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  • clover clover Jun 20, 2008 03:02 Flag

    nadal-legend on clay?

    it is beyond me why everybody is so ready to dismiss nadal every time a grand slam other than rg comes to mind.he is still young,he is only 22 .he has all the time in the world to grow and improve his game on other surfaces.why doesn't anybody say something about federer not being able to win roland garros so far?

    just because he has stong muscles and his game relies heavily on strength doesn't necessaryly mean that he hasn't got any talent.in fact, the one thing i admire about him is the fact that he never gives up.he never admits defeat and he plays every single ball as if it was crucial to the match. after all, in my mind, this is the mentality of a winner.

    talent and dedication to the game shouldn't be measured in how many grand slem titles one has won.