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  • andreea i andreea i May 30, 2008 18:53 Flag

    eurosport showing Federer instead of Nadal

    I tend to agree with that, but this is not the point! You have the 2 best players in the world, with a rather equal number of fans and it's fair to show both of them! I even said: you showed Fed's 1st set, now show Nadal 2nd or 3rd, too!
    Even so, the schedule is really bad. Watch them now showing Sharapova instead of Nadal, mark my words!

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    • they prob show fed because he is ranked no.1 in the world and most ppl do want him to get a roland garros title. Ont he other hand no1 watched Nadal play because people dont expect, they KNOW he will be in the final, so ES feels like there is no need to show Nadal play, except in the final. I dont know if u guys know it, but if u get the NOVA satellite(greek i think) u get 2 ES channels and 2 of them are showing tennis all the time now, so i can just switch between them to watch either Nadal or Federer. And the program that was supposed to be on ES is shown by nova sport instead