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  • Nicolas Nicolas Jun 7, 2007 22:22 Flag

    Demystifying Pova

    Out with the old, in with the new! If anyone has watched the Ivanovic-Sharapova game today, he/she may want to praise Ivanovic's brilliant tennis rather than focus on Sharapova's mistakes as an excuse for her defeat.

    When the Eurosport tennis page loaded on my PC, the first lines of the first post related to the game implied that "Pova" may have lost due to her "long-standing shoulder injury". Having anticipated this reaction, I carefully observed Pova throughout the entire game. I can assure you, at no time whatsoever was there any sign that her injury was troubling her.

    Are you the person who thinks that for a player to do well the opponent has to play badly? Think again. There have been many games that involved both parties doing very well, it was just that one of them played a little better. Ana Ivanovic played much, much better than Sharapova today. I believe that the reason Pova's fans and the media in general are looking for excuses is because they simply cannot bear the thought that their agressive overrated on clay (seeded 2!) player was pretty much humiliated today, at this stage of a Grand Slam tournament, and what is more, by a younger opponent who did not know what a Grand Slam semi final felt like. For them , it is going to hurt tomorrow.

    I could go on about the useless hype generated by the press that results in hammering us with the same information about the same players, even when they lose. Well, it is not all about them, is it? Ok, perhaps some people miss Agassi so they switched his shorts for a dress that has nothing to do with tennis and enjoy the constant hammering across the court, as per Bolletieri's first commandment "you shall pound all the time, as if you were chopping a tree". Hitting the ball hard was fun when it was done by Agassi in the 80's, because it was a fresh tactic compared to the many baseline crocodiles (Lendl, Wilander, Borg, Evert etc...) who were droning on. Agassi had long hair, he was young and he carried the momentum almost all the way on his 1st attempt at Porte d'Auteuil. I don't know about you, but his last years made him look like a dreadful bore to me. I think there is more to tennis than playing like a timberman. Why, just ask McEnroe, who never hit the ball any more than necessary, actually just enough to get it too far for the opponent to reach but close enough for him to cry out of desperation. Today's modern tennis unfortunately produces clones, that is crocodiles (Nadal), or attackers (very few of them, miss you Tim Henman, sigh...). Perhaps Ana's real strength was Pova's weakness today: she attacked when things looked good, and defended well when her opponent was attacking. Hats off to her. It is anybody's guess how the media will manage to talk about Sharapova in a couple of days in spite of her absence at that time.


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    • hey! what's happening? what's going on? are u trouble wander now....? sad sorry to say ana ivanovic is a BIG LOOSER PHENOMENOUM,believed she doesnt do anything i mean so doesnt deserved to be won at all,she's a trying hard player that trying to gear up but because she can't as her fanatics too!

    • Hehehehe, how does this sound: (reporter) Well Maria, you didn't make much of an imprssion today.. (Maria), Well, you know, I wasn't at my best, you know. You know, I've been pretty busy lately, you know. being a superstar and famous is tough, you know. You know I have to be great all the time for my sponsors, you know. You know my shoulder bag with all my makeup is pretty heavy you know, and it hurts my shoulder, you know, especially when its so full of money as well, you know. You know, some of these kids are good players, i just wish they wouldn't make me run around so much, you know. Makes me sweat, you know, and not good for my pretty complexion you know.

    • And you know something that will really tick me off. The Organizers of Wimbledon will give her three easy games in the first week to get her through because she is a crowd puller. Cant wait to see her get booted by a qualifier.

    • Agree entirely. Valerie

    • Yeah, it must be really tough for Sharapova, having to fit in all that training and playing tennis into her daily schedule, when she could be out earning money from her sponsor deals. Shoulder injury??, what shoulder injury? Yuri doesn't look too happy anymore either now that he's been stopped from coaching her from the sidelines. I never rated her anyway..She's a 'on the spot slogger'.. get her moving and she is useless...as Ana proved...and Serena..and so many others.