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    Justine or Serena?

    Well...I do not know if I sould be asking such a question..but can anyone tell me why people keep asking whether Henin is scared of Serena? I am sure that Serena is a great champion and yes, she has made 8 majors, and so what? Justine beat her 4 years ago in semis at RG, and that time she - Henin - was not the player she is today, for sure! Serena is strong, is clever and has lots of guts, but..once more but.. Justine is strong, too, and has all the ingredients to beat any player, including Serena, although she lost to her in Miami. Henin has improved her game throughout the years and still keeps doing it!! watch her fabulous forehand, and tell me if I am wrong.. I believe she is a great champion, Justine, and will brush aside Serena, if by chance the latter is to come her way to the quarters.. She is great, but she is not umbeatable..remember her loss to Schyder?

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    • Let's wait and see who wins the on going Berlin tournment. If all goes well for both players they will meet in the QF... Good luck to Serena, she needs it, if she wants to beat JH on clay... Time will tell...

    • Well said, Justine Henin a.k.a MADAME to me, is a Fabulous player. "The Williams are not as good as they used to be", possible, but, one truth remains, the end of Serena's LUSTRE on the court has not come to an end because MADAME is in form!So far this year it's been 1-1; grandslam won, and victories over each other. Whichever way it ends for the both of them in the Tennis world, I believe they are FULFILLED so far, nevertheless time will tell which of the two stands GREATER in the end.

    • Serena is a better Tennis player than Justine. She is mentally stronger and Serena wants to be number 1 again. So beating Justine the current paper tiger number 1 is just business. Nothing personal. Remember Miami Serena lost the first Seven games and faced two match points and still won. So this time it will not be difficult for Serena to dismantle Justine. The scary part about it is that when Serena lift the title in one weeks time she will be going from Strength to Strength. Grass to Hard Court. So unless she get injured it is just a matter of time before she assumes her rightful place as the Queen of ladies tennis. As far as losing to Patty S. Serena also lost a tournament warmup before winning down under so do not read anything into her loss to Patty S. Unless you need to cling to any piece of hope that you can Sideways2005.

    • The ball is circle, no one can tell until we see the game of the 2 champions! But i am confident of Serena, anyway... she has nothing to lose just like in OZ Open but at the end she is the CHAMPION.. she is strong, beautiful, wise and athletic. She know when she will play the game and she know what to do to beat her opponent. I am not against with Justine, she is also strong and wise, but we are an avid fans of THE WILLIAMS SISTERS here in the Middles East. Good Luck to all the remaining womens in this year Roland Garros Grand Slam! Rumo

    • I'll go for my idol Justine....she's great.. she will not let your eyes blink while shes in a rally.... i like here to win...

    • I think that is a statement of a justin henin fan, which is kind of biased. I might be the biggest Serena and Venus fan in the world but i pride myself as not being biased so here it goes. Although Justine is queen on clay undisputed I think Serena will give her a very hard time, what Sserena lacks in game, which i think is almost nothing she makes up with mental strength with qualities like that and on her close to best game she is unbeatable. I think Venus is coming up too, so I predict a williams year and maybe with a little Justine Henin.
      And yes I believe Justine is scared of Serena most of the women are, come on with her power and intimidating play and her heart who wouldnt?

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      • So, after the outcome, do u still believe that JH is any bit scared of Serena? Come on!! I have watched SW throughout the years, and yes I am a JH great fan, I used to be both Williamses..but I do not think they are capable of dominating the game, like they used to do a few years ago..Serena is powerful and yes she has lots of weaknesses, that is for sure, she is big, I mean look at the difference of her body: when younger she was maybe less experienced, but certainly fit, now she is almost fat..she cannot move so well, and you saw the difference in the court. I praise her for having won Aussie Open and Miami, but no way she is umbeatable and no way JH is scared of her! Thanks anyway for giving your opinion; I appreciate it a lot! Have a nice day!!

      • I think serena is powerful with her serves. Deals out disasterous aces when she needs to but I also think Justin is capable of beating her.

        On the question of fear, i think as a world class player she must have dealt with the issue of fear a long time ago and replaced it with self confidence. So i dont think Justin is scared of serena. In any event it could be serena who is scared.

      • Justine or Serena?!