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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 19, 2008 22:47 Flag

    Federer - Really The Greatest?

    Definitely Roger is the greatest and by far! Not just he deserved it from all aspects, just imagine the kind of energy he puts on to win weeks after weeks his tournaments, there is no comparaison with Golf, I practise both sports and Golf is far easier from an "Athlete" point of view, Just Compare one single point of Tennis to one shot of Golf, and let me know! Tiger is great though but he is not the greatest

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    • Ive played tennis at the collegiate and satellite tennis tournament level and while it was indeed hard to play, golf as a game requires way more skill. There is more athleticism in tennis but you can go to any court and see wannabes hacking every weekend making decent contact with the ball. You will never see anyone just go and pick up golf clubs and make the same decent consistent contact with a golf ball to put it even in the vicinity where they want it to go. Ive grown up watching the likes of Borg, McEnroe, Connors , Nastase, Villas, Wilander, Lendl, Noah, and even used to regularly beak an instructor who taught at Nick Bolleteri's tennis academy in bradenton Florida so i know of what i speak.