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  • immy immy Mar 20, 2008 00:30 Flag

    Federer - Really The Greatest?

    Absolutely not-The definition of sportsman is " a person who takes part in or is fond of sport"et al.To be the "Greatest" you have to be head and shoulders above other participants of other sports(
    IMO golf is not a sport) what about the most dangerous sports-life risking ones where the participants damage themselves but get up dust themselves down and rock on just to achieve a goal and entertain us at the same time-they are the greatest sportsmans

    • Schumacher? you joking?

      Firstly, he had the fastest car when he won his titles. All he had to do was keep the thing on the road.

      Tiger Woods? Look I'm a teaching pro, and untill he's passed Jack Nicklaus in the amount of majors won, he aint the best ever in my mind. Respect like that has to be earnt. He's nearly there, fair enough, but untill he's done what he's set out to do, he's still found wanting. Plus a better Ryder Cup record wouldnt go amiss either!

      I'm not too sure who i'd pick, but it does seem to me that people are picking people from this decade when there are plenty from before the 90's 00's who've put their respective sports on the map, made their sports what they are today.

      Arnold Palmer did this for golf, Steve Davis for snooker, Jackie Stewart for F1, There are loads to choose from. its not all about who's the obvious choice here. The people who made the sport what it is today should be recognised.

    • Did anyone ever stop to think of Joe Calzaghe - You talk about personality, he's a great guy - You talk about getting a sweat on, i'd love to meet anyone that doesn't sweat after a couple of rounds - You talk about great technique, you don't get 44 fights undefeted being crap. He is ranked in the top 10 fighters in the world, endures punch after punch, trains everyday. Federer, Madness Calzaghe he has my vote.