Saturday July 9, 2011 Quarter-final Finished BayArena

England (W) 1 - 1
(3 - 4)
France (W)

  • Scott 59’
  • Bussaglia 88’

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  1. Women's World Cup - Penalty agony for England

    Women's World Cup - Penalty agony for England

    France reached the semi-finals of the World Cup courtesy of a shoot-out win over England, with Faye White missing the crucial penalty. More

  • Live Commentary

    • England (W)
    • France (W)
    • 123' FRANCE 4-3 ENGLAND - Captain Faye White has to score. But she strikes the bar and England's dream is over. Heartbreaking.
    • 123' FRANCE 4-3 ENGLAND - Le Sommer puts Bardsley the wrong way.
    • 123' FRANCE 3-3 ENGLAND - Rafferty, the World Cup debutant, puts it wide. That was awful.
    • 123' FRANCE 3-3 ENGLAND - Bompastor is calm as well and sends Bardsley the wrong way.
    • 123' FRANCE 2-3 ENGLAND - Casey Stoney right into the roof of the net. That looked like it was going over.
    • 123' FRANCE 2-2 ENGLAND - Thiney is calmness personified as she dinks it into the corner.
    • 123' FRANCE 1-2 ENGLAND - Karren Carney slots it down the middle. Nice.
    • 123' FRANCE 1-1 ENGLAND - Goalscorer Bussaglia sticks hers out of Bardsley's reach.
    • 123' FRANCE 0-1 ENGLAND - The injured Kelly Smith puts away a stunning spot-kick.
    • 123' FRANCE 0-0 ENGLAND - Abily has her spot-kick saved by Bardsley. Brilliant!
    • 123' FULL TIME. Penalties it is...
    • 123' Where is this added time coming from? Corner for France...
    • 122 Now Jill Scott goes down in agony with cramp. More treatment required. This is exhausting to watch.
    • 120' We will have two added minutes here in Leverkusen.
    • 120' Another decisive bit of goalkeeping from Bardsley as he races off her line to catch the ball. She has been very impressive today.
    • 119' Just over a minute until we have penalties to settle this quarter-final.
    • 118' Rafferty blasts the ball into the midriff of Delie and she is winded. Another casualty in this exhausting period of extra time.
    • 116' Now Le Sommer heads over at the back post following a cross from Thomis. She had to do a lot better.
    • 116' Ellen White smacks into Le Sommer, a risky move given she has been booked of course.
    • 114' Faye White is cramping up and is in serious, serious pain. You really feel for her. It's a heroic effort.
    • 113' Bardsley punches clear from a corner and then catches a poor effort from Bussaglia. She couldn't repeat the stunning strike that took this game to extra time.
    • 112' Now Bardsley is down in pain after a collision with Le Sommer. She gets back up to her feet though.
    • 111' Faye White requires treatment for cramp. England are the walking wounded out there.
    • 110' Rafferty gives away a corner and this looks ominous for France, who are not content to settle for penalties. Bussaglia shoots over from the set-piece.
    • 107' Bardsley clatters into Delie in the box and risks giving away a penalty. The ball was probably just far enough away for the referee not to be interested.
    • 105' We are back underway. 15 minutes remaining.
    • 105' Bretigny replaced by Eugenie Le Sommer.
    • 103' A huge chance for England! Ellen White races onto a flick-on from Smith and rifles a shot into the side netting. That was so close. Was that the moment for England?
    • 102' Carney enjoys a snapshot in the box but can't get enough behind it and it dribbles into the arms of Deville.
    • 101' It's a brave effort here from England and they are doing their utmost to keep France out. It is working so far, but you feel the French will make their superior fitness count.
    • 99' Kelly Smith is still meandering around up front and is basically a passenger now. She is England's greatest ever player, which poses a bit of a problem.
    • 98' The good news for England is that Faye White seems to be moving okay. The bad news is that France are very much on top.
    • 96' Precious little drama so far, and I suspect England would probably settle for penalties right now.
    • 94' That's the last thing England need: losing their captain. They would effectively be down to nine.
    • 93' Bretigny tests Bardsley but more worryingly for England, Faye White has gone over on her ankle and is in considerable pain.
    • 92' A tentative start, and that will suit England who let's remember are carrying Kelly Smith, who can barely walk at this point.
    • 91' Here we go then, the first half of injury time...
    • 90+5' We will have extra time in Leverkusen and England are out on their feet. They will struggle here.
    • 90+4' Jill Scott booked for pulling back her opponent.
    • 90+3' The pressure on the England box is unrelenting, and it doesn't help that having made all three subs, England are carrying an injured Kelly Smith. They will struggle if it goes to extra-time.
    • 90+1' We will have four minutes of added time.
    • 90+1' Bardsley goes walkabout and Lepailleur heads wide when unmarked in front of an open goal. So close to the winner there for France.
    • 90' Nervy moments for England as Thomis wreaks havoc again, but France cannot carve out a decent chance.
    • 89' How heartbreaking for England, they were two minutes away from their first ever World Cup semi-final. And now Hope Powell has a side set out to protect a lead.
    • 88' GOAL! What an equaliser from France! Elise Bussaglia produces a delightful finish off the inside of the post and in after the ball pops out to her on the edge of the box.
    • 87' Bardsley booked for timewasting from a goal-kick.
    • 86' Superb from Ellen White! She has struggled to make a contribution in attack but the striker heads off the line to deny a certain goal from Lepailleur. Brilliant.
    • 86' Thomis is played onside and charges forward, but Bardsley stands up well to block the ball with her body. The keeper has been excellent today.
    • 84' Anita Asante comes onto to shore things up in midfield and replaces Yankey, who is hobbling.
    • 83' Strong from Faye White as she heads clear from a cross. There could be plenty of that in the next ten minutes or so.
    • 82' Unitt also replaced by Claire Rafferty. Both the subs make their World Cup debuts. It's a huge occasion for them both.
    • 81' Steph Houghton replaces Alex Scott at right back. Scott doesn't look impressed.
    • 79' Necib replaced by Sandrine Bretigny. That will strip the France midfield of a bit of creativity.
    • 78' France are starting to apply real pressure on the England goal now, with Powell's side forced into making a succession of panicked clearances.
    • 77' A crunching challenge from Ellen White on Georges earns the England striker a deserved booking.
    • 77' Drama as France go close. A shot/cross from Thomie was parried by Bardsley and Unitt did well to clear.
    • 76' Ellen White and Smith exchange passes but the former just fails to keep control as she embarks on a sprint forward. It would be nice to see her get a bit more of the ball as she has real class.
    • 75' A corner from Yankey is met by Unitt but she cannot find a team-mate with a header down and the danger passes for France.
    • 74' More nervy moments for Faye White as she fails to get enough on a back header for Bardsley, but she gets her body in the way as the keeper comes out to collect.
    • 73' Bompastor takes it left-footed and her effort flicks off the top of the England wall and behind for a corner.
    • 73' Faye White blatantly fouls Thomis to give away a free-kick some 20 yards from goal. It looks dangerous.
    • 72' Bardsley clasps a long-distance free-kick from Necib that deflects off the arm of Smith in the wall. That was a nervy moment though.
    • 70' Excellent work from Faye White as she twice makes important interceptions in her own box. Her return to the side has been a real boost for Hope Powell's team today.
    • 69' Ellen White, to her credit, is still charging around full of energy with little reward. At the other end, Kelly Smith makes a crucial interception.
    • 67' Elodie Thomis replaces Sandrine Soubeyrand for France.
    • 66' Delie attempts to respond for France but rifles a shot just over the bar from a tight angle.
    • 65' So, so lucky Karen Bardsley. She completely loses the flight of a free-kick and thankfully traps the ball between her legs, albeit accidentally.
    • 62' So how do France respond now? They should really just stick to their guns because their fluid brand of football has served them well so far, even if they are behind.
    • 60' Well that came out of nowhere for England. France had been by far the better side but one moment of genius has put England on course for the semi-finals.
    • 59' GOAL! What a goal from Jill Scott! She races onto a pass from Yankey, holds off a marker and smashes a shot over the keeper from 20 yards. It wasn't the finest goalkeeping you will ever see, but a lovely hit.
    • 57' Ellen White goes down like she has been shot but the referee pays no notice. The striker had no real chance of getting the ball but Georges's arm was trailing a touch.
    • 56' Bardsley makes a decision to come for a cross and clasps it, just about. She has been excellent today, but the same cannot be said of all her colleagues in the England side.
    • 55' Jill Scott goes close for England as she moves onto a cross from Rachel Unitt and flicks it on. However, the ball flies just wide of the post.
    • 54' The England defence is opened up yet again but Casey Stoney clears well following a cross from Lepailleur. England are under real pressure at the moment.
    • 52' More space and time for France as they surge forward again. Necib is the creative force again as she slips a pass in for Delie. However the forward's shot is high and wide. That was a waste.
    • 50' Another chance for France. Necib feeds the ball into Thiney some 20 yards from goal and she turns and tries to chip the ball into the top corner, with Bardsley equal to it.
    • 48' So close for France! The ball drops kindly for Delie ten yards out and her snapshot flies wide of the post. That looked as though it was in for a second. A let-off for England.
    • 47' Yankey finds plenty of space on the left but with Ellen White lurking in the middle, she can't decide whether to cross or shoot and instead plants the ball in the arms of Deville.
    • 46' KICK OFF. We are back underway in Leverkusen.
    • 45+3' HALF TIME. England rue Kelly Smith's early miss as they go in at 0-0, but France have been the better side.
    • 45+3' The keeper flaps at the corner but England can't connect. They need to be finding Jill Scott or Faye White with those chances.
    • 45+2' Williams chases onto a cute ball over the top from Jill Scott and only just fails to keep the ball in as she stretches in desperation. Strangely the ref gives a corner.
    • 45' We will have two minutes of added time in Leverkusen.
    • 44' England are struggling to string passes together at present which doesn't bode too well, and Ellen White is far too isolated in attack.
    • 43' Abily drills in a cross from the right but Bardsley watches on as it flies out of play.
    • 42' Thiney moves towards goal with menace, skipping past a couple of challenges, but Jill Scott ghosts in to nick the ball away. Excellent from the midfielder.
    • 40' Lepailleur is back on and appears to be fine. It looked like it hurt though.
    • 39' Bardsley collects under real pressure from a dangerous corner and France's Laure Lepailleur requires treatment after clattering into the post when attempting to challenge the keeper. A bit of the old magic spray should do the trick.
    • 38' Camille Abily takes aim from 25 yards but her effort lacks accuracy and flies high and wide. France are ever improving in this contest.
    • 37' Necib delivers the free-kick deep and it threatens to soar over the head of Bardsley and in, but the attentive England goalkeeper punches over the bar and concedes a corner. From the set-piece, the ball is cleared to Sandrine Soubeyrand, who volleys wide.
    • 36' Carney is penalised for a foul on Sonia Bompastor after she just catches the France full-back on the side of the foot.
    • 36' Bardsley gets lucky as she attempts to clear and only succeeds in drilling the ball into the head of Delie. The ball thankfully flies wide, sparing the blushes of the England keeper.
    • 35' Devile races off her line to claim a long ball over the top. That was decisive goalkeeping.
    • 33' Faye White is penalised for leaping into Delie and heading upfield. She did lean into her in fairness.
    • 32' A good challenge from Yankey to halt a charge from Necib, that looked dangerous for a moment. This game is still lacking a bit of spark though.
    • 30' England stare in fear for a split-second as a fierce effort from Louisa Necib from the edge of the area flies just over the bar. That was close.
    • 29' Karen Carney charges forward with intent but loses the ball, and France hare down the other end as Delie wins a corner with a deflected shot off Faye White.
    • 27' That was France's best moment of the match so far but Bardsley dealt with well. She has done well after coming in for Rachel Brown in recent months.
    • 25' Good save! Gaetane Thiney takes aim with a dipping volley from 20 yards but Karen Bardsley is equal to it and throws herself to her left to keep it out.
    • 24' Very calm from Alex Scott under pressure as she controls in her own box and knocks a pass to a team-mate, who clears. The right back is a very classy player.
    • 23' Karen Carney aims the corner towards Jill Scott but the Everton midfielder is unable to leap and challenge for the ball.
    • 22' Now Georges is forced into evasive action to turn a cross from Rachel Unitt behind. Corner to England.
    • 21' White is down clutching her face after a clash of heads with Laura Georges. In true Stuart Pearce style, the French defender wanders off untroubled, but White gets to her feet too.
    • 20' France work it well to the left wing but Williams does excellently to cut out a cross and clear. White is then penalised for handball as she attempts to pressurise a French defender.
    • 19' Smith attempts to race onto a ball over the top from Yankey but the pass has far too much on it and Smith is adjudged offside in any case.
    • 18' This game hasn't caught light just yet but you can excuse a few nerves given we are now in the knockout stages of this World Cup.
    • 17' Fara Williams does well to spin away from two markers and spray a superb ball out to Rachael Yankey on the left. However, her cross is intercepted by the diving Deville.
    • 16' So just that excellent early chance for Kelly Smith so far. She really could have scored.
    • 14' England need to get Ellen White on the ball a bit more; she has been superb in the tournament so far and of course scored that great goal against Japan to ensure England's progression.
    • 12' Jill Scott produces an important block to deny Gaetane Thiney getting a shot away at Karen Bardsley. France have grown in stature in the past few minutes.
    • 11' A scramble in the France box as England swing in a corner but though goalkeeper Celine Deville finds herself all at sea, Alex Scott is penalised for a foul.
    • 9' Marie-Laure Delie tries to break through the England backline but Faye White is on hand to marshall her away from danger. It's good to see the captain back in action for England today.
    • 7' France win a corner but cannot take full advantage. Still it's encouraging for the side after England's strong start to proceedings in Leverkusen.
    • 5' Farah Williams goes into the book for a crunching tackle.
    • 4' So what have you missed? Well Kelly Smith rounded the keeper and saw her shot blocked, so it is England who have been the better side in the early exchanges.
    • 17.05 Apologies we have had some technical issues but we are good to go from now!
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  • England (W)

    Manager: Hope Powell

  • France (W)

    Manager: Bruno Bini

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