Sunday July 17, 2011 Final Finished Commerzbank-Arena

Japan (W) 2 - 2
(3 - 1)

  • Miyama 81’
  • Sawa 117’
  • Morgan 69’
  • Wambach 104’

  • Live Commentary

    • Japan (W)
    • USA (W)
    • - Thanks for joining us here for what has been a great game.
    • - It's a cruel way to lose for USA but congratulations to Japan for holding their nerve at the end
    • - What an ending to a stunning game of football and as good a world cup final as we could have hoped for.
    • - Kumagai scores a brilliant penalty and Japan win the Women's World Cup!!!!
    • - Wambach emphatically scores her penalty into the roof of the net but it might be too late for USA
    • - Sakaguchi just about scores her penalty as it creeps under the body of Hope Solo
    • - Heath's penalty is saved well by Kaihori diving to her right
    • - Nagasato's penalty is saved by Solo diving to her right, not a great penalty
    • - Lloyd now sends her penalty over the crossbar, really poor effort
    • - Miyama keeps her cool sending Solo the wrong way and Japan lead 1-0
    • - Shannon Boxx misses the first penalty of the shoot-out, the legs of Kaihori keep it out to her left
    • - What an unbelieveable ending that was to the game, all action and now we head to the drama of penalty kicks. An incredible final.
    • There is the second final whistle and we go to penalties. What a game it has been.
    • 122' The free-kick creates an enormous scramble in the area, it breaks to Heath who strikes a volley but it is brilliantly blocked
    • 121' Red card for Iwasimizu!! She brings down Morgan who was in on goal, no doubt it was a red card, but she could have saved the game for her team, free-kick right on the edge of the area for USA
    • 220' Fabulous chance for Wambach as O'Reilly puts in a great cross from the right, low across the six-yard box but Wambach on the slide puts it over the bar, she should have scored
    • 119' Very late substitution for Japan as Iwabuchi comes on for Maruyama who herself was a substitute
    • 118' Sawa looks for the run of Nagasato but the pass is wayward and it skips through to Solo
    • 117' Japan have again come from nowhere to equalise with just three minutes left of the game
    • 116' GOAL FOR JAPAN!!! Miyama swings-in the corner from the left and Sawa makes a fantastic run to the near post, her flick clips off Wambach and over Solo into the net. 2-2.
    • 115' Another chance for Japan to equalise as Sawa picks out a fabulous ball inside the left-back to find the onrushing Kinga, she managed to chip it over Solo as she came out but Rampone got back to clear it off the line for a corner
    • 114' Heath immediately gets on the ball and runs at the Japanese back four, she beats one but loses out in the second tackle
    • 113' Here comes Tobin Heath for the US replacing Rapinoe
    • 112' Japan very nearly pinch another equaliser as Miyama's cross is not dealt with by anyone and it bounces away from Solo but just behind Sawa unfortunately for Japan and it is eventually cleared
    • 111' Morgan's pace is still a threat to Japan as she chases after a long ball from Boxx but she can't quite keep it in
    • 110' USA playing the ball down into the corners to wind the clock down a bit
    • 109' Kawasumi lays it off to Maruyama on the edge of the box, she is quite off balance when she strikes it though and it flys wide of the post
    • 108' Kawasumi is hacked down on the right and somehow a free-kick isn't given, Japan do get the cross in though and USA just about clear it, they look very nervy though
    • 107' Japan need to get the ball forward quickly but that just isn't their game, they continue to knock it around and probe but it just isn't working
    • 106' The second half gets underway, not much of a break for the ladies at this stage
    • 105' There's the half-time whistle in extra time and USA have regained their advantage
    • 104' Wambach's fourth goal of the tournament might just have killed off Japan here, they look very deflated
    • 103' GOAL FOR USA!!! Abby Wambach's head saves USA again. Morgan does brilliantly on the left wing to beat her marker and then flashed in a great cross straight on to the head of Wambach on the edge of the six-yard box. There was no way she was missing from there and powered her header past Kaihori
    • 102' I'm very surprised we haven't seen Amy Rodriguez for USA or Mana Iwabuchi for Japan, I think we will do very soon.
    • 101' Kinga attempts a long-range effort bursting forward from right-back but it balloons over the crossbar
    • 100' A low ball in from the right nearly finds Wambach at the near post but it is well defnded and cleared
    • 99' USA looking the more dangerous, when Japan get on the ball they are happy just to knock it around, but that isn't going to help them at this stage
    • 98' Yellow card for Miyama because Lloyd kicked the ball at her from a free-kick, it's a booking for not retreating but she was offering her hand to say sorry for the foul, unbelieveable refereeing
    • 97' Japan looking a bit ragged and are misplacing a number of passes now
    • 96' Morgan gets on the end of a long-ball again, she has great pace and power and makes herself a yard of space, her left-footed shot is comfortably wide of the far post though
    • 95' O'Reilly goes in really late on Miyama and gives away a free-kick inside the Japanese half
    • 94' USA are having a go at this in the first-half as Rapinoe gets forward and puts in a cross, it's a poor one though and sails straight out of play
    • 93' The resulting corner isn't properly cleared and USA get a couple of strikes in on goal but they are both blocked by the crowd of Japanese players in the area
    • 92' Lloyd with a positive start to the extra period as she wins a corner on the right
    • 91' USA kick-off the first-half of extra time
    • 90' There's the final whistle, but it isn't the end of the game, we will go to extra-time here after the 90 minutes ended 1-1.
    • 90+2' Sameshima had a great chance to swing in a cross from the left but she took too long on it and runs it out of play for a goal-kick
    • 90+1' O'Reilly cuts in from the right flank making some great space for herself but she was on her weaker foot and her left-footed effort flys way over the bar
    • 90' Two crosses from O'Reilly from the right very nearly find Wambach but they are both very well defended by Japan
    • 89' Kawasumi picks out Sakaguchi on the edge of the area, she tries a first time drive but she doesn't hit it cleanly and it skids wide of the near post
    • 88' It looks like this could be heading for extra time now, USA will be kicking themselves that they have let this happen when they were so dominant
    • 87' It's very end-to-end now as Sawa picks out Kinga down the right, her cross is dangerous but Nagasato can't quite stretch far enough to get on the end of it
    • 86' Lepeilbet again resorts to playing it long towards Wambach but Kaihori is off her line well and catches it with ease
    • 85' Rapinoe with the best corner of the match but Wambach couldn't get her head to it in the six-yard box and it is well cleared
    • 84' Wambach works hard in the box and wins the corner for USA
    • 83' Lloyd with another surging run from midfield but was only ever intent on shooting when it wasn't really on, she is closed down and the ball is cleared
    • 82' The US looked completely rattled since the goal
    • 81' Japan straight back up the pitch again as Nagasato gets on teh ball in the box but takes too much time and is closed out
    • 80' GOAL FOR JAPAN!!! A rare mistake from Rampone saw her give the ball away on the edge of the area, the ball was swung in from the right and Buehler and Krieger between them compeltely messed up the clearance leaving Miyama with a simple finish from six yards
    • 79' There's just no way through for Japan, the US are happy for them to have the ball in their own half but all their options are blocked off in the opposing half
    • 78' Rapinoe caught just offside as Morgan looks to play her in down the left
    • 77' Rampone's experience is invaluable at the back, she reads the game incredibly well and marshalls her defence brilliantly
    • 76' Japan still can't find the final ball, USA are defending well and defending in numbers
    • 75' Miyama lacking options resorts to a very direct ball which is unlikely to work against this US defence, it rolls straight through to Solo
    • 74' It's a good physical contest in the middle of the park but Sakaguchi just takes it a little far as she pushes Lloyd over
    • 73' Sawa tries an effort from 20 yards, it's on target but had no power behind it, easy for Solo
    • 72' Miyama finds the run of Sameshima down the left but her cross is far too close to Solo who claims easily
    • 71' Japan will now have to open up a bit and go for an equaliser, it is hard to see where it will come from for them though
    • 70' GOAL FOR USA!!! Route one stuff from USA as Rapinoe plays a long-ball forward for Morgan to chase, she gets onto it behind the Japanese defence but she had plenty to do and she did it brilliantly firing past Kaihori from the edge of the box, great finish
    • 69' Rapinoe is having a frustratingly wasteful game as she tries a shot from a mile out that is easily blocked, her team mates don't look impressed
    • 68' Two changes for Japan as Ohno and Ando go off and are replaced by Nagasato and Maruyama
    • 67' Rapinoe again delivers the cross but her centre is again pretty poor and is dealt with
    • 66' Chances are being created now as O'Reilly puts in a great early cross from the right and finds Wambach, her header was heading in but is well tipped over by kaihori
    • 65' Sawa plays a fantastic through ball to Ohno which puts her in on goal, she is flagged offside but the replay shows she was definitely on, very unlucky
    • 64' Rapinoe heads to the other side to throw in an out-swinger, it's a shocking cross though and very easily cleared
    • 63' Rapinoe again delivers but it is put behind for another corner
    • 62' USA win another corner as Lepeilbet advances down the left, they are dangerous from these situations
    • 61' Sawa plays a fantastic chipped pass over Rampone to Kinga, she hits it first time on the volley from the right of the box but it ends up a long way over the bar
    • 60' The game becoming a bit scrappy now as both sides are desperately looking for an opening but are maybe trying too hard to find it and giving the ball away
    • 59' Rapinoe drives it in towards Wambach but it's a bit too deep again
    • 58' Hard work at the other end of the pitch from Heatehr O'Reilly sees her win a corner off Miyama
    • 57' Miyama with a great delivery but it evades everyone and bounces through the six-yard box to safety, USA living dangerously there
    • 56' Sameshima tries a cross from deep, it is blocked but they win a corner
    • 55' Sawa and Miyama getting on the ball and they are who Japan need to bring in to play if they want to create anything
    • 54' Ohno and Ando link up again for Japan, but again Ando can't produce a finish as Rampone closes her down in the area
    • 53' Wambach makes a clever angled run behind the centre-back and tries an ambitious lob over the keeper, it ends up a long way over the bar though
    • 52' Lloyd with a powerful run from midfield and as usual she is not afraid to shoot, it's a decent effort but into the side netting from the right-hand angle of the penalty box
    • 51' O'Reilly looked like she won the ball from Sawa but a free-kick is given to Japan on the half-way line
    • 50' As much as USA are dominating, the more chances they miss the more you think it might not be their night, Japan are creating very little though
    • 49' Alex Morgan nearly makes a fantastic impact as she gets on the end of a low O'Reilly cross, her near-post effort beats Kaihori but also comes back off the post
    • 48' Lloyd penalised for a heavy challenge on Ohno on the half-way line
    • 47' USA dominating possession as they did in the first half and probe for an opening
    • 46' Alex Morgan has replaced Cheney at half-time
    • 46' USA commence the second half
    • 45' There isn't too much doubt that USA have had the better of the half and certainly had the better chances. They will be disappointed not to be ahead and Japan will be very happy they aren't behind
    • 45' There's the half-time whistle and the sides go in goalless at the break
    • 45' Sawa picks out Kinga who had advanced down the right and was in a lot of space, it was a great chance to put in a dangerous cross but she failed to do so and it was easily cleared.
    • 44' Having said that they immediately create a chance as Ohno chips the ball over the back four diagonally which Ohno lunges to get on the end of, she is very close but doesn't make it
    • 43' Miyama does well in making space for herself in midfield but she is frustrated by the lack of movement ahead of her and this is why they are failing to create chances
    • 42' Boxx gets to the bye-line on the left and gets in a cross but the ball had gone out, goal-kick to Japan
    • 41' Lloyd goes in hard on Ohno on the half-way line, it looked quite bad but I think it was simply mis-timed
    • 40' Rapinoe tries to slide in Cheney, but Cheney pushes over Iwasimizu in trying to get the ball, free-kick to Japan
    • 39' Ando again running on behind the defence but again the through ball to her is too heavy and Solo is out to claim it
    • 38' Miyama finds Kawasumi on the edge of the box with a low pass, she hits it first time but it is well over the bar
    • 37' Ohno very nearly finds Ando again with a clever reverse through ball, Rampone beats her to it, it is a corner though
    • 36' Sameshima is a good outlet for Japan as she is always looking to get forward down the left, hasn't produced an end product yet though
    • 35' The clearance only finds Buehler though who swings it back in, Cheney beat the offside trap and had a free header inside the box, she tries to loop it over the keeper but it ends up over the bar as well. Another good chance
    • 34' Rapinoe sends the ball into the box from the right, it's not a great cross and easily cleared.
    • 33' Wambach holds the ball up well and is pulled down by Kumagai. Free-kick
    • 32' Japan enjoying a good spell on the ball now, but space is at a premium and they can't quite break into the final third
    • 31' Little scare for USA as Japan break at pace and Ohno slides in Ando, the pass forces her quite wide though and she tries a first time shot that is very tame and easy for Solo, they certainly can pose a threat though
    • 30' USA dominating possession again and probing for an opening that isn't easy to find wit hthe Japanese very well organised
    • 29' Wambach crashes the ball off the crossbar. Iwasimizu took out Cheney on the half-way line but Wambach didn't hesitate and the referee played a good advantage. Wambach surged forwards and on reaching the edge of the box unleashed a thunderous drive that looked to be heading for the top corner but came back off the bar. Unlucky.
    • 28' The resulting cross was very deep and is flicked away for a throw-in by the Americans
    • 27' Japan gaining some territorial advantage for the first time and win a corner as Rampone heads behind a cross from the left
    • 26' Wambach the obvious target and after an almighty scramble it does reach her at the far post, she tries to cut it back across but it is well held by Kaihori
    • 25' Krieger does well down the right winning a corner off Sameshima
    • 24' Kinga returns the compliment to Rapinoe by hacking her down on the half-way line
    • 23' Japan finding some space for the first time as Ando breaks down the left, her cross is decent but doesn't find anyone and it is cleared
    • 22' Kinga with some really poor control, Rapinoe tried to capitalise but pushed her over and gave away the free-kick
    • 21' Ohno gets Japan's first shot in anger off, but it is a long way wide of goal
    • 20' Hope Solo continues to be a spectator, but the USA aren't peppering the Japanese goal as they were a few minutes ago
    • 19' Japan finally get in to the American half but immediately lose possession, it really is a struggle for them at the moment
    • 18' Great one-two between Cheney and Rapinoe sees the latter bursting into the box from the left, there wasn't much on but from that angle she should never have tried the shot, that is what she did though and it hits the side netting and goes for a goal-kick
    • 17' Japan really struggling to get out of their own half as Lloyd tries a couple of long range shots, both are blocked though
    • 16' Kaihori spending time on the ball and it might not be a bad tactic, just to take the pace out of the game
    • 15' USA seem to have just lost their momentum for now, Japan aren't creating anything of their own for now though
    • 14' Japan can't get their passing game going at all as USA press them all over the pitch, the longer it remains goalless though the more confident they will become
    • 13' Japan are just about weathering the storm at the minute, but more due to wastefulness from the Americans, could they live to regret these missed chances?
    • 12' Crikey another chance for USA, they are all over Japan, Cheney gets to the bye-line and cuts it back to Rapinoe, she was six-yards out but under a bit of pressure and her shot went wide of the near post, probably the best chance so far
    • 11' Another great chance for USA as Lloyd's cross towards Wambach is cut out but it falls back to Lloyd oon the edge of the box, she hits it on the volley and it is just over the bar
    • 10' USA have certainly had the better of the opening stages and have already got three decent efforts on goal in, Japan aren't panicking though
    • 9' The ball breaks to Lloyd from the goal-kick and she finds Wambach who doesn't hesitate to shoot from distance, her shot drops just over the bar though
    • 8' Another good chance for USA and Cheney as Rapinoe does well on the left wing and gets a cross in to the near post, Cheney tries to flick it towards goal but it just flashes wide
    • 7' Krieger looks for the run of Wambach, she hsn't quite got the pace to get on to it though, scampering after through balls isn't really her strength
    • 6' USA finally taking the pace out of the game as they string a few passes together, Lloyd is a calming influence in the middle of midfield
    • 5' Neither team have settled properly yet as they both give away possession in the middle of the field, if either can calm down quicker than the other they could gain an advantage
    • 4' Sawa only needs a second to pick a pass and she slides the ball through towards Ando who was making a run from midfield but the pass was just over-hit and it ran through to Solo
    • 3' The match is being played at an incredible pace in the opening couple of minutes, unsurprising as adrenaline must be flowing
    • 2' The corner is aimed at Wambach but it doesn't quite reach her, Sawa makes the clearance
    • 2' Very early chance for USA as Cheney outmuscles Iwasimizu and gets in on goal but from a very tight angle on the left, Kaihori makes the save and it goes for a corner
    • 1' Japan get the game underway.
    • 19.45 Japan win the toss, and we are seconds away from kick-off in the sixth Women's World Cup final
    • 19.44 The singing is over, the hand shaking is complete, time for a quick photo and now it's the coin toss
    • 19.42 The teams are out on the pitch and the national anthems are underway
    • 19.40 The officials for tonight's final all come from the host nation of Germany, Bibiana Steinhaus takes charge of the game.
    • 19.35 USA are odds on favourites with most bookies for this game, experience probably swinging their opinion towards the Americans, but I'm sure no one is counting out the Japanese.
    • 19.30 USA's six yellow cards and one red card makes them joint worst in terms of discipline in the tournament. They may need to take a fairly physical approach to counter the technical expertise of the Japanese.
    • 19.25 Japan captain Homare Sawa is currently tied with Brazil's Marta for the Golden Boot with four goals. She will want to claim the prize for herself tonight, but so will USA's Abby Wambach who is just behind her on three goals. A goal for Wambach would make her out-right second in the all-time World Cup goalscorers list with 13.
    • 19.20 Japan have only conceded four goals in the five games they have played so far, however USA are the top scorers in the competition with 11, an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object?
    • 19.15 Big news for USA is Amy Rodriguez dropping to the bench and Megan Rapinoe starting, a bold move from coach Pia Sundhage and very disappointing for the Philadelphia striker
    • 19.12 Team News: USA: Solo, Rampone, Lepeilbet, Boxx, O'Reilly, Lloyd, Krieger, Cheney, Rapinoe, Buehler, Wambach.
    • 19.10 Team News: Japan: Kaihori, Kinga, Iwashimizu, Kumagai, Sakaguchi, Ando, Miyama, Kawasumi, Sawa, Ohno, Sameshima.
    • 19.05 USA are competing in their third World Cup final whereas this is Japan's first appearance in the showpiece match. Worryingly for Japan, USA have never failed to win the tournament when they have reached this stage.
    • 19.00 Good evening and welcome to our coverage of the Women's World Cup Final in Frankfurt between Japan and USA.
  • Summary

    • - Heath's penalty is saved well by Kaihori diving to her right
    • - Nagasato's penalty is saved by Solo diving to her right, not a great penalty
    • - Lloyd now sends her penalty over the crossbar, really poor effort
    • - Shannon Boxx misses the first penalty of the shoot-out, the legs of Kaihori keep it out to her left

Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Japan (W)

    Manager: Norio Sasaki

  • USA (W)

    Manager: Pia Sundhage

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