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  • Philip Philip Jun 8, 2007 17:46 Flag

    Demystifying Pova

    Hehehehe, how does this sound: (reporter) Well Maria, you didn't make much of an imprssion today.. (Maria), Well, you know, I wasn't at my best, you know. You know, I've been pretty busy lately, you know. being a superstar and famous is tough, you know. You know I have to be great all the time for my sponsors, you know. You know my shoulder bag with all my makeup is pretty heavy you know, and it hurts my shoulder, you know, especially when its so full of money as well, you know. You know, some of these kids are good players, i just wish they wouldn't make me run around so much, you know. Makes me sweat, you know, and not good for my pretty complexion you know.

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