Saturday July 16, 2011 Third-place play-off Finished Rhein-Neckar-Arena

Sweden (W) 2 - 1 France (W)

  • Schelin 29’
  • Hammarström 82’
  • Thomis 56’

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  • Live Commentary

    • Sweden (W)
    • France (W)
    • 90' Thanks for joining us here on Eurosport and don't miss the final tomorrow evening between USA and Japan, it should be a cracker
    • 90' It has been a cracking game and you probably have to say Sweden deserve their win and the final goal was good enough to settle any game, it was a stunning strike.
    • 90' There's the final whistle and Sweden have done it and finish third in the Women's World Cup.
    • 90+5' Thomis very nearly gets on the end of another through ball but Lindahl is out very quickly and claims the ball
    • 90+4' Thomis gets on the end of a long ball from Renard but her cross is very disappointing and goes straight out of play
    • 90+3' Sweden managing to wind the clock down as they play it down in to the far corners and pin the French back a bit
    • 90+2' France having all the ball and pressing hard but they can't find a way through the determined Swedes
    • 90+1' There's going to be five minutes added on
    • 90' Strong claims from the French for a penalty as Thunebro looked to handle the ball in the area, the protests are waved away. It wasn't intentional but it did hit her arm on the bounce.
    • 89' A dangerous Thomis cross towards Thiney at the back post is turned behind by Svensson, the resulting cross is again well claimed by Lindahl
    • 88' The corner finds Georges at the back post but her header is tame and Lindahl holds it comfortably
    • 87' Thomis chasing down Rohlin, Lindahl was rushing out but Rohlin took no chances and put it out for a corner
    • 86' Thunebro gives away a free-kick near the right corner flag but the cross is well defended by Sweden
    • 85' The Swedes are defending in numbers as they try and keep the French out, it's working for now
    • 84' France playing at a frantic pace now as they look for a late equaliser
    • 83' France making a change as Franco is replaced by Pizzala
    • 82' GOAL FOR SWEDEN!!! What an incredible strike from the substitute Hammarstrom. The initial corner was cleared to the edge of the box, Hammarstrom flicked it over Le Sommer set it on her left foot and hit a thunderous volley that flew past Deville into the top corner and she had no chance. Fantastic goal.
    • 81' Deville beats Schelin to a long ball again making a good clearance, Schelin gets back on the ball from the throw-in though and wins another corner off Georges
    • 80' Sweden not really being stretched enuogh by the French and if anythign look the more comfortable on the ball at the moment
    • 79' Schelin tried to get on the end of a long clearance but Deville comes out of her area and heads the ball away, good defending from the keeper
    • 78' Sweden pushing hard at the moment, trying to avoid the prospect of extra time with a player less
    • 77' Another good corner from Sjogran which Deville tries to get to but can't, it gets to Dahlkvist at the back post but she takes too much time and it is cleared
    • 76' Schelin showing some trickery as she tries to beat Georges on the outside, she can't quite do it but she does win a corner
    • 75' Thomis again the target for the French attacks but she is caught offside as she races after a through ball on the left
    • 74' France looking by far the more likely to win it now as they are looking confident and moving the ball well, it is going to be very hard work for Sweden to stay in this
    • 73' Fischer has stayed off and is replaced by Sembrant
    • 72' Le Sommer finds some space as France look to make the most of the numerical advatage, her shot is cahrged down though from within the area
    • 71' Fischer is off the field receiving treatment and the Swedes are down to nine women at the moment
    • 70' Fischer is down after a strong 50-50 with Georges, it looks like another knee problem similar to Necib's
    • 69' Bompastor was very lucky there as she initiated the nastiness and Oqvist just reacted
    • 68' Red card for Oqvist of Sweden. A challenge with Bompastor saw the Swede get a bit of a kick on the way down and she reacted with a kick to the chest of the French left-back as they went to the floor. The referee saw it and brandished the red card
    • 67' Hammarstrom breaks down the other end and played in Schelin, but she was flagged offsdie
    • 66' The resulting corner found Thomis again who hooked in a left foot volley that flashed just wide
    • 65' Straight down the other end Thomis manages to beat Larsson and was in on goal but from a tight angle and Lindahl stood up well to keep out her shot
    • 64' Fischer picks a great pass to pick out the run of Oqvist, she was in on goal with just the keeper to beat, she does that but her shot comes back off the post. Schelin was free across from her and would have had an empty goal.
    • 63' France win a throw-in well in to teh Swedish half on the right but completely waste it as Franco throws it over Abily's head and out for a goal-kick
    • 62' Forsberg is replaced by Hammarstrom for Sweden
    • 62' Thomis breaks incredibly quickly for France and switches it to Le Sommer on the right, her cross very nearly finds Abily but it is well cut out by Svensson.
    • 61' Sjogran bends in the free-kick from the left but it is far too close to the keeper who is quick out and holds easily
    • 60' Good refereeing this time as Sjogran is taken out by Le Sommer, she allows the advantage but there is none forthcoming so brings it back for a free-kick
    • 59' Oqvist wins a corner which is swung in again by Sjogran but this one isn't so good and easily cleared
    • 58' Schelin tries to beat Renard and is clearly pushed off the ball right ni front of the referee and again no foul, the officiating really isn't good at all
    • 57' GOAL FOR FRANCE!!! The French are level as Thiney slides a great ball into Thomis in the inside left channel. The Swedish defence had melted away and Thomis had all the time in the world to slot it past Lindahl. Very good finish and the game is level.
    • 56' Thomis's pace is causing problems at the other end as she beats her marker on the left and puts a cross in but Abily's cross is blocked off
    • 55' Another great corner from Sjogran, Dahlkvist gets her head to it and flicks it on to Rohlin but she can't get any power on the header and Deville claims it easily
    • 54' Schelin's pace giving the French some problems again but Renard makes a good challenge to put it out for a corner
    • 53' Abily tries to pick out Le Sommer and very nearly does so, she would have been in on goal if it hadn't been just too high
    • 52' Thiney is encouraged to move forward as the Swedes back off but her shot from twenty yards is blocked
    • 51' Sjogran does brilliantly to find some space on the left of the area, she tries to find Forsberg who was in space at teh back post, but it was too high for her and went out for a goal-kick
    • 50' Thomis having a great battle with Thunebro on the right and she eventually out-paces her and gets to the bye-line, her cross is mis-hit though and it goes for a goal-kick
    • 49' Oqvist makes a promising looking break down the left but she's closed down by Georges who manages to win a goal-kick, good defending
    • 48' Deville dallies on the ball for far too long and Schelin closes her down, she blocks the keeper's clearance but it rolls out for a goal-kick
    • 47' Bussaglia again lets fly from long-range but it's straight at Lindahl who holds well
    • 47' Thomis finds herself in acres of space almost immediately from the kick-off on the right flank but she can't pick out anyone with her driven cross and it is cleared
    • 46' France get the second half underway
    • 45' There's the half-time whistle and Sweden are in control here, a goal up and with France missing their most creative player
    • 45+3' Soubeyrand with a very sloppy ball sees Sjogran running at the back four, she slotted in Schelin who burst into the penalty box from the right, she was in on goal but at a fairly tight angle and her effort was straight at Deville who stood up well and kept it out
    • 45+2' Sweden happy to wind down the clock coming up to half-time now, playing keep ball
    • 45+1' Schelin very close to being in again as she got on the end of a long ball from Fischer, her shot is clsoed down but as she gets back on the ball Georges came in at an awkward angle and without a doubt fouled Schelin, the Swede stayed on her feet and no foul was given
    • 45' There will be three minutes of time added on
    • 44' Again Sjogran finds Rohlin completely unmarked just outside the six-yard box, she climbs well but her header is over the bar, good chance
    • 43' The cross from the right flank had to be turned behind by Renard
    • 42' Another soft decision from the referee who penalises Abily for a challenge on Forsberg
    • 41' Bussaglia with another decent effort from range, she was going for placement but lacked power so Lindahl was able to get across and smother
    • 40' France pushng hard now but their momentum is lost a bit as Soubeyrand shoots from a ridiculous distance and it finishes well wide
    • 39' Bompastor gets in another great chance from the left but again there's no one attacking it and although the defenders don't deal with it too convincingly at first tehy get it cleared
    • 38' Schelin disposses Georges and looked to be in on goal but the referee calls her back for a foul, terrible decision there was no foul there
    • 37' The French break at pace and the ball is teed up perfectly for Bussaglia twenty yards out, she picked her spot and curled it towards the far corner, unfortunately for ehr her shot came back off the post, so close
    • 36' Schelin skips away from Georges on the left of the area and was bearing down on goal but from a tight angle, she picked out Forsberg wh had cut in from the left but Bompastor had followed her and got in a great tackle
    • 35' Oqvist is nothing if not confident in her shooting as she tries again from a tight angle quite a distance from goal, but her effort is well over the bar
    • 34' Thiney looking to level things up as she breaks into the area and finds some space but her shot is straight at Svensson
    • 33' Shocking copuple of minutes for France as they concede and then lose two key players to injury. Nightmare.
    • 32' Thomis is on to replace Necib as well who hasn't recovered from her knee problem
    • 31' Deville comes on to replace the stricken goalkeeper
    • 30' The stretcher is on and Sapowicz looks in a lot of pain, not surprising as replays show a serious twist and that looks like ligament damage
    • 29' It looks like the goalkeeper Sapowicz turned her ankle badly as she came out to meet Schelin and the trainer is indicating she will have to be substituted
    • 28' GOAL FOR SWEDEN!!! It's a brilliant goal from the Swedes and it's come from nowhere really, Svensson plays a fantastic diagonal ball from centre-back to find the run of Schelin who got behind Georges and she calmly flicked it past the onrushing Sapowicz, clinical stuff
    • 27' The resulting bounce-ball is played behind for a goal-kick by Thiney
    • 26' She seems alright now, it was her knee that was in pain but it looks like just a knock
    • 25' Necib goes down hard after a meaty challenge with Svensson, wasn't a foul but Necib is certainly feeling it
    • 24' Bompastor again making inroads down the French left and she finds Abily at the back post again but it gets to her too quickly and she can't control her header
    • 23' Oqvist attempts an almost impossible shot as she found herself a bit isolated breaking down the right she tried to lob Sapowicz from near the corner flag, a fair effort but easily saved
    • 22' Bompastor finds some space as she advances down the left and puts in a great cross, Le Sommer can't quite reach it though, Abily gets another cross in which Bompastor hits on the volley but it's well blocked
    • 21' Bompastor does find the final ball as she puts in a fabulous cross to Abily at the back post, she controls it well on the chest but is closed down brilliantly by Thunebro before she can get the shot off
    • 20' France gaining a territorial advantage for the first time in a while but can't quite find the final ball
    • 19' Forsberg had a good chance to slide Schelin i down the right but she was stretching when she played it and mis-hit it so it rolled out of play
    • 18' Thunebro again excellent on the left flank and she gets in a great cross that very nearly finds Fischer but it is jsut too high and is cleared
    • 17' It's all a bit scrappy in the middle of midfield as neither can put too much possession together, the Swedes just having the better of it
    • 16' Sapowicz doesn't deal with this corner so well as she flaps at it a bit, but luckily for her everyone else misses it as well
    • 15' Schelin gets on the end of a long ball from Thunebro but can't get past Georges, it's another corner though
    • 14' Good corner from Sjogran finds Rohlin at the back post who rises well and gets a header on target, it's straight at Sapowicz though who holds well
    • 13' Great chance for Schelin to create a chance as she got behind the left-back and could have picked out Oqvist, her pass was poor though and easily cut out, they win a corner though
    • 12' Thiney did brilliantly to turn away from her marker in the middle of the pitch but then almost had too many options as she burst forward, she tried to slide it through to Le Sommer but Rohlin cuts it out
    • 11' Dahlkvist with a clever turn on the right wing to get away from Bompastor but her cross his blocked and the chance is over
    • 10' Oqvist plays an early ball over the French backline for Schelin to chase, it's well dealt with by Renard though who clears the ball out of play
    • 9' The ball breaks to Franco on the right and she swings in an early cross but it was too close to the six-yard box and Lindahl claims it comfortably
    • 8' Necib goes down under a heavy challenge from Dalhkvist but the referee gives nothing, there was no question that was a foul there.
    • 7' Real battle in the middle of the park in the opening stages, no one getting any time on the ball and space is very limited.
    • 6' A poor Sapowicz clearance was headed back by Forsberg who found the run of Schelin, the Lyon forward calmly slotted it past the French keeper but she was flagged offside, replays suggesting she was just on.
    • 5' Necib pushing forward early on wins a corner which she takes herself. It wasn't a great corner but it wasn't dealt with at the near post and it bobbled around a bit before Lindahl came to claim it
    • 4' Thunebro, who has impressed throughout the tournament defends well as she plays a dangerous ball off Abily to win a goal-kick
    • 3' Sapowicz and Renard with a lack of communication sees Renard roll the ball out of play on the left as both teams take a few minutes to settle down
    • 2' Schelin with a sloppy start as she gives the ball away twice in the opening minute
    • 1' Sweden get the game underway.
    • 16.25 The officials for this afternoon's clash are from USA with Kari Seitz taking charge
    • 16.20 The weather looks splendid in Sinsheim with the temperature up around 24 degrees
    • 16.15 France have won more corners than any other team this tournament with 46, the next most is Japan with 33
    • 16.14 France: Sapowicz, Renard, Georges, Franco, Bompastor, Abily, Necib, Soubeyrand, Bussaglia, Le Sommer, Thiney
    • 16.12 The teams are in: Sweden: Lindahl, Rohlin, Svensson, Thunebro, Larsson, Dahlkvist, Sjogran, Fischer, Forsberg, Schelin, Oqvist.
    • 16.10 Sweden's Lisa Dahlkvist will be especially motivated for this game as she is just one goal behind tournament top scorers Marta and Homare Sawa, could she overtake them this afternoon?
    • 16.05 Whatever the result of today's clash France will be happy with their performance in Germany, reaching the semi-finals in only their second ever world cup appearance.
    • 16.00 This is Sweden's second appearance in the third-place play-off at a world cup having defeated Germany 4-0 in China back in 1991 to finish third.
    • 15.55 Good afternoon and welcome to our coverage of the Women's World Cup third-place play-off between France and Sweden in Sinsheim
  • Summary

    • 6' A poor Sapowicz clearance was headed back by Forsberg who found the run of Schelin, the Lyon forward calmly slotted it past the French keeper but she was flagged offside, replays suggesting she was just on.

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  • Sweden (W)

    Manager: Thomas Dennerby

  • France (W)

    Manager: Bruno Bini

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