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  • andreea i andreea i May 29, 2008 23:17 Flag

    eurosport showing Federer instead of Nadal

    Why is ES showing Federer instead of the triple RG champion beats me! You show Federer first set, now show Nadal for God sake!

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    • Wouldn’t it be nice not have these arguments about which match should be aired. Personally, as this is Roland Garros I’d like to see more clay court specialist… it would make sense at least. Yet all of this could be negated by technology. Eurosport used to have a handy feature whilst watching online. The picture quality was left wanting, but it allowed you to watch any match at any time. Great, as most TV channels are biased towards certain players and most people miss matches because they work during the day. Unfortunately, this has been reduced to the same choice as TV channels. We are bereft of tennis at the best of times. Sports journalists and programme organizers neglect tennis - even golf gets more air time now. What’s the point of that? Without HD TV, for all we know the camera man could be making it up. Come on Eurosport, give us back our choice.

    • because dear sea kitten federer is the best player ever to walk on this planet.watch the match!!!

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      • I tend to agree with that, but this is not the point! You have the 2 best players in the world, with a rather equal number of fans and it's fair to show both of them! I even said: you showed Fed's 1st set, now show Nadal 2nd or 3rd, too!
        Even so, the schedule is really bad. Watch them now showing Sharapova instead of Nadal, mark my words!