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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 19, 2008 21:55 Flag

    Federer - Really The Greatest?

    It is clear that Federer is amazing - maybe even the greatest tennis player that ever lived, but Tiger Woods is doing things in golf that nobody ever thought possible. He has to play against a whole host of different players on different courses every week but no what matter the circumstances, he seems to come up trumps.

    He would get my vote every time but I think at least the right two people were in the final.

    If I had a third vote I would have given it to Ole Einar Bjorndalen.

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    • There are more and I believe better sport man/women in the world. Sport doesn't stop in America.

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      • I totally agree ... Sport does not stop in the u.s federa may be good .but just think about his little faux paux a few weeks ago ....... agree with the fact that tiger is a great techno but where does this represent a great "" sports person "" i was carefull there !! . Por ejemplo .... Lewis hamilton is the best thing to hit f1 for ages ...... And he's fit ... But even eurosport call it " motorsport ' i've never worn ski's in my life ... But bjornedalen should have won , here's up for a drug free tour de france ...... now thats sport ! Passion

      • Uh hello , did you say America? If im correct (which i believe i am since i logged onto yahoo U.K. to get here) i think you've got the topic all twisted. Its about sport in general and two persons who excel at their chosen profession. Stop hatin on Tiger because he's kickin everybody's ass and just happens to be American.