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  • catalin catalin Jun 8, 2008 23:29 Flag

    nadal-legend on clay?

    its amaizing that nadal won a 4th consecutive french open and again beats federer in the final.but this time he was untoucheble...do we stand in front of the borne of a legend?

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    • what a shame his power and speed for his size would have been perfect on grass. by the way clover i'm glad novak lost as it serves two purposes. First, it shuts up all the serbs who trash talk all day. Second, it clears the way for another federer nadal final so we can settle this debate

    • he had a knee injury or something,he missed french open.i didn't see him on the table at wimbledon as well.i guess he hasn't fully recovered.

    • hey what happened to tsonga anyway? he looked great at the Aussi and disappeared, i dont think he is even in the wimbledon draw

    • If you think men's tennis is predictable now,just wait and see what happens when Federer decides to retire.Instead of a three-man race,it is going to be strictly a two-man race;Nadal and Djokovic !! There is nobody out there who would pause any serious threat. Perhaps if Nadal does not show up for the French Open one day,some clay court specialist may have a chance!! As far as the race for the number one ranking,you can forget about Roddick,Davydenko,Murray or Blake.No chance whatsoever !!

    • yeah...you are right about the draw this year at wimbledon.but then again, djokovic had to be on somebody's side of the table.this year he is on federer's side.all the more reason for the champion to prove that he is back in the game.

      it is always nice to see somebody posing a serious threat to the top two players because at some point it becames tiresome to see only federer and nadal reaching the final and eventually one of them winning.

      my only regret is that during the fortnight i have a lot of exams and i won't be able to enjoy the tournament as much.but the final i will definitely watch whoever may play.

      may the best win!

    • Clover; I respect your opinion too.I am just expressing my opinion about Nadal and Federer and other players.Of course,we don't have to agree on everything but the reality is that Nadal is the best on clay and Federer is the best on grass.Let's not forget about Djokovic.He is capable of beating both Nadal and Federer.I think Wimbeldon's draw this year may favour Nadal.Both Federer and Djokovic are on the same bracket.So.Nadal could be waiting for the winner and that could be advantage:Nadal !!

    • Clover with all due respect i think you are wrong about nadal having all the time to win grand slams other than RG. there is a guy named Novak Djokovic who is even younger than nadal waiting to take the crown after federer,

    • it seems to me that just because i don't agree with you i somehow did not respect your opinion.
      i just expressed my opinion and as you said, you should respect it.
      i don't think i have offended anyone by telling what i thought,but if i did i apologise.(by the way, i haven't implied that everybody who doesn't agree with me is stupid or doesn't have the mental ability to understand what the previous messages have stated)

    • Do you actually read what other posters are saying? Let me summarize it for you.Just try to read and understand what people are saying,then you can post !! Everybody agrees that Nadal is the best on clay BUT he has not won any other grand slam yet.So far he has won FOUR grand slams,all at the French Open.Ok.? Now,Federer is the best on all surfaces except clay.RG is the only GS that he has not won,yet.So far,he has won TWELVE grand slams.Are we clear on this? Federer has not yet won at RG.Nadal has not won in Wimbeldon,the US Open or the Australian Open.These are the facts !! Everything else is only an opinion.Everybody is entitled to their opinion.You don't have to agree with it but you have to respect it.That is if you trying to have an intelligent,open minded debate !!

    • Nadal is clearly head and shoulders above the competition.He has already won four straight French Open titles.Bjorn Borg won six at RG.Barring injury,Nadal may even do better than Borg!! I'm not a Nadal's fan but his dominant performance today was awesome.Let's not forget that Federer has won 12 Grand Slams(to Nadal's four).He is not finished by any means.Some great players never won in Paris.I think Federer will eventually win the French Open,if Nadal decides not to show up,that is !!