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  • Ana Ivanovic sucks !!!

    She got the favor of being top player, she should have stop playing if she thinks the ball is out, obviously! But she continued and complaint, of course the scared #$%$ kissing umpire will favor top players! Duh??!!

    And Ivanovic's fist pumping and "come on!! " screams are sooo outdated. Better Sharapova even if she's not playing.

    Ivanovic shows more of nerves and tightness rather than confidence compared to brave Errani. What is this??? You're a defending champ, and you look so crumpled and wobbly already even in the 1st round!!!?? That's sad...

    And excuse me, that blue dress is soooo 2007! Buy new one, you're a star for heaven's sake! Boo.

    In conclusion, dont worry Ana, other young girls or the williams wil take care of that title this year, so you can go back and train.

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