Thursday June 30, 2011 Group Stage: Group A Finished rewirpowerSTADION

Canada (W) 0 - 4 France (W)

  • Thiney 24’, 60’
  • Abily 66’
  • Thomis 83’

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  1. Women's World Cup - France demolish Canada

    Women's World Cup - France demolish Canada

    Ruthless France knocked Canada out of the Women's World Cup after winning 4-0 in a comfortable victory at Bochum's Rewirpower Stadium. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Canada (W)
    • France (W)
    • 90+2' The referee blows the final whistle.
    • 90+1' France have stepped off now, with two minutes to go. The game is over and the Canadians know it. They still attack though.
    • 90' Sapowicz launches a kick long and nearly puts through Thomis but Chapman intercepts.
    • 88' Bompastor picks Matheson's pocket and releases Thomis down the line. The striker opts not to attack and turns back to retain possession.
    • 87' Chapman wins a free-kickin her own half and pumps the ball long. It's very poor though and runs through to the goalkeeper.
    • 86' Tancredi bullies her way into the box and bares down on Sapowicz but Viguier recovers well.
    • 85' Sinclair has been given the green light to enter the field of play after that injury scare.
    • 84' It's not going well for the Canadians here. They trail by four and continually give the ball away.
    • 83' Smart finish but not the best goalkeeping. Thomis catches the defence out who are playing a very high line. McLeod races out but is beaten to the ball and the French player rounds the keeper to finish in to the open net.
    • 82' Eugenie Le Sommer replaces Abily.
    • 81' The Captain's face is bleeding. It appears that the force of the ball against the mask has done somesignificant damage. Canada win a goal kick.
    • 80' Sinclair, who is wearing a mask to protect her broken nose, takes a ball to the face and goes down.
    • 79' Laure Boulleau replaces Thiney.
    • 78' Stewart wins a free-kick on the half-way line. The Canadians fill the French area.
    • 77' Thomis tricks her way past two players but is stopped in her tracks as Schmidt recovers.
    • 76' Timko is replaced by Chelsea Stewart.
    • 75' Tancredi's header is on target but is pushed around the post. She's offside so it wouldn'thave counted had it gone in.
    • 74' McLeod's huge kick down field is flicked on by Sinclair into the path of Filigno. The Canadian loses control and possession for her team.
    • 73' Delie is replaced by Elodie Thomas
    • 72' Chapman does well to cut out what looks like a promising attack for the French.
    • 71' The Canadians hold on to the ball for some time but again their final pass lets them down.
    • 70' There is a bit of a lull in play as the ball is stuck in the middle of the park.
    • 69' Sinclair picks up the ball on the edge of the opposition's area. The captain wriggles her way pasttwo challenges and attempts to play in Filigno but the pass is cut out.
    • 68' Thiney chases down what lookslike alost cause after a poor cross butthe French player wins a throw-in.
    • 67' Sinclair has a change on the penalty spot but is unable to keep her shot down and fires over the bar.
    • 66' The French have a corner. Bompastor's set-piece is whipped in beautifully towards Abily who headers the ball into the top corner. McLeod had no chance.
    • 64' Could have been a penalty. Tancredi challenges Georges in the area and after falling over, George takes the Canadian down with her. Ref says no.
    • 63' Canada win a free kick on the edge of the area. It looks like the free kickshould have gone the other way though.
    • 62' Timko has an outrageous effort from all of 45 yards. It goes nowhere near the goal.
    • 61' The Canadians try to get back into the game as they attack instantly. Tancredi replaces Julien and Scott replaces Kyle.
    • 60' Great goal. Zurrer takes too long on the ball at the edge of the penalty area. Her pocket is picked by Soubeyrand who lays the ball off to Thiney. The winger unleashes a rocket of a shot into the far corner and that looks like game over.
    • 59' Sinclair wins the ball from Viguier and attacks the solitary defender Georges. The defender does well though and stifles the attack.
    • 58' Schmidt wins a free kick in her own half using some smart footwork.
    • 57' Sinclair takes controlin the centreof the field beforelaying it out wide to the onrushing Matheson. INstead of passing, Matheson elects to shoot but skies it over the bar. Poor.
    • 56' Abily advances down the right flank, skipping past two players before crossing. The ball isn't quite good enough and is gathered by McLeod.
    • 55' Some smart passing on the right flank is ended when Soubeyrand attempts a shot from long range. It was a poor decision as the ball flies high and wide.
    • 54' Delie is nearly put through again. Chapman makes a last-ditch tackle to cut the ball out.
    • 53' Delie finds space in between the centre back and right back. The striker is fed through and goes one-on-one but her left-footed shot is weak and McLeod gathers with ease.
    • 52' Harsh. Matheson chases down the ball and goes into a challenge with Sapowicz. The Canadian attempts to pull out but catches the keeper. She's booked.
    • 51' The Big Reds attack down the left wing. A greatball is played in to Wilkinson but she is flagged offside.
    • 50' Canada have a great opportunity to attack as Sinclair flicks the ball past Viguier but the captain forgets the ball as she runs towards the penalty area.
    • 49' Bompastor does well to cut in on the left wing before crossing towards Necib, The ball has too much on it and is collected by the grateful McLeod.
    • 48' Sinclair chases the ball down as it runs through to Sapowicz. The Canadian captain does not pull out of the challenge and sends the keeper flying.
    • 47' Canada attack the French defence but a pointless free kick is given away by Schmidt.
    • 46' The second half is underway.
    • 45+1' the referee blows the whistle to end the first half.
    • 45+1' France attack once more before the half-time whistle. Thiney takes a shot from 35 yards that is gathered by McLeod.
    • 45' Necib's inswinging corner gives McLeod some trouble. The keeper does well to palm it away for another corner.
    • 44' Abily shoots from distance and is rewarded with a corner. But it doesn't look like it's taken a touch off anybody on the way out.
    • 43' Timko's attempted defensive header is completely mis-timed and it nearly ends up in her own net. It flies inches past her own post.
    • 42' Delie chases down a long ball and beats Timko to the ball. The French player passes to Abily who attempts to cross to Necib. Schmidt intercepts.
    • 41' The Big Reds seem to have regained their composure for the minute. They've held the ball for some time now.
    • 40' Another shot from the Canadians. This time their all-time top goalscorer has an effort from 25 yards but is unable to keep it down and it clears the bar.
    • 39' Great effort from Matheson. The Canadian midfielder creates some space for herself on the edgoe of the box and shoots towards the goal,but it flies just wide.
    • 38' Georges intercepts a very accurate pass that looked like it was going to play in Julien.
    • 37' Very well taken free-kick from the Canadians. Schmidt feeds the advancing Matheson whose cross is only just cleared on the six yard box.
    • 36' Sinclair concedes a free-kick 30 yards out from the French goal. Bompastor is booked.
    • 35' The Canadians attack for teh first time in a while. Again their final ball is too weak and they surrender possession.
    • 34' A dangerous cross from Abily is flicked on by Necib towards the farpost butthe onrushing Thiney is unable to get there in time to shoot into the empty net.
    • 33' The striker nearly scores again just moments later. She receives the ball on the penalty spot and after flicking the ball up, she volleys it just over the bar.
    • 32' Necib's second corner is even better and finds the head of Delie but the striker fails tokeep it down and the ball sails over.
    • 31' Necib's corner is dangerous and is punched out for another corner by McLeod.
    • 30' Necib collect the ball on the edge of the area and attempts to lob McLeod but the keeper is equal to it and tips it over the bar.
    • 29' The Big Reds pass it around their own half in order to get back into the game.
    • 28' The Canadians look like a completely different team from the first 10 minutes. The French look very positive and are now on top.
    • 27' The ball ricochets around the Canadian box. Zurrer clears.
    • 26' Soubeyrand's corner is swung too deep and it's cleared.
    • 25' Les Bleues attack once more, looking to double their lead. They win a corner.
    • 23' Great goal. The goalscorer is a little fortuitous to have the ball fall to her but she takes it well. Abily dispossess Schmidt on the edge of the box. The former then advances into the area and lays it off to Necib whose shot cannons off Chapman and falls to Thiney. The Frenchwoman heads in from 8 yards.
    • 22' The French have settled now, after being completely dominated in the first 10 minutes. Neither team has created an opening worthy of a goal.
    • 21' The fans seem to be enjoying themselves. A mexican wave passes through the stadium as the French attack.
    • 20' The French win a free-kick on the right touchline. Bompastor's set-piece is poor and it flies out for a goal-kick.
    • 19' The Canadians are rushing the French. Les Bleues handle with the pressure well and pass effectively.
    • 18' The French break through Thiney. She has a number of different options but chooses the wrong one. The ball is cut out by Wilkinson.
    • 17' It's still very competitive. Both teams are giving as good as they are getting. It's been fair though, not many fouls.
    • 16' Shmidt makes a crunching tackle in her own box. She wins the ball, but only just. Could have been very dangerous...
    • 15' Great break-away from the Canadians. Julien creates space between the two central defenders and receives the ball.Her touch is poor though, and is tackled in the box.
    • 14' Zurrer hesitates with the ballon the edge of her area and nearly allows Delie in. The Canadaian defender opts to pass the ball back to McLeod and the keeper clears.
    • 13' The ball is momentarilly stuck in the French half as Canada continue to win a couple of throw-ins.
    • 12' Lepailleur concedes a free-kick after Julien does wellto take the ball pastthree players in the middle of the pitch.
    • 11' Necib sees McLeod off her line and has a go at lobbing her from 40 yards. The shot is poor though and flies out for a goal kick.
    • 10' The Canadians have been all over the French in the opening 10 minutes of the match. They look very comfortable in possession.
    • 7' Sinclair is fortunate to be through one-on-one with the goalkeeper but Sapowicz smothers the captain and is rewarded with a goal kick.
    • 6' Viguier mis-judges the bounce of the ball and uses her hand to control it. A free-kick is given on the edge of the area.
    • 5' Thiney concedes a freekick on the half-way line. Canada have packed players into the box,
    • 4' It's very feisty, this game. There are some heavy tackles being thrown around in the middle of the pitch.
    • 3' Canada surge into the French half and have options both left and right, Filigno's pass is poor and the attack breaks down.
    • 2' Necib advances down the left flank and attempts to cross, but the ball runs out for a goal kick.
    • 1' The referee gets the game underway.
    • 16:59 Canada have opted to go with a 4-3-3 formation as they have many attacking options.
    • 16:59 France: Sapowicz. Georges. Soubeyrand(c). Bompastor. Abily. Lepailleur. Necib. Bussaglia. Thiney. Delie. Viguier. SUBS – Deville. Renard. Boulleau. Meilleroux. Franco. Le Sommer. Thomis. Pizzala. Bretigny. Phillipe.
    • 16:58 Team line-ups: Canada: McLeod. Zurrer. Kyle. Wilkinson. Matheson. Chapman. Sinclair(c).Schmidt. Julien. Filigno. Timko. SUBS – LeBlanc. Parker. Moscato. Gayle. Robinson. Scott. Tancredi. Stewart. Nault. Labbe.
    • 16:58 Afternoon and welcome to live commentary of Canada v France.
  • Summary

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Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Canada (W)

    Manager: Carolina Morace

  • France (W)

    Manager: Bruno Bini

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