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  • Erik Erik May 30, 2007 18:41 Flag

    Who will win?

    Not being a very regular viewer of the big 4 Tennis tournamnets I'm not all that clued up on who the main contenders are. So, basically, who should i be putting my money on for the French Open?

    Does a good performance in this tournament give a clear indication of who will do well at Wimbledon?

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    • yeah....nadal will get the french this year too. in sure about that.and hope he makes the final at wimbledon too and win it this time.federer is still the favourite for the all england crown

    • no..i dont think so...grass is not clay...and its very hard to adjust the game....so the winner at french wont be in my oppinion the one who wins the wimbledon ....safina has a great chance to win after shea beat kuznetsova in style.....on the onther half i bid on ivanovic.for wimbledon sharapova stays oncourse along wint the wiliams sisters

    • well,nadal is clearly a favourite and federer is trying very hard to win this tournament,since rg is the only grand slam tournament he hasn't won this far.djokovic is catching some ground and is a serious treat to those two.and they proved it,since all three have reached the semi's

      as far as wimbledon is concerned,you cannot say that those who succed at rg are definite favourites in london.the game is very different on clay than on grass.federer and nadal have reached the final in those 2 tournaments 2 years in a row,but they do dominate tennis.i'm still hoping for a surprise from an unseeded player .it would be great:)