Wednesday July 6, 2011 Group Stage: Group C Finished Volkswagen Arena

Sweden (W) 2 - 1 USA (W)

  • Dahlkvist 16’ (pen.)
  • Fischer 35’
  • Wambach 67’

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  1. Women's World Cup - Sweden beat US to top group

    Women's World Cup - Sweden beat US to top group

    Sweden came through a hard-fought game in Wolfsburg to beat USA 2-1 and top Group C of the Women's World Cup More

  • Live Commentary

    • Sweden (W)
    • USA (W)
    • Thanks for joining us here, I hope you'll be back for the remainder of the tournament and my report of the match will be up shortly
    • 90' USA have to settle for second and face Brazil in what promises to be an incredible quarter-final
    • 90 There's the final whistle and Sweden have done it, a great result for the Scandanavians who now top the group and go on to face Australia in the quarter-finals
    • 90+3 Schelin skips down the bye-line from the corner and eventually centres the ball, but without her there, no one is
    • 90+2 Oqvist does well up against Cox on the right and wins a corner, winding the clock down even further
    • 90+1 Schelin finally gets the ball in the net from an Oqvist through ball but she is flagged offside. She looked miles onside and replays proved that to be the case, shocking decision.
    • 90' You've got to wonder if such a draining contest is going to cost both teams in the quarter-finals, especially whoever ends up facing Brazil
    • 89' Final change for Sweden as Fischer goes off to be replaced by Sembrant
    • 88' Sweden starting to wind the clock down now as Oqvist takes the ball to the corner and you can't blame them one bit
    • 87' Real chance for O'Hara there as Cheney reaches the left bye-line and picks out the substitute brilliantly, her side-footed volley from ten yards is poor though and flies wide
    • 86' She might be tired but she'll still chase everything down, but Lindahl just beats Wambach to a long-ball straight from Solo
    • 85' The more the game goes on the more USA are resorting to long-ball which in general Svensson and Rohlin have no problem with at all
    • 84' Goransson very unhappy with a late challenge on her by O'Hara, it was a poor tackle and the free-kick is given
    • 83' Wambach looks tired up front now and is easily dispossessed by Svensson, USA have used all their substitutions though
    • 82' Cheney obviously won a corner there off Svensson but the referee gives a goal-kick, not sure how she missed that one
    • 81' Rampone looks for Boxx on the left wing but plays it straight out of play
    • 80' Thunebro has been imperious at left-back in defence and going forward, a very impressive display
    • 79' Sweden seem to have weathered the American storm and are getting on the ball now much better higher up the pitch
    • 78' Thunebro puts in the corner but it's too close to Solo who claims it easily
    • 77' Sweden win a corner but before they take it they replace Dahlkvist with Marie Hammarstrom
    • 76' The game very stretched now as Goransson breaks this time but her attempted pass to Oqvist is very poor
    • 75' Thunebro capitalises on a slip from O'Hara and tries to slide in Schelin but Rampone reads it well and cuts it out
    • 74' Sweden showing they are nervous here as Dahlkvist attempts a simple pass but balloons it into the stands
    • 73' O'Hara on to replace Rapinoe who has been a bit disappointing in her first start of the tournament
    • 72' Schelin reaches the bye-line after a great Thunebro pass but she's isolated up there and can't produce anything
    • 71' USA strong favourites to get the next goal now as they are camped in the Swedish half and look much more confident since the goal
    • 70' Rapinoe, now operating on the left wing, cuts inside and fires in a shot but it's wide of the near post
    • 69' USA on the attack now as they smell blood, Morgan breaks down the left but her cross is cut out.
    • 68' GOAL FOR USA!!! The corner came in from Cheney and Wambach got above her marker to power the ball into the back of the net. On second viewing it came off her shoulder and she wasn't even looking at it, she'll certainly take it though
    • 67' A long-ball from Rampone is well chased down by Morgan and she wins a corner off Thunebro
    • 66' Goransson replaces the impressive Sjogran
    • 65' Schelin looked to be in for a secod from a Dahlkvist ball, but is flagged offside, wrongly it looks like though
    • 64' lloyd is becoming very frustrating as she hits another shot from thirty yards that is very easy for Lindahl, it really shows a lack of imagination if that is all she does every time she's in possession
    • 63' An injury to Rohlin slows the game down a little but she's back on the pitch and is fine
    • 62' Lloyd hit it with real venom and Lindahl has to have two attempts to hold it
    • 61' Booking for Fischer who went in very hard in Rapinoe twenty-five yards out giving USA a good chance from the dead ball
    • 60' The hapless Le Pailbet is replaced by Stephanie Cox
    • 59' USA look short of ideas in attack and the two banks of four that Sweden are maintaining are having no problem with what is being thrown at them
    • 58' Good persistence from Schelin eventually sees the ball fall to Fischer who strikes across the ball from the edge of the area and puts it wide
    • 57' Rapinoe with a chance to break but chooses to cross from very deep and it falls straight to Lindahl
    • 56' Thuebro swings it in but it's very poor and defended easily
    • 55' Sweden keeping USA awake as Sjogran breaks at pace and plays in Schelin but she is crowded out, Sweden win a corner though
    • 54' Rapinoe does brilliantly to show Thunebro a clean pair of heels and puts in a dangerous cross but Lindahl punches clear, Boxx tries a volley put it is well over
    • 53' The other game in the group is currently goalless between North Korea and Colombia
    • 52' Lloyd will never need a second invitation to shoot from range, but it's a very poor effort. Her team mates will become frustrated with shooting of this quality
    • 51' Sweden looking a bit ragged for the first time on the edge of their own box and Cheney pounces to shoot, but it is way over the bar
    • 50' Boxx resorts to a shot from a long way out, it was a decent hit which Lindahl spills and Wambach nearly got to the rebound but the keeper recovered well
    • 49' The second-half looks like it will continue as the first ended with USA dominating possession, but can they finally find a cutting edge in this half?
    • 48' Lindahl punches clear and then Boxx tries to reach the bye-line but runs it out of play
    • 47' Morgan already demonstrating her pace as she wins a corner off Svensson
    • 46' USA get the second-half going
    • 45' Alex Morgan replaces Amy Rodriguez at half-time for America
    • 45+2 The half-time whistle goes and you couldn't say Sweden have dominated but they lead 2-0 and USA have a lot to do to get anything out of this.
    • 45+1' Two minutes of injury time will be played
    • 45' The game being almost entirely played in teh Swedish half, but the Swedes are well organised and proving very difficult to break down
    • 44' The stats will tell you that USA have had more shots and possession but the one that counts isn't in their favour, they continue to press though
    • 43' Rapinoe is lacking space so tries a drive from twenty yards but it's well wide
    • 42' USA are pressing hard to get back into the game but Sweden are getting women back in numbers and defending well
    • 41' Rampone sends a free-kick into the heart of the Swedish penalty box and a huge scramble ensues, Lindahl eventually making a smart save from a Lloyd effort
    • 40' Wambach continues her hapless role up front as she fails to control a ball in to her and it goes out for a throw-in
    • 39' Shocking delivery from Rapinoe, far too deep, goal-kick
    • 38' Dahlkvist again tackling back and not quite making it in time, she brings down Rapinoe on the right wing
    • 37' Oqvist trying to outpace Rampone again down the left but the defender uses her experience to win a goal-kick
    • 36' GOAL FOR SWEDEN!!! Thunebro puts in a low drive that was possibly heading wide of Solo's left-hand post but it cannons off Lepeilbet and loops into the opposite corner of the goal, Sweden are fortunate but they won't care.
    • 35' Buehler miscontrols a long-ball forward and then brings down Schelin giving Sweden a free-kick in a dangerous area
    • 34' Dahlkvist goes in very late on Buehler and is lucky to avoid a booking
    • 32' A mix-up from a long-ball forward from USA presents a chance for Rodriguez to lob Lindahl who was caught in no-man's land, she gets it over the keeper, but also over the bar
    • 31' Sweden pressing hard in the American final third and USA can't handle their pace, Schelin very nearly gets on the end of a Oqvist cross but it's well defended in the end
    • 30' Sjogran with a great chance to play in either Schelin or Dahlqvist on the break but could find neither and the chance is over
    • 29' Cheney takes the corner and finds Boxx at the back post but it's a very sharp chance and she can't keep it on target
    • 28' Cheney gets a deep cross in from the left, Lindahl didn't look convincing but she flicked it behind for a corner which is good enough for now
    • 27' Patient build-up from Sweden but it meant USA could get numbers back and eventually they are forced to retreat
    • 26' USA dominating possession now and Sweden are having to do a fair amount of chasing
    • 25' Hope Solo's enormous clearances are giving Sweden as many problems as anything as they drop onto their centre-backs' heads
    • 24' Wambach desperate to win the ball from Larsson, but goes too far giving away the free-kick
    • 23' Great chance for USA Rodriguez slid in Rapinoe on the right who delivered a brilliant cross at pace, it fell to Cheney but she couldn't make a proper contact and Wambach was offside as she went for the rebound.
    • 22' Not a great delivery, it nearly reaches Rodriguez but it's easily cut out in the end
    • 21' Fischer goes in hard and late on Wambach and concedes the free-kick thirty yards out on the right
    • 20' Cheney with another shot as the ball fell to her on the edge of the area, it was miscued though and went over
    • 19' Poor defending from Sweden gave Wambach a chance to play in Cheney which she did, and Cheney fired in a shot which was well struck but wide
    • 18' The pace of the Swedish forwards is really giving the American centre-backs some problems
    • 17' Sweden win the corner which Thunebro delivers but it's far too deep and a goal-kick for USA is the result
    • 16' Lepeilbet looks to atone for her error bursting forward and setting up Cheney whose shot is wide
    • 15' GOAL FOR SWEDEN!!! Solo goes the right way and nearly gets there but Dahlkvist's penalty is top quality and finds the left hand corner
    • 14' Penalty Kick!!! Lepeilbet clatters into Schelin who was bursting in on goal, she concedes a penalty but is extremely lucky to avoid being sent off. It was a stone wall sending off and once the referee gave the penalty she had to produce the red.
    • 13' Rodriguez plays a reverse ball into the inside left channel and Wambach hits it first time just inside the area but it's fairly comfortable for Lindahl
    • 12' Poor timing of her run from Oqvist as she had acres of space to run into but went to early and Schelin's pass was wasted
    • 11' Sjogran whips the cross in, Fischer got ehr head to the ball put puts it wide
    • 10' Forsberg with a brilliant cross from the right flank, Krieger watched it well though and put it out for a corner
    • 9' Very sloppy from Thunebro as she hands the ball to Lloyd twenty-five yards out and she was always going to shoot but it's well over
    • 8' Great chance for Sweden and Schelin. Straight from the goal-kick the ball evades the American cerntre-backs and Schelin was through on goal, it was a golden chance but she couldn't find the corner and Solo kept it out with her feet.
    • 7' Lloyd gurst forward from central midfield and fancied her chances as she hit it from twenty-five yards but it flew wide
    • 6' Oqvist and Buehler tustling to get hold of the ball twenty yards from the American goal, it looked to be a good physical battle but the referee saw it as a foul to USA
    • 5' Cheney again gets on the ball, this time on the edge of the box, her attempted bass to Wambach is wayward though
    • 4' Certainly no hint of a dead rubber here as both teams playing at a very high tempo and the USA full-backs pushing forward early on
    • 3' Cheney with an early cross from the left looking for Rodriguez, it looked like it was going to land right on her head but it just floated away and was swept up by Lindahl
    • 2' The two newcomers to the Swedish side nearly link-up early on as Fischer looks to find Oqvist who was racing through but it was well cut out by Krieger
    • 1' Sweden get the game underway.
    • 19.44 The referee for tonight's game is Etsuko Fukano from Japan.
    • 19.42 With the Brazilians having scored seven and conceded none in their opening three matches, getting a result tonight and avoiding them is a huge incentive for the two teams
    • 19.40 These two teams have played each other an incredible 28 times in the past and USA have the better of their previous encounters. The Americans have won seventeen and only lost four, seven games have been drawn.
    • 19.38 Seger and Landstrom are rested for Sweden in place of Fischer and Oqvist whereas USA give Boxx and Rapinoe starting roles this time out, replacing O’Reilly and Lindsey.
    • 19.35 Both sides field strong teams as the winner will face Australia whereas the loser plays Brazil. A draw would see USA finish top and avoid the Brazilians
    • 19.30 Good evening and welcome to our coverage of Sweden v USA in Wolfsburg as the teams fight it out for top spot of Group C of the Women's World Cup
  • Summary

    • 90+1 Schelin finally gets the ball in the net from an Oqvist through ball but she is flagged offside. She looked miles onside and replays proved that to be the case, shocking decision.

Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Sweden (W)

    Manager: Thomas Dennerby

  • USA (W)

    Manager: Pia Sundhage

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