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  • Fat Tony Fat Tony Jun 20, 2008 04:05 Flag

    nadal-legend on clay?

    Do you actually read what other posters are saying? Let me summarize it for you.Just try to read and understand what people are saying,then you can post !! Everybody agrees that Nadal is the best on clay BUT he has not won any other grand slam yet.So far he has won FOUR grand slams,all at the French Open.Ok.? Now,Federer is the best on all surfaces except clay.RG is the only GS that he has not won,yet.So far,he has won TWELVE grand slams.Are we clear on this? Federer has not yet won at RG.Nadal has not won in Wimbeldon,the US Open or the Australian Open.These are the facts !! Everything else is only an opinion.Everybody is entitled to their opinion.You don't have to agree with it but you have to respect it.That is if you trying to have an intelligent,open minded debate !!