Tuesday September 11, 2012 1st Round: Group H Finished Wembley

England 1 - 1 Ukraine

  • Lampard 87’ (pen.)
  • Konoplyanka 38’

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  1. England snatch draw against plucky Ukraine

    England snatch draw against plucky Ukraine

    A late Frank Lampard penalty gave England a hard-earned 1-1 draw at home to Ukraine in their World Cup Group H qualifier at Wembley. More

  • Live Commentary

    • England
    • Ukraine
    • 90+5 Defoe almost turns into the box but Ukraine clear and the whistle goes. A muted response from the fans but a decent point in the end. Contoversy abound, England need to improve but given all the injuries not a terrible result.
    • 90+4 Hart punches clear and eventually England get it out for a throw. Frantic ending.
    • 90+4 The ref is card happy and he booked Johnson after a decent tackle on Schevchuk. Dangerous late free-kick on the left wing... The boos ring out.
    • 90+3 UKRAINE SUB: Nazarenko, whose goal beat England in a World Cup qualifier three years ago, comes on for Rotan.
    • 90+2 Just saw the replay of the first penalty appeal - Welbeck dived. Good call ref. England should be happy to take a draw now.
    • 90+1 Fantastic run by Milner down the right but Khacheridi flicks his cross away as Sturridge and Welbeck arrived.
    • 90+1 Johnson with a driving run but he elects to shoot when a low cross or pass was on. Four minutes added time being played.
    • 90' Inexplicably Lampard has been named man of the match by the host broadcaster, but it's Konoplyanka all day for me.
    • 90' UKRAINE SUB: Devic on for Zozulya.
    • 89' GERRARD IS OFF! SECOND BOOKING! He slides in late and catches Garmash, a second yellow and he is off.
    • 88' Now can someone snatch a winner? This has been a fantastic finish to the game, you can't say it hasn't been exciting!!
    • 87' Lampard to salvage something for England... AND HE SCORES! Brilliant penalty into the left. A deserved equaliser.
    • 86' PENALTY ENGLAND! Finally, as Welbeck's flick is handled by Khacheridi as England chucked everything forward.
    • 85' Ukraine counter as England appeal, Shevchuck with a low coss and Zozulya flicks it on butjust wide! No time to see a replay on the penalty appeal.
    • 84' WELBECK GOES DOWN AND SURELY A PENALTY! Garmash seemed to catch him as he zipped into the box but the ref says no!
    • 83' England are launching it forward at will now but Welbeck heads well wide.
    • 82' WELBECK HITS THE POST! So unlucky as he fires a rasping effort off the post from Sturridge's low pass. Great run by Gerrard to start it off.
    • 81' Gerrard with a better delivery this time, Jagielka and Pyatov fly in and the keeper punches behind. Corner. Cleared but England come again before Khacheridi hooks it away brilliantly.
    • 80' Heavy spell of possession for England before Garmash cynically pulls back Welbeck on the edge of the D, left side, and is booked.
    • 79' None of the strikers England have used tonight are first-choice for their clubs. Okay, Rooney and Carroll would ordinarily start but still, why so few options?
    • 78' Defoe sneaks in down the left but Khacheridi is goal-side and the England striker fouls him.
    • 77' Welbeck is now playing as a central midfielder, finding Milner well, but the City man's ball is overhit and Johnson can't keep it in.
    • 76' Defoe has a dig from 25 yards but a yard over the bar. England looking pretty desperate now.
    • 75' UKRAINE SUB: Selin, who had a fine first half but has faded, replaced by Shevchuck.
    • 74' The ref is at least consistent as he books Milner for a high arm.
    • 73' ENGLAND SUB: Bertrand comes on for Baines as a similarly-attacking left-back.
    • 72' Welbeck operating very deep at the moment but he starts an attack that sees Gerrard skin one man, finding Milner whose cross just misses little Defoe's leap, Baines unable to keep it in on the left.
    • 71' England half-clear the free-kick before Rotan loses control of the ball. Sturridge is playing off Defoe, but England need to get the ball forward, which they are not doing at the moment.
    • 70' Zozulya could be in here but he is hauled down by Lescott - only a booking but had Jagielka not already moved inside it could have been worse.
    • 69' ENGLAND SUB: Sturridge on for Oxlade-Chamberlain, who has had a poor match. A great talent but not at his best today.
    • 68' GREAT SAVE BY PYATOV! A wonderful run and low shot from Johnson from the right, tipped behind by the Ukraine keeper but inexplicably it's given as a goal kick!
    • 67' Sturridge is warming up, can see him replacing the Ox.
    • 66' England are still controlling possession but they can't do anything with it. Ukraine too organised.
    • 65' Clever flick by Milner frees Johnson but his cross is blocked by Rotan for a corner.
    • 64' Milner on the right, he digs out a cross but not enough movement in the box. Welbeck retrieves it and England play keep ball. Johnson on the right, but he fouls the left back.
    • 63' ENGLAND SUB: Welbeck on for Cleverley as England go two up front. Welbeck says something to the Ox, a change in tactics... Maybe the Ox will go central, Welbeck on the left.
    • 62' Yarmolenko gives it away, the Ox on it, now Defoe who thinks he has been fouled but play-on. Lampard retrieves the ball and the Ox shoots but blocked and Ukraine clear.
    • 61' England need to regroup - they have been poor in this second half - and they are trying to pass their way out of trouble. One touch too many though as Cleverley releases Baines, who should have a shot but cuts it back to a Ukraine player.
    • 60' Defoe on the ball now, lots of space on the left but with only Cleverley in support Ukraine can clear his low ball.
    • 59' Hyusev with the corner and Garmash flies in but he heads it straight at Hart. I'd say this match has been even.
    • 58' Poor ball from Jagielka gives it away to Konoplyanka, who runs the full length of the pitch with a superb run before finding Zozulya but a brilliant saving tackle from Baines. Corner.
    • 57' Gerrard swings it in but Yarmolenko clears. Poor by his high standards. He gets another chance at a cross but runs it out first.
    • 56' Milner is tripped by Selin after skipping away from him on to Johnson's pass. Free-kick England on the right edge of the box. Gerrard to take.
    • 55' Rotan needs treatment for that crack on the jon. The free-kick that follows is wasted.
    • 54' Gerrard is booked for a high arm on Rotan. This ref doesn't like arms.
    • 53' Gerrard is fortunate to win a free-kick after getting caught in possession, the ball is wasted though as it's sent aimlessly long.
    • 52' Rotan fires well wide in the aftermath of that corner. England try to build from the back once more... Lampard with a strong challenge and Defoe returns the ball to him, he tries a volley but well wide.
    • 51' Oxlade-Chamberlain has had a poor game and he gives it away with a sloppy attempt at a Hollywood ball. Now Yarmolenko on the right, easily beats the Ox again and drives over a cross that Lescott scrambles behind for a corner. The Ox, alas, needs to come off.
    • 50' Not the best corner and Ukraine are able to get it clear. now Yarmolenko goes on the run but this time Lescott clears his ball.
    • 49' Gerrard finds Johnson on the right, quick shimmy and a low driven ball that fizzes just wide. Deflected, corner.
    • 48' England come forward through Jagielka, a striding run from him. Defoe can't hold it up though, outnumbered as Ukraine clear.
    • 47' Defoe is booked for a high arm on Tymoschuk.
    • 46' The second half is underway!
    • - @TheJoeSaway: "Cleverley should come off for Carrick to allow lamps and stevie come forwars and The Ox for Sturridge! The ox is stinking it" FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • - What say on that half? England promising despite trailing? Will they overcome Ukraine or can Oleg Blokhin's side hang on? HAVE YOUR SAY ON TWITTER!
    • 45+2 Half-time and Ukraine lead through that Konoplyanka wonder-goal but England should at least be level.
    • 45+1 Some of England's football is actually really good, a couple of backheels from the Ox and then Lampard before Cleverley fouls Khacheridi.
    • 45' CLEVERLEY HITS THE POST! Great play by Milner wide right, skinning two then a third Ukrainian, fine low ball that Cleverley latches on to in the right side of the box before drilling a rasping drive off the outside of the woodwork. He left Khacheridi for dead there.
    • 44' Superb raking ball from Gerrard but all Milner can do is knock it wide to Johnson. Still England as Gerrard slips it wide to Lampard, wonderful cross from him AND CLEVERLEY but again he gets the finish all wrong, mis-kicking it wide.
    • 43' Fine tackle by Gerrard but Oxlade-Chamberlain is fouled as he tries to step inside from the left.
    • 42' Short corner to Baines, a low ball that somehow finds Milner with a spinning half-volley but blocked and Ukraine clear!
    • 41' Johnson expertly takes a high ball on the chest. Now Gerrard to Milner, Cleverley released on the right but he overhits a cross. Good work from Baines to win a corner though.
    • 40' England try to respond immediately but the whistle goes for an infringement. This is a serious test now - Ukraine are relatively deep lying so England need to stay patient and probe for a leveller.
    • 39' England will feel hard done by - a disallowed Defoe goal and a double-miss by Defoe and Cleverley - but that was a cracker. Hart no chance.
    • 38' WHAT A GOAL BY KONOPLYANKA! He steps inside Baines before unleashing a brilliant right-foot shot from some way out, serious pace and swerve and inside the top right. 1-0 Ukraine. That all came from Lescott giving the ball away five passes previously. Gerrard with a despeate lunge but he couldn't block the shot.
    • 37' Tom Adams on Cleverley:" Don't mean to knock him, but people were going well over the top about his Moldova" FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 36' Yarmolenko with a nice touch for Konoplyanka but he fires well over.
    • 35' Down the other end Ukraine have a corner but Milner clears Konoplyanka's low ball.
    • 34' HUGE MISS CLEVERLEY! A great cross by Gerrard finds Defoe, who is unmarked with the Ukraine defence all at sea but his downward header is off target. He should have scored, but so should have Cleverley, whom the ball dropped to with the goal at his mercy, but he could only poke it straight at Pyatov's legs!
    • 33' Defoe wins a free-kick off Khacheridi, taken quickly as England move it wide right...
    • 32' England are back in possession now but it's in their half as Ukraine look to close them down.
    • 31' The Ox almost releases Defoe but he ran the ball just out, says the assistant, and Ukraine have a throw.
    • 30' JUST OVER FROM GARMASH! A rare counter from Ukraine sees that man Selin involved again, his fine dipping cross poked over by a flying Garmash.
    • 29' A promising England move breaks down as Defoe and Gerrard get in each other's way.
    • 28' England are playing a passing, patient game and so far it is working, Ukraine pegged right back into their own box. Milner is penalises for a high boot.
    • 27' Gerrard with the corner, high and strong to JAGIELKA UNMARKED but his downward header is blocked by Rotan and Ukraine scramble it clear!
    • 26' Milner with a strong tackle, a quick turn and a nice shot but Selin - who has been impressive - flies in to block. Corner.
    • 25' Super turn by the Ox again but his pass to Cleverley is behind the central midfielder. That's what you get with youth - decision making can be poor.
    • 24' A patient spell for England but the ball to Defoe is overhit and he is outmuscled before Cleverley fouls Husyev.
    • 23' This has been a very good spell for England - after a shaky start they appear to have been boosted by that disallowed goal and are controlling the play.
    • 22' Oxlade-Chamberlain releases Cleverley with a neat backheel but the United midfielder, while getting behind Tymoschuk, is unable to play the ball in.
    • 21' Gerrard with a big header in midfield, the Ox is now free on the left, now Gerrard with a driven through ball that Defoe backheels for Milner but good defending by Selin to hold him off and shepherd the ball back to the keeper! More like it from England.
    • 20' England are settling down in possession but, while they have a decent rhythm, they are only ever half a pass away from giving it back to Ukraine.
    • 19' The Ox's turn to give the ball away, really poor under no pressure while free on the left.
    • 18' A long ball aimed for Defoe but the little man is never getting to that one.
    • 17' Ukraine's turn to keep the ball until Jagielka fouls Zozulya with a shove in the back.
    • 16' That England move breaks down as Milner gives the ball away on the right.
    • 15' Lescott does well to keep it in play as England keep possession for a spell.
    • 14' England manage to clear the corner. They are attacking well but defending poorly - not at the back, as such, but the midfield (and Baines) keep giving it away.
    • 13' Cleverley gives it away, Tymoschuk bings it clear, now Konoplyanka on the left finds ROTAN but his low shot is blocked by Jagielka! Corner!
    • 12' England have their tails up now as they attack Ukraine in waves. The Ox is free on the left, tricky skills and a stepover but he overplays it and it slips out for a goal kick.
    • 11' Well the ref has had a stinker there - Yarmolenko chucked himself to the floor holding his face when Defoe turned him to shoot, but there was minimal contact. Evens then - Devic had a good goal disallowed at the Euros.
    • 10' GOAL ENGLAND! Defoe with a screamer but the ref has disallowed it!
    • 9' Gerrard almost releases Defoe but too much on the pass and the keeper Pyatov claims. Wales have pulled one back by the way, no prizes for guessing who scored...
    • 8' Hart is forced into action as a cross from Konoplyanka ricochets into the path of Yarmolenko. Comfortable low gather.
    • 7' Wonderful run from Johnson, cutting inside past Selin and wriggling into the box but his low scuffed ball is just beyond Defoe. Fine pass by Gerrard to release him initially.
    • 6' Gerrard slows the play down and wins a free-kick as he seeks to take some of the sting out of this opening.
    • 5' The corner is dealt with by England but Ukraine come again as Husyev gets around Gerrard, now he drills it in low, England all over the place but Lescott hacks it clear!! Yarmolenko was set to finish!
    • 4' A cross from Husyev spins towards goal, catching Hart scrambling and he tips it away for a corner! That took a big deflection, could easily have snuck in!
    • 3' Sloppy start from England, who keep giving the ball away in these early stages.
    • 2' Both men seem all right for now. In other news, Wales are already 2-0 down to Serbia. Ow.
    • 1' A Hart clearance takes out Garmash, while Gerrard is limping after colliding with Zozulya.
    • 1' The first half is underway.
    • 19:58 The national anthems are sung, and a lot of seats are still empty.
    • 19:57 From Tony Mabert on Twitter: "Thought allocation of 6,500 tickets to Olympic volunteers for £20.12 could have been bigger. Bet FA wish they'd released a lot more now." FOLLOW TONY ON TWITTER!
    • 19:56 From Tom Adams on Twitter: "The whole upper tier along one side of the pitch is unused tonight. No enthusiasm spilling over from the Olympics here..." FOLLOW TOM ON TWITTER!
    • 19:55 MATCH ODDS: England 4/11, Ukraine 8/1, Draw 7/2.
    • 19:50 If you have any predictions, comments on the line-up or just want to let off steam about the England team, Tweet me on @Reda_Eurosport. Or don't. Because that's freedom. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 19:45 Bayern Munich midfielder Anatoliy Tymoshchuk is winning his 121st cap for Ukraine. The skipper following Sheva and Vorinin's retirements, he is one of just four of the old guard left - Vyacheslav Shevchuk, Nazarenko and keeper Andriy Dikan are the others. 10 of the squad are 24 or younger.
    • 19:45 With Andiry Shevchenko retired, the top scorer in this Ukraine team is Serhiy Nazarenko (12). He does not start today though, with Yarmolenko leading the line and Konoplyanka in support.
    • 19:40 Ukraine have only ever qualified for one World Cup. In 2006 they reached the quarter final where they lost 3-0 to eventual champions Italy. They came second in their qualifying group last time out but lost a play-off to Greece. They failed to score in three of their last four international matches, although they won 2-0 at home against Egypt in a friendly on September 7.
    • 19:35 Some fun stats via Infostrada now. England are unbeaten under Roy Hodgson - their penalty loss to Italy at the quarters of the Euros is counted as a draw - meaning he has gone eight matches without defeat. If England avoid defeat tonight their nine-in-a-row unbeaten streak will be the first such opening gambit for an England coach since El Tel in 1994-5. Amusingly though the longest opening streak was 12 matches unbeaten under Graham Taylor. Yikes!
    • 19:30 What with Ukraine being a relatively new addition to international football, these sides have only played each other five times. Ukraine's only win came at the end of qualification for the last World Cup, 1-0 after England had already qualified. Their last encouner was in the group stage of the Euros his summer, with England winning 1-0 to end the hosts' interest in their tournament.
    • 19:25 More interesting than England's starting XI is the bench - which boasts Ryan Bertrand, Adam Lallana, Jake Livermore and Raheem Sterling, none of whom were Premier League regulars before last season.
    • 19:20 No surprises then, although Gary Cahill may be miffed at missing out, given he was ahead of Jags in the Euro 2012 pecking order before his agonising injury. What are your predictions tonight? I'm going with a scrappy 2-1 win for England. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 19:15 ENGLAND XI: Hart, Johnson, Baines, Lescott, Jagielka, Milner, Gerrard, Lampard, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cleverley, Defoe /// UKRAINE XI: Pyatov, Butko, Selin, Hacherydy, Rakytskyy, Zozulya, Garmash, Konoplyanka, Tymoschuk, Yarmolenko, Devic
    • 19:10 England's team has been announced, with the big news that Phil Jagielka fills in for the injured John Terry, getting the nod at centre back ahead of Gary Cahill in the only change from the team that spanked Moldova. Jermain Defoe continues to lead the line, with Oxlade-Chamberlain keeping his place thanks to The Walcott's injury.
    • 19:05 Also Tweeting live from Wembley we have Tony Mabert (@tony_mabert) and Tom Adams (@tomEurosport). Follow them and hear them roar. A powerful frontline you will agree.
    • 19:05 I'm Reda Maher and will be your match commentator - find me on Twitter @Reda_Eurosport. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 19:00 Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of England's World Cup qualifier at home to Ukraine, kicking off at 8pm UK time at Wembley Stadium.
  • Summary

    • 10' GOAL ENGLAND! Defoe with a screamer but the ref has disallowed it!

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