Sunday June 26, 2011 Group Stage: Group A Finished Olympiastadion

Germany (W) 2 - 1 Canada (W)

  • Garefrekes 10’
  • Okoyino Da Mbabi 42’
  • Sinclair 82’

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  1. Women's World Cup - Germany hold off Canada

    Women's World Cup - Germany hold off Canada

    Hosts Germany survived a late scare as they beat Canada 2-1 in their first game of the women's World Cup at Berlin's Olympic Stadium. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Germany (W)
    • Canada (W)
    • 90 There's the final whistle and it's high fives all round for the Germans. They dominated the game for the vast majority of it and although they were given a late scare by Sinclair's brilliant strike they thoroughly deserved to win the match.
    • 90+4 Gayle producing a long throw for Canada, flicked on by Zurrer but straight to Angerer
    • 90+3 Correction on the yellow card from earlier, it was Krahn not Kulig who was booked
    • 90+2 Kulig now producing an effort as Germany prove that attack is the best form of defence
    • 90+1 Laudehr takes a shot for Germany as they are the ones getting forward at this late stage but it's a long way over the bar
    • 90' It's another free-kick to Canada though and another yellow card, this time for Kulig. Didn't look like a foul and it certainly didn't merit a card, poor refereeing.
    • 89' Germany trying and succeeding in keeping the ball in the opponent's half and winding down the clock
    • 88' Germany getting very nervy now as Popp gives away another free-kick and Canada will play it into the area again
    • 87' What a chance for Canada!! A short corner is eventually whipped in to find Zurrer completely unmarked at the back post. She could have taken a touch but decided to hit it first time and blazed it wide, should have done much better.
    • 86' Canada win a corner from a miscued Krahn clearance
    • 85' Bajmaraj gives away a free-kick on the halfway line
    • 84' Grings trying to restore the two goal advantage with a rifled volley from the edge of the box but Mcleod gets everything behind it
    • 83' This promises a tense few minutes for the Germans now
    • 82' GOAL FOR CANADA!!! A stunning strike from Sinclair from the free-kick that she won herself as she curls it round the wall right into the top corner, past the despairing dive of Angerer. They've offered little this half but their captain has produced at the right time.
    • 81' The first booking of the contest and of the competition goes to Laudehr of Germany as Sinclair nicks the ball away from her and the German swings a lef out and brings her down. Free-kick to Canada twenty yards out.
    • 80' Timko comes on for Tancredi who has been poor this afternoon
    • 79' Another delightful move from Germany as Garefrekes and Popp lin-up to supply Grings, but her curled effort is too close to Mcleod who saves easily
    • 78' Laudehr is backed off and encouraged to shoot and she doesn't need a second invitation as she unleashes a powerful drive from twenty yards which crashes against the crossbar. The Canadian goal survives, for now.
    • 77' Bresonik has been calm throughout at right-back and has done the little she's had to very well, nodding the ball back to her 'keeper there under pressure
    • 75' Bajmaraj looking to make an impact with some stepovers bursting into the box, but the attack peters out
    • 74' Grings attempts a volley from a Popp cross but it's blocked before it becomes a threat to Mcleod
    • 73' Canada look a spent force, even when they get forward they are being easily muscled off the ball and I think they are looking forward to the final whistle
    • 72' The atmosphere continues to be excellent inside the Olympic Stadium as the crowd are loving this strong performance from the Germans
    • 71' Popp latches onto a long clearance from the back and gets another shot off but it's comfortable for Mcleod
    • 70' Bajmaraj is coming on for the hard working Behringer who has had a good game out on the right wing
    • 69' Schmidt comes off worse in a challenge with Garefrekes but the knee injury shouldn't keep her down for too long
    • 68' It looks only a matter of time before Germany get their third as they pin the visitors back basically into their own penalty box
    • 67' What a miss!!!! Brilliant move from the Germans includes two dummies in the build up to Popp breaking into the area and threading the ball between 'keeper and defender to find Garefrekes at the backpost but she managed to flash her effort over the open goal when it looked easier to score.
    • 66' Inka Grings replaces the scorer of the second goal Okoyino da Mbabi
    • 65' Popp produces a thunderous effort from twenty yards out which had Mcleod very worried indeed but luckily for her it skimmed the top of the bar and went behind
    • 64' Behringer has been a threat all afternoon down the right and gets another decent cross in, but there was the impressive Chapman again to make the clearance
    • 63' Filigno suffering with a knee injury and goes off for a healthy dose of magic spray
    • 62' Canada not producing any kind of goal threat as yet in the second half and Germany are growing increasingly comfortable
    • 61' Okoyino da Mbabi thought she was offside but the flag never went up, however by the time she restarted her run it was too late and Mcleod made the clearance
    • 60' The corner was rolled along the ground for Kulig but she failed to make a proper contact
    • 59' Garefrekes in again on the right flank but her cross was blocked and it goes out for a corner
    • 58' Garefrekes is played in by Okoyino da Mbabi down the right side of the penalty area and she beats her marker but then should have laid it back on for Okoyino da Mbabi who was free, but she shot and it was comfortably saved by Mcleod
    • 57' Popp showing her pace immediately and was nearly in on goal if it wasn't for a tremendous challenge from Zurrer coming in from left-back
    • 56' The legend that is Birgit Prinz is replaced by 20-year-old Alex Popp
    • 54' Germany dominating possession and pressing Canada back into their own half now, they're looking to make it three
    • 53' Okoyino da Mbabi claims for a penalty as she produced a fabulos turn in the box and then went down, but the referee saw no contact being made. It looked like a penalty but it wasn't easy for Melksham to see from her angle
    • 52' Chapman is very solid at the back for Canada, yet again cutting out a through ball, this time looking for Okoyino da Mbabi
    • 51' Pandemonium breaks out from the corner and it very nearly falls to Garefrekes two yards out but Mcleod just does enough to avert the danger
    • 50' Laudehr wins a corner for the Germans
    • 49' It looks like a broken nose for Sinclair which you can see from a mile away. She's a tough player though and is straight back onto the pitch
    • 48' Sinclair gets caught in the mouth by a swinging arm from Peter and is really suffering as a result
    • 47' Behringer floats the ball towards Pringz at the backpost but it's wayward and produces only a goal-kick
    • 46' There have been two substitutions for Canada at half-time Kyle and Nault being replace by Parker and Gayle
    • 46' Immediately from kick-off a long ball is played looking for Pringz, but it's well claimed by Mcleod who has had a very hit-and-miss game
    • 46' The second half kicks off in Berlin
    • 45+1 The referee brings the half to a close and the Germans will be very pleased with the scoreline in what has been a relatively tight half. The Canadians have threatened and will want to continue to do so in the second half, Germany will look to press home their advantage.
    • 45' Very disappointing corner for the Canadians and it's dealt with extremely easily
    • 44' Filigno goes down under a heavy challenge from Krahn and it's a free-kick to be taken by Nault who arrows it into the area and it's dealt with by Angerer who puts it behind for a corner
    • 43' GOAL FOR GERMANY!!! It's Okoyino da Mbabi who makes it two for the home team. A fabulous ball from Peter at left-back broke the offside trap and set Okoyino da Mbabi through on goal, Mcleod unwisely stayed on her line and it was a simple finish for the German to double her sides advantage
    • 42' It's another corner for Canada but their training ground routines aren't coming off against the experienced German defence and it results in a goal-kick
    • 41' Behringer breaks away down the right and unleashes a driven effort that had Mcleod worried but it went over the bar
    • 40' Okoyino da Mbabi very nearly gets on the end of a through ball from Pringz but it was excellent goalkeeping from Mcleod to come out and block the danger
    • 39' Ambitious ball from Ladehr and Garefrekas couldn't quite make it and it rolls out for a throw-in
    • 38' Angerer doesn't make the corner but her defence does it's job and it goes out for a throw-in
    • 37' Kyle looked to burst onto a through ball but Bartusiak was there to clear the ball for a corner
    • 36' Lovely flick from Filigno plays in Nault down the left but her cross finds only white shirts
    • 35' Pringz chases down a long ball but it's calm and competant defending from Chapman
    • 34' The Germans are playing a number of long balls into the area and getting no joy from it, they look a lot more dangerous when they get the ball down the flanks
    • 33' Corner for Germany well delivered by Behringer and met by Kulig at the back post. Her header was never troubling the Canadian goal though
    • 32' Garefrekes caught offside again and there's really no excuse as she was looking straight down the line
    • 31' The combative aspect of the game continues as Laudehr barges into the back of Wilkinson and is lucky to avoid a booking
    • 30' Prinz and Garefrekes link-up again but the goal scorer had strayed offside
    • 29' Matheson tries from range at the other end but doesn't get her effort on target
    • 29' A speculative effort from Kulig but it had no power behind it and Mcleod saved comfortably
    • 28' The Germans are a little unsettled, Krahn plays a poor ball straight ouot of play and Canada get back in possession again
    • 27' The experienced 'keeper Angerer is quickly out to claim a long ball from Zurrer
    • 26' Bartusiak takes down Sinclair about thirty yards out and Canada have the free-kick which was again cleverly worked but the Germans snuff out the danger
    • 25' Behringer had an idea but none of her team mates shared it as she rolls the ball tamely to the defender on the near post and it's cleared
    • 24' Chapman is back in defence now to deal with the threat of Pringz which she does well but concedes the corner
    • 23' It's another corner for Canada who aren't overawed by their opponents. They try a clever training ground routine that tees up Chapman on the edge of the box but her shot is well over the bar
    • 22' Germany looking to reassert their dominance but haven't got enough players in the box as a cross is squng in from the left
    • 21' The corner was played into a decent area but comfortably cleared by the Germans
    • 20' Canada showing they can threaten the favourites as Matheson puts in a cross right into the corridor of uncertainty and the defence certainly was uncertain as to hwo to deal with it. Bartusiak eventually clipped it out for a corner.
    • 18' The Canadians are very physical indeed, Tancredi going a little too far in a challenge with Behringer and gives away another free-kick
    • 17' Mcleod shows she can handle crosses as she plucks one out of the sky and looks to make up for her earlier error
    • 16' Behringer swings in the resulting free-kick from the right flank and Krahn finds herself unmarked eight yards out. She attempts a difficult first time volley and her effort flies over the bar.
    • 16' Nault the latest to give away a free-kick as she jumps unfairly with Garafrekes
    • 15' Laudehr unhappy with a challenge from Filigno who is putting in some heavy challenges early in the match
    • 13' Canada trying to get a foothold but they look shaken by the goal as Germany dominate possession
    • 12' Prinz played a delightful diagonal ball which saw Garfrekes in on the right side of the penalty box but her cut-back was wayward and easily cleared
    • 10' GOAL FOR GERMANY!! Mcleod makes a great save from a Garefrekes volley, but then ruins her good work by misjudging a Kulig cross which floated over her head and then was met by Garefrekes at the backpost who headed home. 1-0.
    • 9' Schmidt the epitomy of Canada's efforts to break up the German play, making tackles all over the pitch
    • 8' Canada look very combative in the middle of midfield and are trying to get in the faces of the Germans and disrupt the rhythm they are trying to create
    • 6' An incredible chance for Sinclair of Canada as the German defence opened like the Red Sea and she found herself through on goal after a perfectly weighted through ball. She seemed to panic though as her left footed effort blazed over the bar. They might not get a better chance.
    • 6' Dangerous looking cross from the left by Okoyino da Mbabi, but it's brilliantly held by Mcleod in the Canadian goal
    • 5' Filigno goes in strongly on Laudehr and it's undoubtedly a free-kick given away by the Canadian
    • 4' First shot on goal and it's from a long way out from Behringer, but it goes a long way wide of the target
    • 3' Garafrekes meets the corner at the back post and flashes the ball back across goal, but it is bundled away
    • 2' An early cross from Peter breaking forward from full-back results in a corner for the Germans
    • 1' Canada kick off and immediately play a long ball down to the left flank
    • 16.55 The officials are Australian for this afternoon's contest, Jacqui Melksham taking charge in the Olimpic Stadium in Berlin.
    • 16.50 The two teams have met nine times and the Germans have prevailed on every occasion so far, scoring 34 goals andconceding just 10.
    • 16.45 This is Canada's fourth world cup with their best performance coming eight years ago in the USA when they finished fourth. They have won four of theur fifteen previous matches in the competition.
    • 16.40 Germany are a vastly experienced team with their starting eleven having been capped 844 times between them, and that's without Ariane Hingst who has made 173 appearances for Die Nationalelf and is on the bench this afternoon
    • 16.35 Birgit Prinz will lead Germany onto the field in Berlin as captain, record appearance holder and record scorer. The Frankfurt forward has scored 128 goals in 212 appearances for her country.
    • 16.30 Hosts and holders Germany look to continue their undefeated run in world cups that stretches all the way back to 1999 when they lost in the quarter-finals to the USA
    • 16.28 Canada: Mcleod, Zurrer, Kyle, Wilkinson, Matheson, Chapman, Sinclair, Schmidt, Tancredi, Filigno, Nault
    • 16.27 The teams are in. Germany: Angerer, Bartusiak, Peter, Krahn, Laudehr, Behringer, Prinz, Bresonik, Okoyino da mbabi, Kulig, Garefrekes
    • 16.25 Welcome to the coverage of Germany v Canada in group A of the women's world cup 2011
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  • Germany (W)

    Manager: Silvia Neid

  • Canada (W)

    Manager: Carolina Morace

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