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  • sideway m sideway m Jun 7, 2007 17:07 Flag

    Justine or Serena?

    So, after the outcome, do u still believe that JH is any bit scared of Serena? Come on!! I have watched SW throughout the years, and yes I am a JH great fan, I used to be both Williamses..but I do not think they are capable of dominating the game, like they used to do a few years ago..Serena is powerful and yes she has lots of weaknesses, that is for sure, she is big, I mean look at the difference of her body: when younger she was maybe less experienced, but certainly fit, now she is almost fat..she cannot move so well, and you saw the difference in the court. I praise her for having won Aussie Open and Miami, but no way she is umbeatable and no way JH is scared of her! Thanks anyway for giving your opinion; I appreciate it a lot! Have a nice day!!