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  • amy amy Jun 1, 2007 03:09 Flag

    Justine or Serena?

    I think that is a statement of a justin henin fan, which is kind of biased. I might be the biggest Serena and Venus fan in the world but i pride myself as not being biased so here it goes. Although Justine is queen on clay undisputed I think Serena will give her a very hard time, what Sserena lacks in game, which i think is almost nothing she makes up with mental strength with qualities like that and on her close to best game she is unbeatable. I think Venus is coming up too, so I predict a williams year and maybe with a little Justine Henin.
    And yes I believe Justine is scared of Serena most of the women are, come on with her power and intimidating play and her heart who wouldnt?

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    • I think serena is powerful with her serves. Deals out disasterous aces when she needs to but I also think Justin is capable of beating her.

      On the question of fear, i think as a world class player she must have dealt with the issue of fear a long time ago and replaced it with self confidence. So i dont think Justin is scared of serena. In any event it could be serena who is scared.

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      • On a question of fear everyone is scared of Serena, you can ask Sharapova about that. it is well known that Justine is scared of Serena. As a champion i think right now Justine is second best to Serena even though she has the number 1 ranking. She needs to get over her fear of Serena to be the very best against Serena but I think that is close to impossible that is if Serena has no injuries or anything. I'm a big Williams sister fan, even when I watch Serena and she is psyching her self up when she is playing even im scared of her and im watching not playing her. With her tennis abilities and her mental strenght she is the best, but lets watch the game between her and henin only that will tell.

    • So, after the outcome, do u still believe that JH is any bit scared of Serena? Come on!! I have watched SW throughout the years, and yes I am a JH great fan, I used to be both Williamses..but I do not think they are capable of dominating the game, like they used to do a few years ago..Serena is powerful and yes she has lots of weaknesses, that is for sure, she is big, I mean look at the difference of her body: when younger she was maybe less experienced, but certainly fit, now she is almost fat..she cannot move so well, and you saw the difference in the court. I praise her for having won Aussie Open and Miami, but no way she is umbeatable and no way JH is scared of her! Thanks anyway for giving your opinion; I appreciate it a lot! Have a nice day!!

    • Justine or Serena?!