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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 19, 2008 23:23 Flag

    Federer - Really The Greatest?

    I think you guys are all right in a certain way, however, it's plenty of extraordinary sportsmen in the world.

    Have we all forgotten about stars like Weyne Gretzky or Michael Jordan?

    I'd rather say Roger Federer can be considered the greatest tennis player of ever ;-)



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    • how can two sports stars that only got thru' some of the stages because the 'experts' over ruled the vote even be considered.
      its like a penalty shoot out result being ignored because in some 'experts' view the loser didn't score enough....
      why bother asking us our view in the first place only to decide that our votes don't count? ......

      remember 'experts' built the titanic but amateurs built the 'ark'