Wednesday October 17, 2012 1st Round: Group H Finished Stadion Narodowy

Poland 1 - 1 England

  • Glik 70’
  • Rooney 31’

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  1. World Cup: Poland rue missed chance

    World Cup: Poland rue missed chance

    Poland missed their chance to erase the rain delay farce by letting a feeble England off the hook in the 1-1 World Cup qualifying draw in Warsaw. More

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    • Poland
    • England
    • 90+3' There goes the final whistle. Both teams have settled for the draw. 1-1. All over. England will be the happier side to get a draw out of this than Poland. Thanks for joining us this evening.
    • 89' We are into three added minutes in Warsaw. Will there be a dramatic winner in this match. Time for one more goal perhaps?
    • 88' A change coming for Poland as Obraniak departs to be replaced by Borysiuk.
    • 87' A corner for Poland sounds warning signs with 43,000 watching this. Lescott heads out the delivery by Obraniak before Hart takes the loose ball seconds later.
    • 86' Milner with a fine cross into the area from Gerrard's ball. Smashing ball there, but Tyton just does enough to fall on the cross. Welbeck was sniffing around there.
    • 85' Welbeck glances the header wide of goal from Milner's cross. Decent effort. Just lacked the direction.
    • 84' Again England try to settle matters down as Jagielka accepts the pass from Lescott. England patient in the build-up.
    • 83' Poland looking to break, but Obraniak can't control the pass from Lewandowski. Poland looking the likelier side roared on by this voracious home support.
    • 82' Change for Poland as Grosicki departs to be replaced by Milik. One goal either way will win this match. And it doesn't look like it is going to be an England goal.
    • 81' Lewandowski trying to pressure the ball with Jagielka smuggling it back to Hart, who does the right thing by knocking it long.
    • 80' Obraniak with another telling corner. Glik makes a similar run to his goal, but this time nods over the bar. England toiling a bit.
    • 79' Milner attempts to slide a ball into the danger area, but drifts over the Poland bar under the watchful eye of Tyton.
    • 78' Lewandowski was appealing for a penalty there against Jagielka in the England box, but never a penalty. Handball, but no intention.
    • 77' Hart this time comes to punch and is awarded the free-kick after being fouled under pressure from Obraniak's corner.
    • 76' Obraniak dinks a ball into the middle of the area. Hart takes no chances as he swats over his bar for another corner.
    • 75' England trying to cut a dash up the park. Suddenly the visiting side showing a bit more adventure. England with a younger look to their team.
    • 74' Wasilewski back playing a captain's role to head clear. One superb clearance from a lovely run and cross by Oxlade-Chamberlain.
    • 73' Jagielka forced to get back to make a superb tackle on Lewandowski. Had to get that right.
    • 72' Rooney departs the scene to be replaced by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for the visiting side. Rooney has done little tonight.
    • 71' Lescott has been penalised for a late challenge on Obraniak after a crashing challenge into the back of the Polish player.
    • 70' The Polish fans now well involved in this match. England need to gather themselves here. This could be a long 20 minutes or so from here.
    • 69' GOAL! Glik rises to head home from Obraniak's corner. Hart all over the place from a corner. A deserved leveller. Can't say that goal hadn't been coming. 1-1 now.
    • 68' But a brilliant, sweeping move by England to the other end of the park sees Rooney lift a shot miles over from Welbeck's cutback after Milner had sent the sub clear. Tyton with a vital touch on the ball to hold up Welbeck.
    • 67' England have not worked out how to cut off this blood supply to the Poland right side. Constant nuisance on that side of the park.
    • 66' Danny Welbeck replaces Defoe for England with 24 minutes left on the clock.
    • 65' England sitting well back in their own half. Only Cleverley and Defoe are posted up front. Another change coming here. This time for England.
    • 64' Defoe almost on the end of the Gerrard delivery before Glik does extremely well to clear the Gerrard cross. Brilliant cross by Gerrard.
    • 63' Glik is booked for handling Defoe's cross and England have a free-kick out wide. Chance for Gerrard to play provider again.
    • 62' Wszołek departs the action to be replaced by Adrian Mierzejewski for Poland.
    • 61' Poland fighting the good fight as Obraniak is penalised for offside. Smart defending by Lescott to play him offside.
    • 60' Johnson takes a tumble under pressure from Wszołek. That looked a penalty. Wasn't clear-cut, but could have been given.
    • 59' Piszczek with Poland's latest attempt at goal as the ball spins wide of goal. All Poland now. England have a long way to go from here on in if they don't get out.
    • 58' Obraniak thumps a shot at goal from 20 yards. That ball was travelling from distance, but Johnson does well to get his body between the ball and goal. This is a real slog for England.
    • 57' Game just going threw a lull here at the moment which is no bad news for England, who have plenty of bodies back tracking the ball.
    • 56' Surely might be an idea by Hodgson to shuffle his pack here. Could certainly do with trying to inject some fresh blood into his side.
    • 55' Piszczek with another superb, probing run. Picks out Polanski, but he takes a heavy first touch under pressure and the ball is back with Hart. England facing a few problems on the left side of their defence. This Polish side certainly full of enthusiam down their own right side.
    • 54' Cole taking no chances as he empties the ball out of play under pressure from Obraniak deep in his own half.
    • 53' Wszołek attempts a curler from the edge of the area. Doesn't really get the necessary swerve on the ball as the shot arrives safely in the arms of Joe Hart.
    • 52' This game well and truly alive as Lescott cuts out the cross by Piszczek. England continue their poor attempts to keep the ball.
    • 51' Wayne Rooney has now scored nine goals in his last 11 qualifying matches for England away from home. Where would England be without him? Not ahead tonight.
    • 50' Obraniak thumps the shot at goal from 25 yards, but Hart nudges the ball over the bar with a decent stop. Had to look lively there.
    • 49' Hart off his line quickly to grab the ball ahead of Lewandowski with Lescott providing the cover. Solid piece of defending.
    • 48' Mistake by Jagielka almost lets the home side in for the equaliser. Brilliant covering work by Johnson to deprive Wszołek of a certain goal. Major scare for Jagielka.
    • 47' Glik taken out of the action late by Rooney in the air. The home fans slowly but surely begin to shuffle back into this state-of-the-art arena.
    • 46' We are off and running in the second period of this one.
    • 45' Johnson forced to look smart as he races back to make sure Lewandowski can't get a run on goal. The whistle sounds. The last action of the first half sees England lead 1-0. Good result if not a great performance. Work to be done in the second period.
    • 44' Another delicious ball from Lewandowski to pick out the run of Glik. Just fails to get the ball under control as he fires the ball away under pressure. Wide of goal, but the warning signs are there for England.
    • 43' Cole attempts to join the party. The cross is deep. Comes out to Johnson on the other side, whose shot sails miles away from the Poland goal.
    • 42' Rooney and Milner trying to get on the end of a Cole cross, but Polanski does the mopping up work for Poland. They have been used to mopping up in these parts over the past 24 hour or so.
    • 41' Krychowiak with a late one on Gerrard. Not much in it, but the referee gives it in favour of the visiting side. England inching towards a 1-0 lead at the break.
    • 40' Rooney forced to head away before Jagielka comes up with another long punt down the pitch from the corner by Obraniak.
    • 39' Poland win a corner with Lewandowski in and around the heart of the England box. Johnson with the headed flick behind his own goal.
    • 38' Johnson with a ball back to Jagielka, who shows off some nifty footwork to beat a man before hammering the loose ball long down the park. We remain at 1-0 in England's favour.
    • 37' Suddenly England back on the back foot after some really careless play in surrendering possession. England forced to block a speculative effort by Lewandowski. A minor miracle that England hold the lead here.
    • 36' Lewandowski clearly nudges Milner off the ball, and England will have a free-kick in their own half. Some respite one might say.
    • 35' Ball breaks to Cleverley from Gerrard's free-kick, but he thumps an effort wide of the goal. A second goal now for England would leave them well on course for these three points.
    • 34' Defoe wins a free-kick outside the Poland box after being taken out late by the protesting Polanski.
    • 33' Wawrzyniak smashes the ball at goal from 25 yards. Leans back as the shot flies well over the visiting bar. Joe Hart will take those all night long.
    • 32' Lewandowski showing off some brutal pace once again to dart into the England box, but Wawrzyniak can't read the pass in time as Hart falls on the loose ball. Poland looking for an instant response.
    • 31' Awful defending by the Poles. Silence in the stadium. England haven't really got started this evening. Yet they somehow lead. Who would be a football manager? Hodgson should be content with the scoreline at least.
    • 30' GOAL! Rooney nods home his 32nd international goal from Gerrard's corner. Ball came off the unmarked Rooney's shoulder. Who cares? They all count. A 1-0 lead for England.
    • 29' Piszczek doing some lovely covering work to halt the run of Gerrard, who has been England's brightest player so far. Another corner to England.
    • 28' And the depression over the England passing game lingers on as Jagielka can't pick out a team-mate. Some of these England players need to get their act together. Haven't started as yet.
    • 27' Strong, surging run by Lewandowski into the heart of the England box. Fires a shot across goal, but no takers in the middle as the ball flies a few yards wide of goal. Positive play by the big forward.
    • 26' Gerrard with the delivery. Picks out Rooney, whose header is well defended by the home side. Poland clear the danger.
    • 25' Milner takes up a fine position in the box. Cross picks out Defoe, but a fine challenge by Marcin Wasilewski to knock it out for a corner. Better from England.
    • 24' Much better by Gerrard as he bounds forward before unleashing a shot that is charged down by the bravery of Glik. A powerful shot from distance by the Liverpool skipper, but the Poland man is equal to the task.
    • 23' Lescott knocks the ball back to Hart in the England goal. He rolls the ball out to Jagielka, but all this is happening in the visiting half. Not going anywhere with any real relish.
    • 22' All far too slow from England. Gerrard and Johnson arguing with each other. No options for England shirts as the ball ends up out of play with Defoe failing to keep it in. Poor, poor stuff it must be pointed out.
    • 21' Poland earn a free-kick in an interesting postion, but the visiting side have enough defenders back to head clear the delivery from Obraniak.
    • 20' Lovely ball by Gerrard to pick out Rooney in space. Can't get the ball over first time before his delayed delivery is plucked from the sky by Tyton. Under the roof in Warsaw, of course.
    • 19' Grosicki hammers a hopeful long ranger at goal, but easily blocked by Lescott. England look to pick up.
    • 18' Johnson with a strong challenge before Hart comes to collect the cross ball from Wawrzyniak with some ease.
    • 17' Milner clips Lewandowski at the halfway line and that will be a free-kick to the home side.
    • 16' The noise of boos permeates the National Stadium in Warsaw. England trying to get some much-needed time on the ball. Not really going anywhere with it.
    • 15' Jagielka wins a foul under pressure from Lewandowski in his own box. England giving the ball away far too cheaply here.
    • 14' Glik as cool as a cucumber in chesting away the cross by Milner. England finally seeing some of the ball in the Poland half.
    • 13' Wawrzyniak thumps a shot well wide of Hart's goal. Ambitious effort. England toiling to get on the ball with any real purpose here.
    • 12' Obraniak darts into the England area with real purpose, but brilliant block by Hart to make sure he can't get the shot away. Poland making the better start to this match.
    • 11' For what it is worth, Roy Hodgson’s men have converted a penalty in all three World Cup 2014 qualifiers so far; no other European side has converted as many.
    • 10' Polanski has been booked for a late nudge on Defoe's heels. That was harsh, it must be said. Will have to watch his step from here on in.
    • 9' An appeal goes up for a handling offence against Jagielka, but there is little doubt that the ball played man rather than the other way about from Wszolek's cross.
    • 8' Grosicki with a golden chance to give Poland the lead from Jakub Wawrzyniak's cross, but he mishits the shot before England scramble it clear. Polish fans roused by that moment.
    • 7' Tyton having to come out yet again to look lively with Cleverley buzzing around. England obviously seeing the centre of that Polish defence as a potential weak spot.
    • 6' Despite his omission against San Marino, Joleon Lescott has still played more minutes of football for England under Roy Hodgson than any other player (759).
    • 5' Johnson makes a hopeful run down the line, but Kamil Glik has read that run well as he lets the ball run out of play for a goalkick to the home side.
    • 4' Long ball is hurled into the path of Defoe, but Tyton is out quickly to make the save on the edge of his box. Had to show some good handling skills there with the ball skidding off the surface.
    • 3' Some fine play by Milner as he danced to the byline. Throws over a decent cross. Wayne Rooney takes a tumble under pressure from Wasilewski, but the referee waves play on. Rooney appeals in vain for a spot-kick.
    • 2' Roy Hodgson says that the pitch is not yet fully recovered from the rains of last night. Looks lush enough. England trying to get on the ball early on to take the string out of the Polish impetus.
    • 1' England get the match off and running then. In their dark blue changed strips for this one. Poland in white.
    • 15.57 Both teams out on the park for this one. England belt out God Save The Queen under the roof in Warsaw. Poland fans seem to be well up for the match less than 24 hours after it looked like it would never stop raining in the Polish capital. Almost ready to go.
    • 15.55 Here is our exclusive interview with Poland goalkeeper Jan Tomaszewski courtesy of Peter Kwiatkowski in Poland. Translation work by Jonathan Symcox. Makes for a good read. Tomaszewski exclusive: England 'miracle' in 1973 like beating Bolsheviks. Read it here....
    • 15.50 Borussia Dortmund striker Robert Lewandowski reflects on his side's 1-1 draw with Manchester City in the Champions League. "The fact that I did not beat Joe Hart in the Champions League does not mean I won't beat him in with the national team. There is no doubt that England are the favourites, but we want to cause an upset and win. I know it is going to be extremely difficult, but sometimes football is unpredictable."
    • 15.45 We also have Paul Parker posting his lot today on the business in Serbia. Paul was disgusted at the behaviour of Serbia's fans and players in the under-21 defeat to England, but he feels Danny Rose should have kept his cool Read the former England defender here: Danny Rose should have kept dignity in Serbia
    • 15.40 Our regular blogger Jim White is along right on cue this afternoon with his thoughts on last night's happenings. Read what Jim is writing here. Who pays higher price for Eastern shambles, Poland or Serbia?
    • 15.35 Match odds for this one in case you fancy a tickle this afternoon: Poland 3/1, England 10/11, Draw 12/5.
    • 15.30 Roy Hodgson is only the second England manager to not lose any of his opening 10 matches outright. The first was Graham Taylor. Excluding shootout defeats, the Three Lions are now unbeaten in 15 competitive internationals (winning nice and drawing six, with their last defeat coming back in the 2010 World Cup against Germany (1-4).
    • 15.25 Assuming this match gets started at 4pm - can't take anything for granted - here are a few facts for you: England are unbeaten in 14 games against Poland, winning nine and drawing five. Four of the last six clashes between these sides in Poland have, however, ended drawn. The Three Lions picked up the victory in the other two.
    • 15.20 Roy Hodgson had this to say last night. "The pitch is in a very poor condition. The water is laying on the surface and it will need a lot of attention if we are going to play. The referee was very conscious that he wasn’t going to allow a game to go on if the safety of the players was in danger. These acts of God – no one can decide whether it’s going to rain or not rain. I have no intention of changing the team unless someone falls ill." And he hasn't.
    • 15.15 England are without the injured Frank Lampard and Ryan Bertrand for the trip to Warsaw, while Steven Gerrard is back from a ban. Daniel Welbeck was replaced by Jermain Defoe in Tuesday's line-up, despite scoring twice against San Marino. He is set to lead the lead again against the home support with able support from Wayne Rooney.
    • 15.10 Poland skipper Kuba Blaszczykowski is missing with an ankle injury. Arsenal goalkeepers Wojciech Szczesny (foot) and Lukasz Fabianski (shoulder) are both injured.
    • 15.05 Our man in Poland Przemek Kruk has been embarrassed by the goings on surrounding the match and has this to say about the situation. "It's sunny in Warsaw now and the forecast is very good. Same as it was certain it would rain yesterday evening, there's no way it will rain today within the next few hours - meteorologists say. At this very moment (two hours before the match) the roof is definitely closed. I'm not 100% sure they'll open it before the game."
    • 15.00 Teams again for you as they look to get this match started all over again. Poland: Tyton, Piszczek, Wasilewski, Glik, Wawrzyniak, Polanski, Grosicki, Kryshowiak, Wszolek, Obraniak, Lewandowski////England: Hart, Johnson, Cole, Lescott, Jagielka, Gerrard, Carrick, Milner, Cleverley, Rooney, Defoe
    • 14:55 Good afternoon and welcome to LIVE coverage of Poland v England from Warsaw in their Group H World Cup qualifier less than 24 hours after this match was due to kick-off. Last night the roof was open in Warsaw's National Stadium and the match was postponed due to rain. Apparently, the sun is shining today in the Polish capital and the roof is closed. You couldn't make it up.
    • 21:13 Well we'll see you back here on Wednesday afternoon then... sorry about the farce. Tweet me @symco_eurosport
    • 21:10 It will be replayed at 4pm on Wednesday.
    • 20:55 The game is off.
    • 20:52 The ref has been back out and had a look - and more Polish fans have been having fun on the pitch.
    • 20:51 England are confident that the game can be played tomorrow, although it has not officially been called off yet. Poland want to play it in November sometime apparently.
    • 20:45 England players and officials were attacked by their Serbian opponents and racially abused by home fans moments after a 1-0 win over Serbia in a European Under-21 playoff on Tuesday. England U21 squad attacked, racially abused
    • 20:39 Poland aren't happy to play on Wednesday due to upcoming domestic fixtures and remain in their kit. England are in tracksuits and trainers and ready to go back to their hotel...
    • 20:38 Brilliant - odd Polish fans are invading the pitch and throwing themselves into belly-down slides pursued by stewards!
    • 20:31 That must be annoying though if they can't buy Pukka Pies inside the ground.
    • 20:30 Pukka Pies are getting some good advertising to the England fans on the pitchside hoardings. Nothing else to report.
    • 20:18 FA director of communications Adrian Bevington: "Players' safety is what comes first... you can't say that pitch is playable... we are available for tomorrow." But at the same time: "I have to be guided by the officials on this." He says there will be a further inspection at 8:45pm UK time.
    • 20:15 The turf here was relaid less than a week ago after a series of summer gigs - including Coldplay - and was cut up during Poland's friendly win over South Africa at the weekend.
    • 20:12 Perhaps Polish radio has announced that the game is off or something as the home fans are leaving in their droves. Officially FIFA are refusing to concede defeat... crazy stuff.
    • 20:08 This begs the question: why did they say they were going to make a decision at 8pm if they weren't going to make a decision at 8pm?
    • 20:06 According to ITV, FIFA have said they will do everything in their power to get the game on in the next hour...
    • 20:04 Even Hodgson had a giggle at ref Gianluca Rocchi there...
    • 20:02 The England fans cheer every time the ball is thrown in the air by the ref and drops on the pitch... and still the rain falls. No chance of them playing this.
    • 19:47 There are no groundstaff in evidence either. Just rain and grass.
    • 19:45 It's been raining for over three hours - and in fact they cannot close the roof as the water makes it mechanically impossible. It seems extremely unlikely that the game will go ahead tonight, and instead take place tomorrow.
    • 19:38 Roy Hodgson did not look keen earlier as he splashed about with a ball... Tweet me and have your say on this debacle
    • 19:36 The pitch is heavily waterlogged as the roof closes slowly over this National Stadium. Ridiculous.
    • 19:34 The stands are full but the referee is not happy at all. An official decision will be forthcoming at 8pm UK time.
    • 19:30 The rain is absolutely lashing down in Warsaw... there is a chance that the match may be delayed or even called off.
    • 19:27 England's U21s qualified for Euro 2013 thanks to a 1-0 victory in Serbia but the match ended amid ugly scenes in Krusevac. England U21s win in Serbia amid ugly scenes
    • 19:25 The Three Lions haven’t lost a qualifying match since a 1-0 defeat in Ukraine in October 2009 (since then, P12 W8 D4).
    • 19:20 Roy Hodgson is only the second England manager to not lose any of his opening 10 matches outright. The first was Graham Taylor.
    • 19:15 England are unbeaten in 14 games against Poland, winning nine and drawing five - and have only lost to them once. Four of the last six clashes between these sides in Poland have, however, ended drawn. The Three Lions picked up the victory in the other two.
    • 19:10 Cole and Gerrard earn their 99th caps, with Tom Cleverley playing wide on the left as Gerrard features alongside Michael Carrick in the centre of midfield and Joe Hart naturally plays in goal.
    • 19:10 Glen Johnson returns from suspension to replace Kyle Walker at right-back while Joleon Lescott is chosen ahead of Gary Cahill to partner Phil Jagielka. James Milner comes in for the injured Theo Walcott and captain Steven Gerrard replaces Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain following a ban. Jermain Defoe will partner Wayne Rooney with Danny Welbeck dropping to the bench. England are without Frank Lampard and Ryan Bertrand.
    • 19:03 The England team has been confirmed: Hart; Johnson, Jagielka, Lescott, Cole; Milner, Gerrard, Carrick, Cleverley; Rooney, Defoe. Subs: Walker, Ruddy, Baines, Cahill, Shawcross, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Shelvey, Lennon, Johnson, Carroll, Welbeck, Forster
    • 19:00 England are set to make six changes to their starting XI, with Ashley Cole among those recalled. Six changes for England as Cole recalled
    • 19:00 Jan Tomaszewski was Poland's goalkeeping hero when England were held at Wembley and failed to qualify for the 1974 World Cup in Germany. Unapologetically outspoken, he spoke to Eurosport Poland's Peter Kwiatkowski to touch on why this is the case as well as to recall that incredible encounter and the 2-0 victory that preceded it - the only time Poland have ever beaten England. Tomaszewski exclusive: England 'miracle' in 1973 like beating Bolsheviks
    • 18:55 We take a look at Poland right-back Lukasz Piszczek, who features in the Bundesliga for Borussia Dortmund and is a reported target of Chelsea. Euroscout: Lukasz Piszczek
    • 18:50 We take a look at past classic meetings between England and Poland. England v Poland: Classic matches
    • 18:45 Welcome to coverage of England's World Cup qualifier against Poland in Warsaw. Kick-off is at 8pm UK time. Will the Three Lions come through their sternest test yet in this qualifying campaign? Tweet me your predictions
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