Wednesday June 29, 2011 Group Stage: Group D Finished SGL arena

Norway (W) 1 - 0 Equatorial Guinea (W)

  • Haavi 84’

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  1. Women's World Cup - Norway dodge humiliation

    Women's World Cup - Norway dodge humiliation

    Norway edged past minnows Equatorial Guinea 1-0 in the first Group D match of the Women’s World Cup in Augsburg. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Norway (W)
    • Equatorial Guinea (W)
    • 90+3 The referee brings an end to a very entertaining match. It's harsh on Equatorial Guinea but the Norwegians will be very relieved at not being held to an embarrassing draw against the minnows of the tournament.
    • 90+3' Miriam sends a massive clearance up field. It bounces over Mjelde yet again and is chased down by Anonman. Hjelmseth gathers.
    • 90+2' Thorsnes is given a yellow card after a very poor, very lattle slide on Jumaria.
    • 89' Norway very nearly do catch Equatorial Guinea on the break. Pedersen only has one defender to beat but is unable to as she trips over the ball.
    • 88' The Africans have pushed everybody forward. They could be caught on the break but it's all or nothing for them now.
    • 87' Gardsjord is down. Hjelmseth puts it out as the defender is keeping everybody on-side.
    • 86' The ball bounces kindly for Jumaria on the edge of the Norway box. She elects not to pass and shoots, straight at Hjelmseth.
    • 85' It's turned a bit scrappy. Both teams are giving the ball away needlessly. Nerves from both sides perhaps?
    • 84' The Africans are sending it long now. Just hoping for a lucky bounce. It doesn't happen just yet. But you never know...
    • 83' Heartbreak for Equatorial Guinea. Seven minutes from the full-time whistle and they finally concede. Pedersen races down the right flank and pulls it back for Haavi who smartly side-foots into the roof of the net.
    • 82' Anonman is clean through again. She opts to shoot on the edge of the area. Would you believe it? It flies wide. The lino's flag is up anyway. It wouldn't have counted.
    • 81' Great effort. Norway send the ball long for Pedersen to chase. The ball is cleared but only just and the onrushing Pedersen unleashes a rocket from 20 yards that is tipped over.
    • 80' Hjelmseth has been very good between the sticks today. The Norway custodian punches the inswinging corner away to set up her team's attack
    • 79' Ronning's pocket is picked and the African's go on the counter attack. Dorine cannons the ball off the covering defender and they have a corner.
    • 78' What a great result this would be for the debutants. They're 12 minutes away from drawing against the 4th best team in the world. Norway keep the ball.
    • 77' Equatorial Guinea's quality of defending whilst of the ball has been second to none today. There's no doubt that Norway possess all the tools to score many goals but the Africans' defence has been water tight. So far.
    • 76' Norway are retaining the ball well. They have slowed down the frantic pace of the game and are switching it from side to side.
    • 75' Adriana's dangerous inswinging cross is just missed by Anonman and is gathered by Hjelmseth.
    • 74' How many more chances will she need? Anonman is released into the box by Adriana and attempts a snap-shot. Maybe she should have talen her time as the shot dribbles about 10 yards wide.
    • 72' Mykjaland is replaced by Leni Larsen Kaurin.
    • 71' Great save. Hjelmseth's defence expose her again and Anonman goes through one-on-one. The keeper makes herself big and parries the shot for a corner.
    • 70' Anonman has another great chance to put her side in the lead. The Norwegian defence mis-judges the ball for the umpteenth time of the match. The Captain bursts into the box and fires her left footed shot just wide.
    • 68' Vania tries too much on the right flank. Stensland closes her down and plays the ball off the African to win a throw-in. Vania's not happy with the offical, giving her a piece of her mind.
    • 67' There is a slight lull in play as the ball is given away too easily in the centre of the pitch by both teams.
    • 66' Equatorial Guinea play themselves into a spot of bother. They pass the ball around across the edge of their penalty area. Dulcia puts Carolina under pressure as Pedersen closes her down but the African clears. Just.
    • 65' Captain and star player Anonman takes the resulting free-kick and ambitiously goes for goal. It sails over the bar.
    • 64' The is a slight break in play as Diala is down with a head injury. Adriana replaces her.
    • 63' Apologies for the lack of updates. There was a slight technical glitch. Cecile Pedersen replaces Herlovsen and immediately scores. Her header at the back post hits the side netting.
    • 58' The ball in is very weak, failing to clear the first defender. The Scandinavians clear and go on the counter attack but lose possession witha poor final ball.
    • 58' The ball in is very weak, failing to clear the first defender. The Scandinavians clear and go on the counter attack but lose possession witha poor final ball.
    • 57' Equatorial Guinea enjoy a spell of possession, giving their defence a much needed rest. Anonman is fouled and they will now have a chance to get the ball into the box.
    • 56' Norway have a number of corners in quick succession. Miriam has another nightmare with the cross, resulting in a goalmouth scramble. The ball hits the post again before beaing cleared.
    • 55' Norway look in control of the game at the minute, as they did at the start of the first half. A whipped cross evades everybody in the box and nearly floats into the far corner. It is pushed wide by Miriam.
    • 53' Exciting stuff. Giske hits the post. Herlovsen tees her team-mate up on the edge of the box. The ball cannons off the right upright and flies to safety.
    • 52' Unbelievable. Anonma should have put her side in the lead with another one-on-one. The stripy-haired midfielder uses her body well to fend off the challenge from the defender. The African rolls the ball away from Berge but cannot convert from six yards, shooting wide.
    • 51' Bruna tries a drag back on the edge of her box. It doesn't go well as Herlovsen steal the ball from her. The striker only has to beat the 'keeper but fires wide. Very poor.
    • 50' They've started much quicler than their African counterparts in this second half. Again Norway have a corner and yet again the delivery isn't quite good enough. Ana Cristina heads away.
    • 49' Should have scored. Mjelde floats the ball into the box from a free-kick. Herlovsen times her run to perfection but makes a complete mess of the header, skewing it wide from six yards out.
    • 48' The Scandinavians have another chance just seconds later. Thorsnes advances down the left flank and cuts inside. Her cross-shot is completely missed by Miriam and it slides narrowly wide.
    • 47' Norway have the first chance of the second half. They craft themselves another corner but again it is well cleared.
    • 46' The second half is under way. There are substitutions for both teams. Lene Mykjaland replaces Giske for Norway and Laetitia replaces Christelle for Equatorial Guinea.
    • 14:50 What a surprising, yet entertaining first half. Equatorial Guinea have played some very good football against the 4th best team in the World. The game could have been very different had the Norwegians taken that chance within 80 seconds but they didn't and it's still 0-0.
    • 45+1 The referee blows the whistle to signal the end of the first half.
    • 45+1' So close. Anonman nearly puts Equatorial Guinea in the lead with the last kick of the half. Mjelde mis-judges the bounce, allowing the African captain to burst into the penalty area. Hjelmseth stands her ground and parries the shot away, smothering it on the second attempt.
    • 45' Another shot from the Africans. Unsurprisingly it comes from the boot of Anonman. It doesn't trouble Hjelmseth.
    • 43' Just as I say that though, Norway have the best chance of the game. Thorsnes neatly takes on her opponent and advences into the penalty area. She then cuts inside of Ana Cristina and unleashes a shot from 6 yards that looks destined to hit the net. A last-ditch sliding block from Carolina keeps the scores level.
    • 42' Equatorial Guinea seem to be proving their doubters wrong. The 70/1 outsiders looked in trouble during the first few minutes but have settled down very well and have probably just shaded it, for me.
    • 41' Very tidy football from the debutants. They pass it pass it around. Making neat flicks and passes with their chest but a very tempting cross is dealt with very well by Hjelmseth.
    • 40' Norway have a corner. Miriam wisely stays away from it and lets her defence deal with it. They do so very well.
    • 39' The African's pass the ball around neatly on the edge of the Norway area. Anonman is at the heart of all their good work. A weak shot ends the spell of possession.
    • 37' Penalty? Referee Quetzalli Alvarado says no. Diala capitalises on another mix-up in the penalty area. The African goes down under a challenge from Ana Cristina but play is waved on.
    • 36' Equatorial Guinea have a free-kick on the edge of their area. It is sent long up field, aimed at the head of Anonman but the captain is beaten in the air by Ronning.
    • 35' The Europeans again send in a couple of long balls towards the African's defence but Carolina clears twice with powerful headers.
    • 34' The Equatoguineans are holding their own. Possession is only shaded by 6% towards the Scandinavians. 53%-47%.
    • 33' The African's clear the corner and attack through Jumaria who is the solitary player up the pitch. The Number 14 loses possession though, under pressure from two defenders.
    • 32' Again the Norwegians pass the ball well. This time they attack the left flank before Thorsnes attempts a shot towards the near post that Miriam is equal to.
    • 31' The Norwegians surge into the oppoisition's half but a very poor pass from Thorsnes runs straight out for a throw-in and spoils what lookd a very promising move.
    • 29' Both teams' defence are given a break as Dorine goes down under a heavy challenge.
    • 28' The African's flood forward in the hope of taking the lead but are caught on the break when Jumaria gives a sloppy pass away. Giske attempts to take on one of the two defenders but gets her feet mixed up and it's cleared for a throw-in.
    • 27' Norway pump a few long balls into the African's penalty area in quick succession but the debutants deal with the pressure and clear each time.
    • 26' Diala's injury is a thing of the past. The Striker runs down the left flank before crossing for Vania who fails to keep her half-volley down and it sails high and wide.
    • 25' The ball is being passed around the centre of the pitch. Both teams struggle to keep possession.
    • 24' The Scandinavians then opt to shoot long. Trine Ronning takes on a volley but perhaps should have taken a touch, it hits Row T, at least.
    • 23' The resulting corner from the Christelle shot is punched clear. Anonma then sends in a right-footed cross but it is too long.
    • 22' Diala goes down, but not under any challenge. The stretcher is on but she is able to continue.
    • 21' Do you think they practise their shooting in training? Christelle then has a pop from 25 yards and Hjelmseth has to be on her toes to dive to her right and put it out for a corner. The Norwegian goalkeeper is clearly not happy at the amount of shots she is having at her.
    • 20' They're playing very well, the Nzalang Nacional. Diala attempts another long-ranger but it is straight at Hjelmseth.
    • 19' The Equatoguineans nearly take the lead again. A mix-up in the Norwegian box allows the left-back Dulcia to take a shot. Mjelde recovers well to get the block in.
    • 18' Christelle plays a lobbed through ball over the top for Diala but the African is ruled offside.
    • 17' The resulting corner is far too near the goalkeeper and she collects it with ease.
    • 16' Another long-range effort. This time it nearly flies in though. Jumaria collects the ball about 35 yards out and has a right-footed drive towards the top corner, Hjelmseth has to tip it around the post
    • 15' The Norewgian's go long. And it causes a little havoc in the African's penalty area as Ana Cristina dwells on the ball. Haavi then fould her to relieve a little pressure.
    • 14' The Equatoguineans seemed to have settled. They are passing the ball around with some fluidity at the minute.
    • 13' The crowd go wild as the green-and-black stripy haired star dances over the ball before nut-megging her opponent.
    • 12' Moments later though, the African's are nearly ahead. Anonma bursts into the Norwegian box and after taking on Maren Mjelde, she pulls the ball back but it is cleared.
    • 11' Another wild, wild shot. This time from captain Anonma. She's 40, maybe 45 yards out and attempts an outrageous volley. It nearly goes for a throw-in.
    • 10' The Lions' defence are given a minute's break as the ball is being passed around the centre circle.
    • 9' The way this match is going, the African's will do very, very well to get anything out of the game. It's all Norway.
    • 8' What a miss! Norway pass their way through their opposition's defence and the ball falls to Isabell Herlovsen. The Norewgian is 8 yards out with only the goalkeeper to beat but she clears the bar.
    • 7' Norway get another corner and again Miriam gets nowhere near it. This 'keeper does not look too comfortable at the minute.
    • 6' The Equatoguineans pass the ball neatly out of their own half, quite promisingly, but Jumaria attempts another wild shot and it flies wide.
    • 5' The Lions are currently struggling to get out of their own half, seemingly content to clear the ball up field any chance they get.
    • 4' The Scandinavians force the first corner of the game as Hedda Gardsjord flicks the ball off Dulcia's legs. Miriam flaps at the resulting corner before Haavi's cross is sent some way wide.
    • 3' The Norwegians continue to apply pressure on the African's defence but struggle to break it down.
    • 2' Moments later though, Norway nearly take the lead after a poor header back to the goalkeeper is cut out. Elise Thornses beats Miriam in goal for the Equatoguineans but sees her shot cannon off the post.
    • 1' Equatorial Guinea have the first shot of the game. The Lions advance into their opponents half before Jumaria's tame shot is held by the 'keeper.
    • 0' The match is underway.
    • 13:58 The national anthems are now over and the two sets of players have taken their positions on the field.
    • 13:53 Knowing very little about each other's game, both teams have opted to go for a 4-5-1 formation.
    • 13:53 Equatorial Guinea: Miriam. Bruna. Dulcia. Carolina. Ana Cristina. Vania. Diala. Dorine. Anonman (c) Jumaria. Christelle. SUBS – Emeliana. Natalia. Sinforosa. Yao. Chinasa. Lucrecia. Adriana. Maria Rosa. Fatoumata. Laetitia.
    • 13:52 The line-ups are in. Norway: Hjelmseth Holstad. Mjelde. Stenslad (c). S. Lund. Ronning. Gardsjord. Thorsnes. Haavi. Giske. Herlovsen. SUBS – W. Hegland. Vikestad. Pedersen. Kaurin. Skarbo. Tofte Ims. Mykjaland. Ryland. Knutsen. Mienna.
    • 13:52 Equatorial Guinea’s star play and captain Genoveva Anonman has done something a little different with her hair for the tournament. The 22-year old midfielder has her hair platted in cornrows with every other row dyed green. She believes that it is a reflection of the spirit of her country. “Our team has four colours, but I chose green for this World Cup because it’s particularly significant for our country. It reflects African tradition and culture”
    • 13:51 The Gresshoppene have also claimed title of European champions (1987 and 1993). They are one of only three European teams to have done so. Sweden and Germany are the other two. Finally, completing their array of silverware, Norway also won Olympic Gold at the 200 Games in Sydney.
    • 13:48 Whilst this is the Equatoguineans first official away match from their continent, Norway are FIFA Women’s World Cup veterans. At each of the World Cups they have taken part in, the Scandinavians have reached the quarter-finals as a minimum, winning the trophy at the 1995 finals in Sweden.
    • 13:42 Another worrying stat for the Lions is that Norway have registered more victories than any other side in qualification for the FIFA World Cup - winning 40 out of their 50 qualifiers. The Scandinavians have also not been beaten in qualification since 1998. A record that stretches over 28 games.
    • 13:37 In 1995 the Gresshoppene thrashed Nigeria 8-0. And during the 2007 World Cup in China, they also inflicted a heavy 7-2 defeat on Ghana.
    • 13:35 Equatorial Guinea surprised everybody in 2008 by winning the African Women’s Championships and came ever so close to retaining the title in 2010, narrowly losing to Nigeria in the final. However, they will face a far more challenging opponent today as Norway have a fantastic record against African teams.
    • 13:33 The African’s, who are appearing at their first World Cup, give up 57 places in the World rankings to Norway. The Nzalang Nacional are ranked at 61st in the World, with their Scandinavian counterparts at number four.
    • 13:31 Good afternoon and welcome to live commentary of the Women’s World Cup Group D match between Norway and Equatorial Guinea.
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  • Norway (W)

    Manager: Eli Landsem

  • Equatorial Guinea (W)

    Manager: Marcelo Frigerio

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