Saturday July 2, 2011 Group Stage: Group C Finished Rhein-Neckar-Arena

USA (W) 3 - 0 Colombia (W)

  • O'Reilly 12’
  • Rapinoe 50’
  • Lloyd 57’

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  1. Women's World Cup - USA hammer Colombia

    Women's World Cup - USA hammer Colombia

    USA qualified from Group C in style with a 3-0 win over Colombia, who crashed out of the Women's World Cup in Sinsheim. More

  • Live Commentary

    • USA (W)
    • Colombia (W)
    • 90 Very efficient performance from USA and some great goals, not least from Heather O'Reilly.
    • 90 The final whistle puts Colombia out of their misery and the USA progress along with Sweden from Group C
    • 90+1 Rapinoe catches Yulieth late and is a bit lucky to avoid a booking there
    • 90' Two minutes of injury time to be played
    • 89' Diana with some nice footwork again in midfield and produces a shot but again it's no bother for Solo
    • 88' The game has gone really flat now as both will be happy to hear the final whistle
    • 86' The entire American front six were involved on the edge of the colombian box but there were too many defenders back to close them out
    • 85' Orianica played in behind the USA defence but she should have hit it first time, instead she took a touch to get back inside the defence but it was too slow and she could only produce a tame effort from the new angle
    • 83' Wambach gets a yellow card as she tries to get on the end of a Cheney through ball, Sandra just beats her to it and Wambach catches her. There was no malice at all and the yellow card was needless, poor refereeing.
    • 82' Scrappy stage of the game as both teams have realised that the match is over and are have dropped their urgency
    • 81' There's no way Wambach will score today, even with a fluke as she charges down a Sandra clearance and it looks like the rebound will roll in but it comes back off the post.
    • 80' Orianica takes the kick and shoots from a long way out, it hits the wall and is a complete waste
    • 79' Rapinoe gives the ball away and then puts in a poor sliding challenge on Diana to give the free-kick away
    • 78' Lindsey goes in hard on Yulieth and is penalised inside the centre-circle
    • 77' USA's shot count is all the way up at 26 now, showing their dominance but also their watefulness infront of goal
    • 76' Yet again the Colombians over-hit a through ball, it has been an incredibly frustrating game for their strikers who are on a hiding to nothing
    • 75' The Colombians looking tired and ragged now, USA could add one or two more before the end
    • 74' Heath battles hard against three defenders on the right-flank but eventually loses out and it's a goal-kick
    • 73' Diana does well to skip away from two challenges in midfield but her through ball looking for Katerin is over-hit
    • 72' Cox goes route one looking for Cheney but she has strayed offside
    • 71' Wambach and Cheney link-up on the edge of the area but neither can find room for a shot and the chance is over
    • 70' Yulieth penalised for a shove on Cheney
    • 69' A cross from Nataly turns into a shot and worries Solo for a second but it's over the bar
    • 68' Brilliant again from Rapinoe as she plays in Cheney and then receives it back from the winger, she went for power though and crashed her effort against the bar from ten yards, should have scored really but fabulous play
    • 67' Another chance for Wambach as Cox swings a cross in from the left, she tries a difficult volley but it's well wide
    • 66' Krieger beats three players down the right wing and gets another great cross in to Wambach at the back post but the hapless striker fails to score again as her effort is blocked
    • 65' Cheney delivers it but Wambach penalised for a foul on Orianica as she jumped
    • 64' Lloyd finds Wambach yet again, she controls well and wins a corner
    • 63' O'Reilly now replaced by Heath thanks to that knock
    • 62' O'Reilly is hurt but doesn't want to leave the pitch, she has been forced to though
    • 61' Wambach gets on the end of a good through ball on the left but doesn't have the pace to get away from the defence and she loses out
    • 60' Rapinoe fancies her chances from a long way out, Sandra gets behind this one though and keeps it out
    • 59' O'Reilly latches onto a fine ball from Krieger and crosses towards Wambach, she miscontrols it though and loses possession
    • 58' The USA's dominance is showing on the score-sheet now
    • 57' GOAL FOR USA!!! From nowhere Lloyd hits a shot from around twenty-five yards, it was hit well but it was straight at Sandra and should really have been saved but she flapped at it and it bounced into the corner of the net.
    • 56' Liana is replaced by Yoreli for Colombia and Cox comes on for Le Peilbet for USA
    • 56' Katerin gets another effort in from the edge of the area, but that is less well hit and Solo smothers it
    • 55' The substitute tries to make an immediate impact as she hits a crashing drive from the edge of the box but Solo is equal to it with a flying save
    • 54' First Colombian substitution as Catalina is replaced by Orianica
    • 53' Buehler seemed to win the header in the middle of the park but she was penalised for an unfair jump with Liana
    • 52' Liana the latest Colombian to have a go from long-range but it was a poor effort
    • 51' O'Reilly beats one player on the right wing but can't make it two and it runs out for a goal-kick
    • 50' GOAL FOR USA!!! The substitution pays off as Rapinoe crashes home a second. Cheney with a lovely reverse pass to find Rapinoe in the area, there are covering defenders but her first touch takes it away from them and then she rifles a shot past Sandra.
    • 49' Katerin yet again trying to get on the end of a through ball and tries a bit of trickery to get past Rampone this time but the USA captain again read the game perfectly and clears
    • 48' Rapinoe floats in the cross and it bobbles around in the box but is eventually cleared
    • 47' Natalia clatters into Cheney and concedes a free-kick in a dangerous area for a cross
    • 46' Amy Rodriguez goes off at the interval and is replaced by Megan Rapinoe
    • 46' Colombia get the second half underway
    • 45 The shot count reads 15 shots to 1 in favour of the USA which shows their total dominance of the first-half.
    • 45 There's the half-time whistle and USA thoroughly deserve their lead however that late scare from Katerin will just keep them on their toes as they go into the second half.
    • 45+3 Sandra loses the flight of the ball but Lindsey can't quite capitalise
    • 45+2 Wambach's tireless work-rate wins the US a corner yet again
    • 45+1 Heartbreak for Katerin and Colombia as she has the ball in the net as she burst after a Diana through ball but she was clearly offside.
    • 45' Catalina found herself in some space near the edge of the box but she seemed to panic and try an early shot which she struck poorly and couldn't trouble Hope Solo
    • 44' Buehler the latest to commit a foul, this time on Katerin near the half-way line and the foul count rises to 16 already.
    • 43' Little comes of the free-kick except Wambach complaining she didn't receive a free-kick although I think the referee was right.
    • 42' Lloyd is brought down and USA have a free-kick just inside the opponent's half
    • 41' Krieger and O'Reilly are a great double-act on the right as they are always together defending and attacking as a pair
    • 40' Cheney does very well getting to the byeline and away from Nataly but her cut-back is well smothered by Sandra
    • 39' Looks like it was Nataly who just caught her own keeper on the way through though and Sandra is injured again
    • 38' Sandra out quickly again to snuff out the danger of a Cheney through ball
    • 37' Colombia's only outlet is the long-ball for Katerin to chase but she hasn't got the pace to get on the end of it so it looks like a futile exercise
    • 36' It's all USA and Colombia are becoming frustrated with the lack of possession as the foul count rises
    • 35' Cheney with a rifled shot on the volley from the left which was well hit but too close to Sandra and she makes the save
    • 34' Krieger throws in another cross and Wambach is always the target but she loses out this time
    • 33' Cheney goes across to take the corner and puts in an out-swinger which missed everyone and goes for a throw-in
    • 32' Free-kick for USA chipped in to the box and Fatima deflects the ball behind for a corner
    • 31' Katerin tries to get on the end of another through ball for Colombia but she can't beat Rampone for pace a second time
    • 30' Wambach has a really great chance at the back post from another brilliant O'Reilly cross which evaded Sandra her header flies over a pretty much open goal though
    • 29' USA get back on the ball and Rodriguez tried to curl in an effort from the edge of the area but it's comfortable for Sandra
    • 28' Cheney swings it in but Sandra clears well enough for Colombia
    • 27' She then goes one better and wins a corner off Nataly
    • 26' Wambach giving the Colmbian defence no time on the ball at all as she wins her team a throw-in deep in the opponent's half
    • 25' Wambach penalised for an unfair jump with Nataly in the Colombian penalty box
    • 24' Katerin penalised for handball as she tries to control a long ball forward
    • 23' Catalina is reduced to shooting from thrity-five yards, desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose
    • 22' Wambach meets the corner with a great leap but she nods the ball just wide, good effort though
    • 21' O'Reilly is played in by Wambach on the right of the area, Sandra narrows the angle and O'Reilly goes for the chip but it's blocked and goes for a corner
    • 20' USA are pressing their opposition so high up the pitch and it makes it so hard for the Colombians to maintain any pressure
    • 19' Katerin looked to be in behind Rampone just for a second but the experienced defender came away with it and cleared
    • 18' Colombia getting hold of the ball more regularly but are surrendering it far too easily
    • 17' Lloyd tries to play Rodriguez in but Sandra is out quickly to clear, O'Reilly gets hold of it though and tries to lob the prone keeper but her attempt is wayward
    • 16' Colombia enjoy their first piece of possession in the USA half but Carmen runs down a blind alley and eventually loses out.
    • 14' It had been coming from USA and Colombia continue to be on the backfoot following the goal
    • 13' GOAL FOR USA!!! Poor clearance from Colombia made it difficult for Liana to control and O'Reilly pounces on it and unleashes a viscious strike that flies into the far top corner, stunning goal for USA
    • 12' O'Reilly is played in down the right wing by Lindsey but is shepherded out by Carmen and Fatima and it's a goal-kick.
    • 11' Great pressure early on from USA but poor finishing is costing them, it does look like a matter of time before they score though
    • 10' Rodriguez has another great chance as Lindsey threads her through after winning it in midfield, she was one-on-one with the keeper and slotted it wide, not a good effort.
    • 9' She looks to have recovered and is up to take the goal-kick
    • 8' Looks like Sandra has injured her hand making that save as she receives some treatment.
    • 7' O'Reilly finds Wambach with a brilliant cross and the forward controls and hits it, it's well saved by Sandra but the rebound falls to Rodriguez, she should have scored but fired it over the bar, great chance missed.
    • 6' Lloyd tries an expansive pass to O'Reilly on the right wing but it's just slightly too long
    • 5' Lepeilbet looks to latch on to a Cheney pass down the left but can't quite make it, strong start from USA though
    • 4' Wambach has a good chance to play in the advancing Rodriguez on the right wing but her pass is behind her and it rolls out for a throw-in
    • 3' Rodriguez out paces Nataly down the left and gets a shot in but it's from a tight angle and is well saved by Sandra
    • 2' The delivery is just about cleared away by the Colombian defence
    • 1' Early free-kick for USA as Yulieth brings down Rodriguez
    • 1' USA get the game underway.
    • 16.58 It is a European set of officials for this afternoon's game with Dagmar Damkova of the Czech Republic taking charge, being assisted by two Spanish lineswomen.
    • 16.55 The two countries have surprisingly never met before in the women's game, so we are treated to a bit of history here.
    • 16.50 The USA's 2-0 win over North Korea on Tuesday means that a win here will secure qualification for the quarter-finals. However, a draw or a loss would keep the hopes of their rivals alive. Colombia were narrowly beaten by Sweden earlier in the week and can't afford another defeat, if they draw here they must beat North Korea and hope the USA lose to Sweden, two wins would see them through.
    • 16.45 One change for the USA as Lori Lindsey replaces Shannon Boxx. Colombia, however, make four changes as Montoya, Peralta, Rincon and Andrade drop out in place of Salazar, Cominguez, Castro and Montano.
    • 16.42 Colombia: Sepulveda, Gaitan, Ospina, Arias, Usme, Rodallega, Salazar, Dominguez, Peduzine, Castro, Montano
    • 16.40 Team News: USA: Solo, Rampone, Lepeilbet, Buehler, Krieger, O'Reilly, Lloyd, Lindsey, Cheney, Rodriguez, Wambach
    • 16.35 Welcome to our coverage of the USA vs Colombia in Group C of the Women's World Cup in Sinsheim.
  • Summary

    • 45+1 Heartbreak for Katerin and Colombia as she has the ball in the net as she burst after a Diana through ball but she was clearly offside.

Team Line-up & Ratings

  • USA (W)

    Manager: Pia Sundhage

  • Colombia (W)

    Manager: Ricardo Rozo

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