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  • Zach Zach Jul 6, 2013 19:23 Flag


    1st year keeper league. 1 point PPR. 1 point per 30 return yards. QB touchdowns 4 points. QB INT -1. You keep 4 players. My WR's before this trade were Calvin Johnson, Danny Amendola, Ty Hilton, Lance Moore, Goldan Tate. My QB's before this trade were Andrew LUck and Andy Dalton.

    I get: Dez Bryant and Ryan Tanehill

    I give away: Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton

    I thought with this trade and could have the 2 elite WR's in the game. Dez is really young and will produce for another 5 years at least. I can pair Bryant and Johnson up with each other for many years to come. Dez returns sometimes that just gets me extra points. This is a PPR league and Bryant catches a lot of balls. Tanehill could end up being a good QB now that he has Mike Wallace and more experience.

    What do you think about the trade? Did I get a better deal? Does this trade fit my team better? Thanks for the feedback.

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