Morgan. Cox. Rapinoe. Lindsey. Heath. Barnhart. Loyden.
    • - The line-ups are as follows - BRAZIL: Barbara. Renata Costa. Elaine. Roseane. Beatriz. Francielle. Daniele. Graziele. Thaís. Thaís G. SUBS – Renata. Beatriz. Barbara. Francielle. Elaine. Daniele. Thais G. Grazielle. Roseana. Thais.
    • - Brazil take on the USA in their Women's World Cup quarter-final clash at the Glucksgas-Stadion in Dresden.
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  • Brazil (W)

    Manager: Kleyton Lima

  • USA (W)

    Manager: Pia Sundhage

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