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  • Maria Sharapova grunts, we know that, as do many other girls and men. She does however suddenly stop it, which in my opinion means, she can controle it and therefor uses the grunt as a waepon in her game to intimidate her opponents. This should be disalowed.

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    • Grunting is so annoying and totally unnecessary.If the ATP and the WTA are serious about tennis,they should do something about grunting and time-wasting tactics.Offending players should be first warned then penalized by awarding points then games to opposing players.But will the ATP or the WTA take any action? Probably not.Tennis is a big business.Many big name men and women players grunt and waste time on a regularl basis.So,don't hold your breath !!

    • Sharapova does not just grunt. She shrieks. Surely the main advantage is not intimidation. It is to disguise the sound of her shot. Her opponent should be entitled to hear the timing of the shot and the kind of sound. Both of these would help her opponent judge the angle and spin of the shot -an early sound suggests an"off" direction and vice versa for a late sound. A loud sound should be treated in the same way as dropping a spare ball - loss of the point.