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  • Philip Philip Jun 9, 2007 22:43 Flag

    Super Justine

    What you just saw in the final is what you can expect from a real number 1. The massive gap in ability between number 1 and number 2 is so clear to see.

    If you look back into the records, you will see that M.S. only made it to the top during periods when all the other top players were injured and out of the game for months at a time..Right back to her Wimbledon win.. When they all returned later in the season and the following year, they all beat the pants off her regularly...and still do.

    It's no wonder that Shara is opposed to the WTA wanting to penalize players for not performing in tournaments and thereby losing points....she'd be out of the top 10 in no time.

    But anyway, congratulations Justine, and well done Ana, you did your best... but your time will come.