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Monaco Grand Prix - Free Practice 2

Thursday May 24, 2012 | Finished

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  1. After everything I have said about Felippe recently I­ am really pleased to see him up there in the times set,­ I do think qualifying might be a lot different. Go­ Maclaren

    From Richard, on Fri 25 May 13:34
  2. Lewis not Louis!

    From carlton, on Thu 24 May 21:26
  3. WTF is Massa doing up there.

    From carlton, on Thu 24 May 21:25
  4. if practice is everything that some folk think it is­ then we are all watching a Massa revival. I'm­ pleased for him but somehow I think that qualifying­ will be different.

    From JOHN, on Thu 24 May 15:24
  5. its motor SPORT, stupid question really

    From Adam, on Thu 24 May 14:45
  6. @ Arnold, re comment No 7. Yes it is! If the Olympics­ can have events such as Equestrian Dressage and Solo­ Syncronised swimming, I'm quite sure driving fast­ round a track 60ish times counts as a sport. However,­ you've just given me a brilliant idea, F1 could­ take some ideas from Dressage and Syncronised swimming.­ How about additional championship points if your car­ looks really pretty (no points would be awarded for­ Ferrari this year) or for syncronised donuting on the­ start line. Oh dear... I think I've been watch Top­ Gear too much

    From Pete, on Thu 24 May 14:37
  7. Do they still have the man with the red flag walking,­ albeit fast, in front of the cars.??

    From charles p, on Thu 24 May 14:27
  8. Yahoo Sport: Your commentary with the uneven white­ on black format is frustrating to try and read. Please­ consider a conventional presentation.

    From paul, on Thu 24 May 14:23
  9. Take it easy on Arnold, it's clear he's just­ woken from a 150year coma which is why he's never­ heard of a sports car

    From tom horse, on Thu 24 May 14:15
  10. good luck Jenson and Louis hope you both have a good­ race

    From clare, on Thu 24 May 14:09
  11. Driving a car very fast around a track does take­ physical and mental skill, believe it or not. So, yes­ it is a sport. Unless you are poodling along in your­ convertable at 19mph, then it's fun.

    From AIDAN, on Thu 24 May 13:46
  12. @ Arnold, re comment No 7. Is kicking an inflated­ animal bladder sport? Is throwing a small arrow at a­ board 10 feet away sport? etc etc

    From Scott, on Thu 24 May 13:43
  13. Is driving a car sport?

    From arnold, on Thu 24 May 13:38
  14. Monaco, the pinnacle of the season? You're kidding­ me right? An annual procession with the winner normally­ dictated by who qualified on pole and managed not to­ crash? That's not a race, it's a traffic jam!

    From Scott, on Thu 24 May 13:30
  15. come on alonso or raiikkonen my 2 fav drivers

    From warrockr, on Thu 24 May 13:27
  16. Come on Hamilton

    From Gary, on Thu 24 May 13:01
  17. C'mon Alonso!!!!!!!!!

    From Krzysztof, on Thu 24 May 11:41
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