Sunday July 10, 2011 Quarter-final Finished SGL arena

Sweden (W) 3 - 1 Australia (W)

  • Sjögran 11’
  • Dahlkvist 16’
  • Schelin 52’
  • Perry 40’

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  1. Women's World Cup - Sweden beat fragile Aussies

    Women's World Cup - Sweden beat fragile Aussies

    Terrible defending from Australia helped Sweden to a 3-1 Women’s World Cup quarter-final win in Augsburg. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Sweden (W)
    • Australia (W)
    • 90+4 There you have it! Sweden are through and they face Japan in the semis on Wednesday! Up later it's Brazil v USA...
    • 90+3 Early touch for Nilsson as Sweden come forward, they just need to run down the clock now but give it away needlessly.
    • 90+2 SWEDEN SUB: Svensson comes off for Nilsson.
    • 90' Three minutes added time now.
    • 89' Butt with a deep cross from the right but too deep and away for a throw.
    • 88' More rotten defending from the Aussies as they try to play it around the back, almost letting Schelin in again, but this time they survive.
    • 87' Long ball into the Sweden box and Lindahl flaps for the first time today but she gets luck and it spins away from goal and to safety!
    • 85' The free-kick is wasted though and Sweden get possession back.
    • 84' De Vanna with a lovely backheel wide left for Knight but a poor ball. Garriock now booked and she would miss the semi but that's not likely anyway.
    • 83' SWEDEN SUB: Oqvist off for Edlund. Another corner as Schelin tries to clear. The next one is half cleared and Shipard shoots but blocked.
    • 82' Lindahl with a very good stop from Butt's curling effort which was going wide though.
    • 81' Garriock has a pop after the initial effort is cleared but well wide.
    • 80' Free-kick Australia, given away by Fischer, who is booked and misses the semi.
    • 79' Schelin almost grabs a fourth goal for Sweden. Great cross that Barbieri mishandled. Looked over the line, but no goal. Shouldn't make too much difference.
    • 78' SUB: Change coming here for Australia as McCallum departs to be replaced by Shipard.
    • 77' Corner to Sweden after the keeper spills the ball.
    • 76' Schelin goes it all alone and, with Carroll on her, she can only side-net the finish from wide.
    • 75' The free-kick is cleared but Sweden have it back on halfway. Australia bring it forward now but Garriock is closed down by Thunebro.
    • 74' Schelin with a wicked first touch and turn into space, taking two defenders with her and winning a free-kick. Like Ibra without the attitude.
    • 73' Schelin's a bit of a ringer: she shows great skill and pace to race away from the back four before dragging a low shot wide.
    • 72' De Vanna with a super run down the left, testing ball but it skips over everyone's heads and away. Now Simon plays it in but Lindahl claims.
    • 71' The corner is sent to the edge of the box and Butt heads it on but easy for the keeper.
    • 70' Garriock swings it in but Lindahl fists it out for another corner. She's taken out one of her team-mates, punching Thunebro in the head.
    • 69' Uzunlar strides forward from the back, good run from her and wide to Garriock. A poor backheader and it's out for a corner.
    • 68' Lindahl fists Garriock's delivery away.
    • 67' Sjogren is booked, Australia free-kick 30 yards out. Forsberg has come off for Fischer.
    • 66' Almost a route in for Australia after De Vanna gets behind the slower Larsson, Lindahl rushes out to block but if falls to De Vanna and she hoots but well wide from an angle. Simon was waiting for it, should have passed!
    • 65' Sjorgen puts the corner in but over the heads of Schelin and Forsberg.
    • 64' Schelin robs Kellond-Knight with far too much ease as Sweden enter a rare spell of possession this half. Schelin with a one-two with Forsberg but her low cross is hacked behind for a corner.
    • 63' Butt with a super cross from the right and SIMON WITH A FREE HEADER FAR POST but she puts it wide!
    • 62' Where Australia can't defend, Sweden can, well cleared.
    • 61' Free-kick to Australia on the right. They take their time as everyone gets up there...
    • 60' It's a shame they let in that awful goal because Australia have been the better side this half. Sweden seem to have run out of puff - something that just doesn't happen to Matildas.
    • 58' AUSTRALIA SUB: Butt on for Perry.
    • 57' Seger tries a through ball for Oqvist but blocked, only into the path of Sjogran. Australia can clear though.
    • 56' By the way there have been some rubbish celebrations from the Swedes today, Scandinavians are not known for their dancing ability and that was an apt showcase of it. Reminiscent of middle-aged women doing the chicken dance at family dos.
    • 55' Oqvist on the run down the left but she has no support and opts to shoot, side netting.
    • 54' Corner to Australia but the Swedes clear at the near post.
    • 53' What is it about Australia's comedy defending? Carroll and Uzunlar have had a nightmarish tournament. That was Australia's best spell too.
    • 52' GOAL! 3-1 SWEDEN! More shocking defending from Australia, a woefully underhit backpass from Carroll this time they KEEP doing that! Schelin gobbles it up, showing great technique to control it, round the keeper and slide it in. She's a good player.
    • 51' A bit early for time wasting but some jeers as Sweden take an age with a throw...
    • 49' Australia have really started this half well, Sweden seem to have had some wind knocked out of them by that goal and they're not getting their feet on the ball.
    • 48' Good ball in from Garriock on the left and Larsson misses her header but Lindahl punches away!
    • 47' De Vanna is in down the right as the Aussies start well but she is just offside.
    • 46' The second half is under way.
    • 45' Half-time and it's 2-1 to Sweden although Australia can count themselves fortunate to still be in it.
    • 44' The Aussies a lot more confident now as they play it about at the back...
    • 43' Schelin with more good play on the left, inside for Thunebro who unleashes a shot but well wide.
    • 42' Another free-kick to Australia but too deep so taken short. Kellond-Knight on the right but Sweden bring it clear.
    • 41' Well, they were always going to look to set pieces to get back into this but not like that! Another corner for the Aussies on the left but it flies out of play.
    • 40' OH WHAT A GOAL! From nothing, Perry curls in a beauty with her left foot after a short corner routine. Well, that was from quite far wide and a taller keeper would have stopped but but a great shot.
    • 39' Space for McCallum on the right now but a poor low cross into no-one in particular. Seger puts it out for a corner though.
    • 38' Poor free-kick from McCallum, wide of the far post although some suspect positioning from Lindahl.
    • 37' A promising Aussie move breaks down when Garriock plays an aimless ball from left to right that the keeper claims.
    • 36' Forsberg with a cross in now but Barbieri claims.
    • 35' Great run by Oqvist and a testing right-wing cross but Perry heads clear.
    • 34' Seger tries a crossfield pass but it's a bit Hollywood as no-one is there and Australia bring it away.
    • 33' Sweden are totally controlling this match. Australia look second rate, they're certainly second to most balls.
    • 31' Well defended from Sweden and now they bring it away, could have countered but a panicky quick ball is fielded by Perry.
    • 30' Free-kick to Australia from wide left. The only danger thus far has been from set plays....
    • 29' Held up by Oqvist but the flag is up for offside.
    • 28' Corner Sweden on the right, the Aussies hemmed in now...
    • 27' Daisy cutter from Oqvist that Barbieri has no trouble claiming.
    • 26' Schelin with a superb touch to bring the ball down the left of the box, she shrugs off one challenge then tries a fairly outrageous curler from wide that flies just over! Good player this.
    • 25' Garriock slides a nice ball through for Simon, who lacks the pace to get on to it and Lindahl claims. Nice play by De Vanna to set it up.
    • 23' Simon is booked for a late block off the ball.
    • 21' Great cross by Schelin on the right but no-one can make contact and it spins away for a goal kick.
    • 20' De Vanna comes forward but has few options, Simon picks it up but shoots weakly at the keeper.
    • 18' Svensson plays it long but it's pretty aimless and a goal-kick to Australia.
    • 17' Late tackle from Garriock on Dahlkvist and she is lucky not to see yellow.
    • 16' That defending looks so much worse on the replay. Australia's defending in this tournament - against Equatorial Guinea in particular - has been suspect at best.
    • 15' GOAL SWEDEN! Dahlkvist with a simple headed finish after some shocking marking from Perry and Carroll. They just let her find the free header from six yards. Terrible defending.
    • 14' Thunebro backs off Foord a bit but the Australia midfielder can't find anyone with the low ball inside.
    • 13' Australia get forward but cool defending from the Swedes, who play it about calmly at the back as they bring it clear.
    • 12' Great ball in from Seger and Sjogran meets it on the half volley but scrambled clear by the Aussies.
    • 11' Sweden are all over the Aussies here...
    • 10' GOAL SWEDEN! Drilled low finish by Sjogran after great wide play by Schelin to set her up. Great touch from Schelin to bring the long ball down on the left, lovely skill to ghost inside and a low ball for the midfielder, who has time and space to pick her spot low inside the left-hand post.
    • 9' Barbieri has to punch clear but probably should have caught it, put off and possibly scared by a flying Schelin.
    • 8' This is good pressure from the Aussies as Van Egmond turns and tries an acrobatic volley but blocked.
    • 7' Good ball in flicked away by Larsson on the line for another corner. Just wide that was but she knew what she was doing.
    • 6' Down the other end and Australia win a corner.
    • 5' Oh my. A terrible defensive error from Uzunlar leaving it for Carroll, who mis-kicks it appallingly and Schelin is clean through but a rotten first touch plays it straight to Barbieri in goal! Let's just forget about that passage of play eh?
    • 3' Sandwich-style bodycheck from Dahlkvist on Simon. Free-kick to the Aussies around 25 yards out.
    • 2' Schelin almost gets in but shepherded out by Uzunlar.
    • 1' Barbieri quick off her line to claim a ball over the top that almost put Oqvist in.
    • 1' The first half is underway in Augsburg!
    • 11:55 Referee: Silvia Reyes (Peru)
    • 11:50 TEAMS - Sweden: Lindahl, Rohlin, Svensson, Thunebro, Larsson, Seger, Sjogran, Forsberg, Dahlqvist, Oqvist, Schelin; Subs: K, Hammarstrom, Lundgren, Sembrant, Landstrom, Jakobsson, Goransson, Nilsson, Fischer, Edlund, M, Hammarstrom /// Australia: Barbieri, Carroll, Perry, Garriock, Kellond-Knight, Uzunlar, McCallum, Simon, De Vanna, van Egmond, Foord; Subs: Williams, Dumont, Allen, Polkinghorne, Allleway, Butt, Shipard, Colthorpe, Khamis, Kerr
    • 11:45 Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the quarter-final clash between Sweden and Australia at the women's World Cup in Germany.
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Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Sweden (W)

    Manager: Thomas Dennerby

  • Australia (W)

    Manager: Tom Sermanni

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