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  • You have yo answer now .Justine has chickened out so early in age and The sister- Serena is still standing very TALL and will be for a very long time to come. ENDURANCE my dear. Justin, why suddenly retire without even attempting to defend her tittle. Maybe she was doing drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sory i hit a nerve but someone had to say it loud and it might as well be me.

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    • How can such a loser be allowed to write in here??!!! This is outrageous!! How do you dare say such a thing about a great champion like Justine!?

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      • why would you call someone a loser for their opition. yes Justine is a great player but Remember Serena is still playing after the death of her sister and all the other health problems, but she stuck it out and as been getting back to her best,
        I feel ashame of all you people, never taking the time to see what the sisters have done for the game. I f they were white and BLOND I feel you would be all please.
        Well they have given much to this game and will continue to as long as they are healthy. well done girls and I will be there to see SERENA win.