Thursday June 30, 2011 Group Stage: Group A Finished Commerzbank-Arena

Germany (W) 1 - 0 Nigeria (W)

  • Laudehr 54’

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  1. Women's World Cup - Germany edge past Nigeria

    Women's World Cup - Germany edge past Nigeria

    Germany edged Nigeria 1-0 in a hard-fought Women's World Cup game at the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Germany (W)
    • Nigeria (W)
    • 90+3' The referee blows the full time whistle.
    • 90+2' Angerer flies off her line and punches the ball to safety.
    • 90+1' Nigeria win a free-kick mid-way into Germany's half. Everybody but the goalkeeper is in the box. The ball comes off Krahn last and goes out for a corner.
    • 90' Sunday receives the ball on the edge of the area but had a complete lack of awareness, backheeling the ball straight to Krahn.
    • 89' Nigeria win a throw deep in Germany's half. Ukaonu attempts to cross butputs it straightout for a goal kick. Time is running out.
    • 88' Sunday chases the ball down in the German half but is beaten to it by Bresonik who clears it down field for a Nigerian goal kick.
    • 87' Mbami is replaced by Fatmire Bajramaj.
    • 86' Oparanozie who looks unlike herself today beats Peter but then runs the ball straight out of play.
    • 85' Mbachu is replaced by Francisca Ordega.
    • 84' Germany win a free kick and float it into the box. It fails to reach anybody and is sent back up field by Ebi.
    • 83' The corner is dangerous and again it ricochets around the box. This time Nigeria clear.
    • 82' A very poor backpass from Ohale troubles the keeper and she can do nothing butput it out for a corner.
    • 81' Nigeria need to find a goal from somewhere. If they don't, they're out.
    • 80' There is a break in play as Chiukwelu is down.
    • 79' Krahn concedes a corner but complains to the ref that the ball didn't go into touch. The corner does definitely go into touch though. It barely came in...
    • 78' Mbami skips down the left wing taking the ball past the right-back before feeding Kulig. The German shoots from 25 yards butit clears the bar.
    • 77' Another foul throw not given. Are they playing that rule in this competition?
    • 76' Ikidi quite clearly puts the ball into touch and it takes a deflection of Grings but the referee gives the trow-in to Germany. They nearly score from it as Garefrekes shoots from distance. It troubles the goalkeeper but she hangs on at the second attempt.
    • 75' Nigeria win a throw-in and for the first time it isn't a foul throw. Angerer comes out to collect.
    • 74' The resulting free kick is hoofed into the box. Krahn clears with a towering header.
    • 73' Kulig goes into the book after lifting Ikidi with a late tackle.
    • 72' Sunday gets stuck in straight away and wins the ball from Kulig. The African flicks the ballover the top of the defence towards Aighewi but the latter fouls Peter.
    • 71' Uchechi Sunday replaces Michael.
    • 70' Popp loses the ball on the right-hand touchline as she mis-controls. She tracks back to make a great sliding tackle.
    • 69' Ukaonu lifts the into the box from the resulting free-kick but it evades everybody and sails wide for a goal-kick.
    • 68' Aighewi does very well on the left flank, tricking her way past two opponents. She draws the foul with a nut-meg.
    • 67' The Germans retain possession in their opponents' half but hand it back to Nigeria with another ridiculous effort from near the half-way line. Baffling!!!
    • 66' Handball? No. Aighewi shoots on the edge of the area and it hits the arm of Krahn butthe referee ignores the shouts from the Africans.
    • 65' How has the referee not penalised Nigeria for foul throws? Every single one has looked very suspect...
    • 64' So close. The Germans rob the Africans in their own half and play some very nice football ono the way to the area. Garefrekes dinks over a lovely pass to Popp but the attacker fails to keep her shot down from 12 yards.
    • 63' Orji is replaced by Amenze Aighewi.
    • 62' The Africans win a free-kick 30 yards out. Mbachu crosses but Angerer is fouled and the Germans win a free-kick.
    • 61' Nigeria take control for a couple of minutes.Pressuring the German defence. THey've done well so far.
    • 60' Nkwocha unleashes another worm-murderer that flies some way wide of the goal. It has been a feature of this world cup so far...
    • 59' Nkwocha attempts an audacious effortfrom 30 yards. Angerer leaves it to drift wide.
    • 58' Nigeria win a throw-in and attemptto pump it into the box but it is too soft and is cleared.
    • 57' Laudehr is left in a heap on the floor as Orji's high tackle catches her on the shin pad. Ouch!
    • 56' Mbami crosses again but Grings' header is off target and it rolls out of play for a goal kick.
    • 55' GOAL! The African's concede another needless free-kick on the edge of their area. Mbami crosses and the ball ricochets around the penalty area before falling to Laudehr who makes no mistake in volleying it into the net.
    • 54' Kulig latches on to the end of Mbami's corner and heads towards goal. It is cleared off the line by Ohale.
    • 53' Prinz is replaced by Inka Grings.
    • 52' Ukaonu is forced into conceding a corner as she is put under severe pressure in the corner.
    • 51' Ohala receives a yellow card for a very late,hightackle on Kulig.
    • 50' Garefrekes receives the ball in a promising position on the right wing. She is about to cross for Prinz but the flag is raised.
    • 49' The Germans win a free-kick and cross the ball into the box. Again the delivery is poor and fails to beat the first defender.
    • 48' The Africans continue to put pressure on the Germans whenever they have the ball. The home side cntinue to lose the ball, as they did during the first half.
    • 47' Nigeria win a throw-in in a dangerous area of the pitch. Krahn comes across to clear the throw and set up an attack for her team.
    • 46' The second half is under way.
    • 45+1' The referee brings the first half to an end.
    • 45' Popp goes through on goal after a neat defence-splitting pass. Ebi times her tackle to perfection and clears the ball.
    • 44' Orji receives the ball 25 yards from goal. She takes a touch before shooting but the ballflies just wide.
    • 43' The Africans are battling well here. Many thought the Germans would have a lot of success in this game. None so far...
    • 42' Mbami crosses for Prinzbut fails to beat Ebi.
    • 41' Both teams lose possession in midfield.
    • 40' Kulig attempts an ambitious shot from the free-kick. The midfielder is at least40 yards from goal and fails to trouble the keeper.
    • 39' Garafrekes receives a pass on the right flank and cuts inside. Mbachu tracks her down but fouls her in teh process.
    • 38' Peter receives a ball that puts her in trouble. Chikwelu goes into the tackle very strongly, putting the German on the floor. She looks in some discomfort.
    • 37' Nkwocha's touch is slack and allows Mbami to run towards the goal. Ohale comes acrossto clear the ball for a throw-in.
    • 36' Laudehr bursts down the left flank and attempts to cross but her standing foot slips on the surface and the ball runs out for a goal kick.
    • 35' Ikidi is down getting treatment.
    • 34' Peter and Kulig exchange passes on the touchline. Ikidi closes the former down but gets a kick to the shin as she nicks the ball off her opponent.
    • 33' Bartusiak crashes into the back of Mbachu and concedes a freekick. The German is lucky not to go into the book.
    • 32' The first touch for Popp is a productive one as her looped pass releases Laudehr who crosses for Prinz. The ball is cut out by Ebi.
    • 31' Alexandra Popp replaces the injured Behringer.
    • 30' Nigeria win a corner as Orji flicks the ball off Bresonik.
    • 29' Nigeria win a free kick after a foul on Orji. The Africans pack the penalty area but Mbachu opts to shoot from 40 yards. It has some power behind it but is too central to worry Angerer.
    • 28' Ukaonu and Behringer go into a 50/50 challenge. The African wins the ball but hurts her opponent in the process.
    • 27' The attack is stifled as Prinz takes far to long to deliver the ball and is tackled.
    • 26' The resulting corner fails to beat the first defender and is cleared. Germany attack.
    • 25' Nigeria win a corner. The delivery is excellent and is aimed at Chikwelu who volleys towards the goal but it takes a deflection and goes out for another corner.
    • 24' Germany should be awarded a corner kick but the assistant referee flags for a goal kick, much to the annoyance of Laudehr.
    • 23' Silvia Neid looks less happy as she barks order to her team who are not controlling the game like they did during the opening minutes.
    • 22' Michael is released down the right wing and attempts to cross to the far post for Nkwocha but fails to beatthe goalkeeper.
    • 21' The African's win back the ball though and nearly go through on goal. Angerer rushes off her line to stop Oparanozie latching on to the pass.
    • 20' The World Champions retain the ball and keep possession,looking for a gap to open up.
    • 19' The Nigerian's have a number of throw-ins successively deep in their own half.
    • 18' Chikwelu gathers the ballon the half-way line and sprints towards the German goal.She attempts a pass through to Michael but Krahn strecthes out a leg and intercepts.
    • 17' The Africans do not seemed panicked despite the massive amounts of pressure put on them by the Germans. They pass the ball around neatly in there half.
    • 16' Nigeria take too long on the ball in the middle of the pitch and lose possession.
    • 15' Mbami is played through and takes the ball into the box before neatly slotting past the keeper. The flag was up seconds before and the goal will not stand.
    • 14' Behringer crosses towards the far post but the final-product is not good enough and it flies out for a goal kick.
    • 13' A very smart, quick passing moves is ended when Kulig prematurely shoots from distance. It's on target but Dede holds on easily.
    • 12' Orji surges through the German half towards the penalty area but has her pocket picked by Krahn
    • 11' Nigeria are enjoying their first spell of possession. They lose the ball and the Germans attack.
    • 10' The Germans have a good chance as Kulig plays a neat one-two with Behringer. The former ignores the latter just moments later though and opts to cross. Feeding Behringer was the better option as she would have had a one-on-one with the keeper.
    • 9' Ukaonu loses possession deep in her own half, allowing Laudehr to advance towards the penalty box but the defender recovers with a good solid challenge.
    • 8' Coach Silvia Neid will be very happy with how the World Champions have started. Judging on the way they have started, they will take some beating tonight.
    • 7' Prinz is almost clean through but a well-timed tackle from Ohale clears.
    • 6' Laudehr goes down very theatrically. The referee gives the free-kick butthere was absolutely no contact whatsoever.
    • 5' Germany's high energy start seems to be a bit too much for the Africans who haven't really had a touch on the ball as of yet.
    • 4' Dede gets down low and makes a smart stop when Laudehr sneaks in between the defender and keeper to shoot.
    • 3' Nigeria concede the foul when Orji fouls Bresonik.
    • 2' World Champions Germany look very comfortable on the ball from the off. They lose possession when an attempted flick-on runs out of play.
    • 1' Referee Cha Sung Mi gets the game under way.
    • 19:40 Nigeria: Dede. Ohale. Nkwocha. Ebi. Ukaonu. Mbachu. Orji. Oparanozie. Chikwelu. Michael. Ikidi. SUBS – Kalu. Iroka. Chukwudi. Chukwunonye. Oluehi. Ordega. Jerome. Sunday. Aighewi. Jonathan.
    • 19:40 Teamline-ups: Germany: Angerer. Bartusiak. Peter. Krahn. Laudehr. Behringer. Prinz. Bresonik. Okoyino Da Mbabi. Kulig. Garafrekes. SUBS – Schmidt. Grings. Popp. Holl. Faisst. Mueller. Hingst. Bajramaj. Goessling. Schult.
    • 19:39 During the two teams’ last encounter, Birgit Prinz and company thrashed the Nigerians 8–0 on a bitterly cold November evening in Leverkusen last year, on a night when pretty much everything went right for the home team.
    • 19:39 However, Die Nationalelf will be confident of winning the match after their impressive 2-1 win over Canada in the opening match of the World Cup. The Germans will take a big step towards wining Group A with a victory tonight.
    • 19:39 The Super Falcons will be looking to get a good result against the Germans after their disappointing 1-0 loss to France in the opening round.
    • 19:38 This game sees the FIFA Women’s World Cup holders meet African champions in Frankfurt.
    • 19:38 Good evening and welcome to the live commentary of Germany v Nigeria in the Women's World Cup.
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Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Germany (W)

    Manager: Silvia Neid

  • Nigeria (W)

    Manager: Eucharia Ngozi Uche

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